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Stef Foster, a dedicated police officer, and her partner Lena Adams, a school vice principal, have built a close-knit, loving family with Stef's biological son from a previous marriage, Brandon, and their adopted twins, Mariana and Jesus. Their lives are disrupted in unexpected ways when Lena meets

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-06-03

Last Air Date 2018-06-06

Seasons 5

Episodes 104


TMDB 7.6


Kelsey Greer's profile image

kelsey_greer shared a tip "a lot of drama. Lgbtq+ friendly!"

lena boldi's profile image

lenaboldi shared a tip "pulled lots of all nighters crying while watching this show. highly recommend"

Michaela Buller's profile image

michaela_buller shared a tip "It’s very interesting and funny and have heartfelt moments"

Addison 's profile image

addison_2747 shared a tip "If your looking for a good show and you like drama This would be a good show"

Kelly McCormick's profile image

kelly_mccormick shared a tip "It’s leaving Netflix in July I’d watch it now!"

Helena Schmidt Dragon's profile image

helena_schmidt_dragon shared a tip "Great show! There aren't many shows out there like this one. Wish there were more seasons tho. 😕"

Ashley Samantha's profile image

AshSam shared a tip "Noah. Centineo. 🙌🔥❤️😍"

lynnette_itene_whee shared a tip "Liked it !"

Elizabeth Sanchez's profile image

elizabeth_sanchez_4325 shared a tip "I really liked it. If you enjoy it, after there is good trouble which follows Mariana and Callie after college."

Traci Holmer's profile image

traci_holmer shared a tip "Everyone should watch this show. Perfect for social justice issues, coming of age, young love, and family drama"

Paola Morales's profile image

paola_morales_6556 shared a tip "yess it’s really good"

Reagan Abel's profile image

reagan_abel shared a tip "So many seasons perfect for binge watching!enjoy:)"

Bailey Luter's profile image

bailey_luter shared a tip "No I haven’t gotten around to it"

Krithika Suresh's profile image

krithika_suresh shared a tip "I’m actually not quite done with it yet, but it’s great so far."

courtney_2384 shared a tip "Any moment between callie and stef"

Ella Schuessler's profile image

ella_schuessler shared a tip "One of THE BEST underrated tv shows!"

Ali Miller's profile image

cloud24 shared a tip "Amazing and so many unexpected turns that make the show soooo amazing! Highly recommend. (warning, has some deep topics)"

Meara Stephens's profile image

meara_stephens shared a tip "It can be boring at times so watch it at the same time as you’d watching something els so you can take breaks and don’t burn out"

munira_ali_4796 shared a tip "Such a good show overall"

shadayshia_walker shared a tip "YESS!! i watched one episode to see how it was and couldn’t stop watching"

Moon rose's profile image

moon_rose_4525 shared a tip "Can't go wrong is the closest to switched at Birth! Thanks"

Rumaisa Irfan's profile image

rumaisa_irfan shared a tip "it was family oriented, talked about real life events, had an lgbt couple, and so much more"

Katina Henry's profile image

katina_henry shared a tip "Good story"

Molly 's profile image

mk_gil13 shared a tip "I think it’s worth the watch. I really liked all the characters"

Rylee Fern's profile image

rylee_fern shared a tip "I really liked it!! If you like heartwarming moments, and some drama I think its perfect"

Zoey Da Silva's profile image

zoey_da_silva shared a tip "Yes definitely worth it"

A Richards's profile image

a_richards shared a tip "Yes very good show 😊"

Alyssa Bumphrey's profile image

alyssa_bumphrey shared a tip "It's been sooo long but that would be awesome!!"

kelian_rivera_4573 shared a tip "I prefer drama!"

Sarah Armstrong Connors's profile image

sarah_armstrong_con shared a tip "A show I will never forgive for ending 😭😅"

Gracie Whitley's profile image

gracie_whitley shared a tip "I already watched and it is great so thanks for the suggestion"

lauren_mikesell shared a tip "It shows how people are loved by Amazon people"

Jo Parker's profile image

jo_parker shared a tip "Definitely. If you like family drama."

nilah_dereje shared a tip "AMAZING show!! 100% recommend!!"

