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In a reimagining of the TV classic, a newly single Latina mother raises her teen daughter and tween son with the "help" of her old-school mom.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2017-01-06

Last Air Date 2020-06-16

Seasons 4

Episodes 46


TMDB 8.0


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rachel_mcglone shared a tip "that’s a hard one i just finished it today, but i liked i think it’s the last episode where the dad gets remarried."

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obvslybatgrl shared a tip "Massively underrated show. It’s a crime that Netflix didn’t market it properly."

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tricia_ponton shared a tip "Awesome show!!! So glad POP picked it up."

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mandipandi303 shared a tip "An essential show for everyone to watch. Funny, moving, dramatic... everything you could want in a show."

aman_chung shared a tip "A sitcom that has a lot of diversity in it, and covers a range of topics."

avery_shealey shared a tip "Great show. Funny but also explores relevant social issues."

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AVeryBookWormGirl shared a tip "Lovable characters, awesome storyline, very addicting. ♥️"

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savannah_correia shared a tip "Stop I loved this sm 😩"

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nina_boblitt shared a tip "One of the best shows on Netflix #lovedit"

eka shared a tip "The best show to binge!"

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clara- shared a tip "love one day at a time soo underated"

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emma_wilson_8800 shared a tip "Very funny but also serious. It addressed serious issues and relevant topics making it a great show very teens."

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hillary_haynie shared a tip "It's fun and goofy, a good show to watch when you want to turn your brain off."

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kteen_04 shared a tip "Amazing show,funny,down to earth stories. Will be always remembered."

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emily_cardin shared a tip "Was surprised at how good this was! Give it at least 3-5 episodes and you’ll be hooked"

lily_mccreary shared a tip "I love it too! I like each season but probably season two is my fav!"

shami_niyongabo shared a tip "Love it"

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ArrowX shared a tip "The mom 💖"

lyndic shared a tip "I just started this show and it’s amazing"

makk_angel08 shared a tip "Yeah, the one when she had he quinceanera. That was episode made me cry"

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megan_marie_1873 shared a tip "LOVE this show!"

marissa_siaba shared a tip "Absolutely love"

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queen_riri shared a tip "Great laugh but also has amazing moments of good educational facts."

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rachel_maynard_721 shared a tip "Heartwarming and beautiful! Modern adaptation through and through 💞"

maddie_jeffery_7942 shared a tip "It was inclusive and smart and made me think"

kalea_9085 shared a tip "This show was very funny. There were also episodes that people can relate to with real life."

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destiney_kraus shared a tip "#lgbtq #hidden_gems #comedy #family"

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sam_stewart_4596 shared a tip "Great sitecom"

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yamila_marie shared a tip "Oh I loved this, it’s great"

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otters shared a tip "Hilarious. Great pick me up! 😂"

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t._nicole_holland shared a tip "Underrated and cancelled before it's time"

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ali_smith shared a tip "Thank god this show was saved"

keily_duran shared a tip "Its a very funny show, it talks alot about family cituations"

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effy shared a tip "Great acting and this shows makes me feel so happy inside 10/10"

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shanyce_long shared a tip "Hilarious"

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reactionsbyjill shared a tip "I think so"

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aaron_stewart_7627 shared a tip "Terrific show. Netflix messed up by not renewing."

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mad_mcdaniel shared a tip "freaking ADORABLE, so cute, so funny, liked it better than the original!"

manasa_3629 shared a tip "Yeah, i did like it ! It is good for casual watching !"

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mallori_vawter shared a tip "Heartwarming funny"

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natalie_gonzalez_1581 shared a tip "this is a great show!! i hope you like it, but no i don’t have any other show to add to your watchlist."

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maya_beckel shared a tip "I loved this show anyone else have any thoughts one it?"

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natalia_garcia_6763 shared a tip "yes definitely!"

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flavia_huber shared a tip "LOVED it! And Rita Moreno is a real treasure."

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cadyskeychain shared a tip "LOVE the representation!! This show has EVERYTHING"

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audrey_yang shared a tip "It’s so funny"

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brianna_goerke shared a tip "So worth it"

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shae_3142 shared a tip "#comedy #lgbtq #relatable"

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anne_voght shared a tip "This is one of my go to rewatch shows. Love it!!!"

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someone_in_america shared a tip "very funny comfort show!"

claire_breton shared a tip "For sure"

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souhieb shared a tip "Best family show that will make you relate, feel comfortable and welcomed to their own home. :)💙"

grace_miller_5217 shared a tip "it’s incredible!! if you don’t have pop tv you can watch at for free!!!"

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isabelle_jusino shared a tip "the show whole is too good to pick from"

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kitte shared a tip "Now on the 11 time"

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deanna_porco shared a tip "Great show so funny and easy to watch"

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ron_p_6714 shared a tip "Love this show."

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brittany_carreon shared a tip "Love the lgbtq+ and lesbian relationship that actually has romance and not just sexual stuff"

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maggie_l_5846 shared a tip "RLY FUNNY SHOW I LOVE IT"

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diamond_painting shared a tip "I’m addicted to this show"

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huda_mab shared a tip "Lydia for sure! yours?"

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kayla_maxile shared a tip "One of the best light hearted and heart touching show. Easy to get attached but only a few seasons :("

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simple_jay shared a tip "If you are in that cuban shows this is a good show"

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simple_jay shared a tip "The grandmother"

fedgie_christelle_n shared a tip "Very woke #family"

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shannon_t shared a tip "I miss this show so much. I really need to get on PopTV and catch up."

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sarah_mirzayee shared a tip "I watched most of them but I’m not fully caught up and yah it’s really great!"

amber_sargent shared a tip "3 emoji's"

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yanitsa_macias shared a tip "Great self-aware comedy with amazing representation."

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shayne_landon shared a tip "A great little show!"

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kitty_rhodes shared a tip "I related to Elaina at some points"

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pranav_vasani shared a tip "Most soothing and calm show you can ever watch"

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karly_johnson shared a tip "This show is very enjoyable and easy to watch."

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michelle_belle shared a tip "A funny family comedy that also tackles current social topics."

dana_lassiter shared a tip "One of the best feel-good shows that covers important topics."

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quarantine_queen shared a tip "Amazing show highly recommend"

izel_quevedo shared a tip "i love all the seasons, it’s a really funny show with some heart warming moments. that family is so crazy!"

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bess_haynes shared a tip "Really wish this show ran longer"

addie_amert shared a tip "It is good for some laugh tip it cusses"

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zanayah_gabriel_4733 shared a tip "Love it but need to watch s4"

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jade_king_687 shared a tip "This is such an awesome show! But beware... it might cause extreme binge watching!!!! ⚠️"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Top ten favourite"

sshaila shared a tip "It’s a funny show love all the episodes!"

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deleted_user_1603747548291 shared a tip "No"

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alexa_morrison shared a tip "Seen"

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siera_bryant-smith shared a tip "The Gramma"

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kori_cooper shared a tip "#bestshowever"