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In Tree Hill, North Carolina two half brothers share a last name and nothing else. Brooding, blue-collar Lucas is a talented street-side basketball player, but his skills are appreciated only by his friends at the river court. Popular, affluent Nathan basks in the hero-worship of the town, as the st

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2003-09-23

Last Air Date 2012-04-04

Seasons 9

Episodes 187


TMDB 7.8


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hailey_carroll_9484 shared a tip "I’m only on like episode 4 but it’s good so far"

Hailey Carroll's profile image

hailey_carroll_9484 shared a tip "Finished the show it was rlly good"

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nharper09 shared a tip "BEST.SHOW.EVER. My all-time most favorite of always ❤"

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kenzieb shared a tip "Nostalgic and super binge worthy!!"

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bianca_tailor shared a tip "This show is amazing"

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carolinepiper shared a tip "I love this show!"

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megha_nadagouda shared a tip "#friendship"

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alicia_barczak shared a tip "One of my # 1 shows I watched all the way through twice."

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jampelll shared a tip "The epitome of teen drama. You haven’t lived until you’ve watched this show."

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lori_ann_garcia shared a tip "My fav show of all time!"

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jessica_queen_3613 shared a tip "One of my fav"

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madison_swetnich shared a tip "I know right, i havent quite finished it yet though"

ricki_5457 shared a tip "I love most series that origninally aired on The CW ore WGN networks"

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bob_3143 shared a tip "I definitely think so!"

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mandie_burgess_flores shared a tip "It was ok, but I think it could have been a lot better"

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marcy_9978 shared a tip "@megan_stone. I don't really have one i paused on watching it in season 2. What's yours?"

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melinda_hendrix shared a tip "7064834165"

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peace_dominic shared a tip "Lots of Teen drama"

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mikayla_peraino shared a tip "Great show if you like drama"

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shawnette_blatt shared a tip "Guilty pleasure"

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karler shared a tip "The drama!! So good!!!"

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j_cost shared a tip "Oh gosh, its been so long since I watched it, but probably Brooke. I liked her development arc."

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justjazzi shared a tip "Brooke!"

avery_c shared a tip "great show to binge! i’ve never loved the characters on the show so much and the show really tugs at every emotion"

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autumn_link shared a tip "Started this one a few weeks ago I'm on season 4 almost season 5 omg it's so good"

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Zet29RN shared a tip "Watch it again for the first time. Your welcome!!"

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godi_4501 shared a tip "It's a High school TV show with sports.. what else can I say.. it's awesome."

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hafsa_akhtar shared a tip "Yes the ending was good"

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aj_morrison shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows. I got the chance to be on set in Wilmington NC."

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sundayja_bryant shared a tip "Loved it"

caitlin_shea shared a tip "I’ve watched this show so many times and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it"

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lexi_2522 shared a tip "LUCAS IS HOT"

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jessica_carlton shared a tip "Love!!"

kaylie_6053 shared a tip "I loved it! The first few seasons are the best and all the characters are amazing!"

allison_sims_4794 shared a tip "Love!"

maddy_9424 shared a tip "love love"

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linda_hinojosa shared a tip "Classic"

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amy_grogan shared a tip "it’s a good show to binge watch, and is very action filled!!"

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emery_corona shared a tip "It’s a perfect show to binge watch and enjoy!"

lexi_4909 shared a tip "One of the best teen drama shows that does an amazing job transitioning to adulthood problems!"

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emma_23 shared a tip "It’s such a good show and it has lots of drama and comedy!"

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angel_m_8618 shared a tip "Best show ever"

olivia_feldman shared a tip "This show has everything a show about teenagers should have..."

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brielle_gari shared a tip "i didnt finish it yet but i love it so far"

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leann_gibbons shared a tip "Loved this show"

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ddanicaa shared a tip "Reminds my of my early teenage years, so nostalgic. Great show with great characters and storyline."

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cindy_lee_2129 shared a tip "#teendrama This show had some great music. Loved the characters and storyline. So much drama going on in Tree Hill."

sara_fisher_3828 shared a tip "Top five favorite shows of all time."

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karla_burrighy shared a tip "Love love binge worthy"

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jessica_painter_8970 shared a tip "Love it! The drama, the happy parts."

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gena_mora shared a tip "Gossip Girl!! Not what you’d expect from the good"

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matthew_forehand shared a tip "It's perfect"

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claire_bongard shared a tip "very very dramatic, but the y2k fashion & music is fabulous!"

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emily_goldman shared a tip "definitely!!! It’s a great coming of age show mixed with drama"

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tiffany_onia shared a tip "Have to get past the first two episodes to get into the show!"

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jenna_knapp shared a tip "all time favorite show. You really feel like you’re part of their lives."

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colin_quaste shared a tip "If you need a show to binge during these unprecedented times... this is the show!"

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sam_jude shared a tip "Favorite show of all time best character growth and highly recommend!!!!"

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cait_hutchinson shared a tip "Very addictive! Binge watched in a week"

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ashley_cantu shared a tip "amazing"

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jannany_balaganesan shared a tip "One if my fav tv shows definitely on my top 10!"

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nicole_davis_2513 shared a tip "Has a great storyline!! Once you start watching its addicting!!"

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emily_reed_5985 shared a tip "Great show lits of drama but it somehow ties all the drama together"

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mellamo_melanie shared a tip "One of my favorite TV shows from high school. An oldie, but goodie."

gigi_2925 shared a tip "Beat show ever"

cassondra_acampora shared a tip "My absolute favorite since like 2004."

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akyra_patterson_114 shared a tip "Best show ever"

abril_9776 shared a tip "Cast and entertaining"

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sheila_lopez_5511 shared a tip "Best tv show ever!"

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melanie_lodge shared a tip "Favourite show ever!"

brianna_garrett_9008 shared a tip "Best show to ever air on tv. Definitely my top two favorite show with my other one being boy meets world"

alex_5744 shared a tip "The best show I have ever seen in my life. Truly underrated."

april_whalen shared a tip "Loves the characters and story lines"

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jaela_weaver shared a tip "LOVED THIS SHOW GROWING UP ! 🔥"

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keli_101 shared a tip "Grew up watching this!!"

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bridget_cimas shared a tip "Love this show!!! Something to watch and rewatch again"

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hailey_marie_3533 shared a tip "It’s such a good teen show and my favorite"

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jenn_munoz shared a tip "Best TV series you will watch. It changed my life!"

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tori_greene_25 shared a tip "Just finished Dynasty and it was great! @paigelilovesbooks"

emmie_girard shared a tip "Which types of series do you like?"

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tarah_mckinnon shared a tip "Binge worthy!"

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brittany_toll_4774 shared a tip "Love love love it! Top 5 shows"