Alexa 's profile image

alexa_8973 shared a tip "It’s an amazing show to watch to keep you busy"

camila_8606 shared a tip "Such an amazing show and it’s a little hectic but it’s amazing"

Lauren Marshay Gilmer's profile image

lauren_marshay_gilmer shared a tip "Amazing show and very relatable"

Amazing Person Donaldson's profile image

teendrama05 shared a tip "It's a great show to watch if you like teen dramas and lgbtq+ characters"

Jaila Walker's profile image

jaila_walker shared a tip "It so good especially if you want a drama to stay on your feet"

Brytan Backest's profile image

brytan_backest shared a tip "Eh kinda. I love the spin off tho! Good trouble!"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "Love it!!"

Zureya Hussein's profile image

nont shared a tip "If you love drama then is the show for you I loved it so i recommend it"

Kristina Whiteman's profile image

kristina_whiteman shared a tip "Yes!! Was so sad when it ended!"

Addie J's profile image

addie_j shared a tip "SO underated!!!!!"

Amanda Wright's profile image

amanda_wright_2076 shared a tip "I have so many. New girl, The big bang theory, supernatural, and schitts creek to name a few"

Justine Nunez's profile image

justine_nunez_8845 shared a tip "I like this and I will look into is and it’s perfect for a sleepover or many things"

Mya Keys's profile image

mya_keys shared a tip "Amazing show about teenagers and coming of age"

Ani Bates's profile image

ani_bates shared a tip "I have! I like the Fosters more. But also enjoy the new show."

Joy Mayhugh's profile image

joy_mayhugh shared a tip "Great feel good drama series"

Mia Prada's profile image

mia_prada shared a tip "between mariana and cali :)"

Logan Kunkel's profile image

logan_kunkel shared a tip "really good show! lots of action and it is just overall amazing"

sarah_1548 shared a tip "yes i couldn’t get into it tho"

Sydney 1234's profile image

sydney_1234 shared a tip "Jesus I hate Mariana she can’t leave things alone"

Kristin Dunlop's profile image

kristin_dunlop shared a tip "Sweet without being patronizing. Very family friendly tv."

Elizabeth Hartman's profile image

elizabeth_hartman_1280 shared a tip "I don’t really have a favorite episode"

chloe_russell_1970 shared a tip "the best show on this planet"

Sydney Walker's profile image

sydney_walker_9457 shared a tip "guys this show is sooo good! if you are under 13 u should probably ask a guardian to watch it thoo!"

linsie danielle's profile image

linsie_danielle shared a tip "Yes and no. In the end I really hoped Brandon and callie wouldve been together"

Senae Lovell's profile image

senae_lovell shared a tip "I love this tv show!! I binge it every weekend!!💕"

Jacklyn Funk's profile image

jacklyn_funk shared a tip "This show is so good"

Diana Mata's profile image

diana_mata_8451 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to watch"

mariah_burns shared a tip "I really want yo see this again and this movie give me vibes."

Hannah Trustin's profile image

hannah_trustin shared a tip "No I dont they are all good"

Emily Reed's profile image

emily_reed_5985 shared a tip "I loved the drama!"

abril_9776 shared a tip "Cast and entertaining"

Paige Oke's profile image

paige_oke shared a tip "I would have to say Callie because she goes through so much"

Quinn Grohs's profile image

quinn_grohs shared a tip "OMG ITS SO GOOD"

Shontell Pollard's profile image

shontell_pollard shared a tip "Everything"

Tabitha Strykiwsky's profile image

tabitha_strykiwsky shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this show even tho im on the second season i am obsessed and i hope the other seasons are the bomb!!!!!! :)"

kirby_suitt shared a tip "One of the best shows ever written"

Davina Cunningham's profile image

davinacunningham shared a tip "@aliwang1990 Some other good dramas I have are Lucifer, Elementary, and Pretty Little Liars to name a few."

Dalilah Setter's profile image

dalilah_setter shared a tip "I love it"

Dalilah Setter's profile image

dalilah_setter shared a tip "It's good"

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "They talk about many serious and important issues well. This series is good"

joslyn_p shared a tip "Loved this show wish they were more coming but sadly it ended"

khushi_mohley shared a tip "It was really good. I loved it, it’s one of my favourites"

vanessa_w. shared a tip "It was good. I like teen coming of age type shoes LOL"

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