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A Hasidic Jewish woman in Brooklyn flees to Berlin from an arranged marriage and is taken in by a group of musicians -- until her past comes calling.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-03-26

Last Air Date 2020-03-26

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 7.9


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shemdani shared a tip "A very thoughtfully made short series."

quadri_taofeek shared a tip "It's cool"

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Nikesh shared a tip "A good series on Hassidic Jewish community in Williamsburg. Well done."

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michelle_amato shared a tip "An intense, important, and revealing series."

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megbomb shared a tip "Last episode brought the tears. Beautifully and respectfully made."

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zonie_aa shared a tip "A must watch movie"

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carla_witty shared a tip "This was an eye opener to how this close nit religion lives. It was interesting and well conveyed."

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lynn_hill shared a tip "Very good drama on Netflix, made in 2020. There were only 4 episodes ... I was wishing there were more!"

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robyn_markow shared a tip "Really involving !"

kiki_menon shared a tip "Great short binge (sadly, only 4 episodes)"

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janie_macaskill_grimes shared a tip "Eye opening"

nikki_cureton shared a tip "One of the best things I watched this year!"

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karla_butler shared a tip "fascinating peak inside a world that I would never know anything about.... left me wanting to know more."

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chantel_sanchez shared a tip "Watch this it’s an amazing peek into another world."

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noah_noah_noah_ shared a tip "As a jewish person, this movie made me sob"

annie_gilmore shared a tip "Very different yet mesmerizing"

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kelly_miller shared a tip "A fascinating window into another culture"

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jthomasis shared a tip "Beautiful and important show about self and cultural discovery. Retake your wonder and enjoy the tears."

ricki_5457 shared a tip "Was an interest watch, I enjoyed it"

mistie_dickenson shared a tip "This was a great film!"

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candiM shared a tip "Excellent performance by Shira Haas!!!"

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robert_wasson shared a tip "A woman flees an arranged marriage in Brooklyn to start a new life abroad, then her past catches up to her."

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teri_milnes shared a tip "Great show, still need to read the book!"

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ofek_shriki shared a tip "AMAZINGGGGGG"

sandra_ahola shared a tip "Fascinating world. Great characters"

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sarah_balla shared a tip "Learned so much watching this. Absolutely appalled that women are so mistreated in this community."

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KelSanabria shared a tip "Simply Amazing. Eye opening. I love the that real woman actually helped on set with the show"

alex_7140 shared a tip "Amazing like legit it couldn’t have been better I want a continuation"

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suzanne_caplan shared a tip "🤷🏻‍♀️Have to think about ~ even the street scenes in Williamsburg~passing Peter Lugers in the background👏🏼"

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annmarie_hughes shared a tip "Excellent drama"

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crazystar180 shared a tip "Disappointed in the ending"

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chris_brewer shared a tip "If you luv movies that take you out of your comfort zone this is a movie for you"

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leslie_neilson shared a tip "Do peoplexreally live like this in the name of God??? WoW."

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leslie_neilson shared a tip "Do people really live like this in the name of God??? WoW."

jodee_kent shared a tip "Very interesting and insightful, binged it in 2-3 nights"

lisa_rodriguez_6491 shared a tip "It was different and powerful"

katrina_kendell shared a tip "It's really good! It was a window into a world I've never been very familiar with. Very interesting to watch."

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julie_lapointe_5635 shared a tip "Interesting and eye-opening"

clarence_duguay shared a tip "Just breathe taking"

vicki_seid shared a tip "Loved it !!"

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beverly_bradley shared a tip "There was much here to think about."

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rachael_harris_5614 shared a tip "I found Unorthodox relatable on many levels as I deconverted from a fundamentalist sect of Christianity about a decade ago."

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lavada_lindsey-brot shared a tip "I watched all episodes in one sitting. Loved it!"

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natacha_jesus shared a tip "Just finished this. It was lovely. All the actors are so talented, especially Shira!"

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lachaun_vire shared a tip "Life of a young wife escaping the Hacidic Jewish community. 2 episodes in and very interesting."

taylor_weakley shared a tip "Fan ******* tastic"

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karen_foster_2519 shared a tip "Hauntingly beautiful"

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susan_king_6328 shared a tip "True story of escape from the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn NY"

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ralph_grisi shared a tip "Compelling!"

terry_noble_995 shared a tip "Thoughtful and moving look into life as an Orthodox Jew. Highly recommend!"

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karen_morgan_7854 shared a tip "A real look it to becoming oneself despite what the world says you should be."

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cassie_r_2717 shared a tip "its a show that shows you the true struggles of the topic."

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ariel_shumaker shared a tip "So interesting. The behind the scenes is great too"

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claricespieces shared a tip "It was an intense watch, truly fascinating. I loved every minute of it."

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mary_ann_brennan shared a tip "Beautiful performance by the lead actress!"

ramona_9981 shared a tip "Amazing actress"

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claribel_santiago shared a tip "Excellent"

grant_2468 shared a tip "Unique look into an insular community and a well told story."

genevieve_vezina shared a tip "Mr. Mercedes 😊😊"

dolores_ruby shared a tip "Very thought-provoking. A good look at a little known world inside our world."

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sally_lawrence shared a tip "A woman's tale of bravery, bravely delivered."

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