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The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan is a wonderfully large and blended family. They give us an honest and often hilarious look into the sometimes warm, sometimes twisted, embrace of the modern family.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2009-09-23

Last Air Date 2020-04-08

Seasons 11

Episodes 250


TMDB 7.6


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Best show ever!"

Lisa Morris's profile image

Lisamorris shared a tip "It has staying power. I still enjoy the characters after all these years"

Rosie Perez's profile image

rosie_perez shared a tip "Great show"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Great show for the times real creative"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Great show. Very well done"

April Rash's profile image

april_rash shared a tip "Perfect family comedy for older kids and adults. Touches real basis between family life and reality."

Leanne Gray's profile image

leanne_gray shared a tip "Hilarious"

em_4975 shared a tip "One of the best!"

maya_9485 shared a tip "One of my favorite shows! It only took me 2 weeks to binge 11 seasons... cried so hard at the finale"

Cody Kraski's profile image

cody_kraski shared a tip "I never cried so hard during a series finale, than that of Modern Family... it is utter perfection"

Caron rodgers's profile image

caron_rodgers shared a tip "I think this is in my all time favorites list. From the first episode, I was in love."

Dee Jones's profile image

dee_jones shared a tip "Realistic"

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "Mockumentaries are the absolute best"

tasha_1361 shared a tip "Whats nit to like!"

debra.holland shared a tip "I love this show"

Courtney Cannon's profile image

courtney_cannon shared a tip "Love the show! Can’t believe it’s almost over"

Olwen Morton's profile image

olwen_morton shared a tip "great till after 5th season"

jamiela shared a tip "Time to binge if you’ve never seen this show. It’s done! But it will leave you in stitches!"

mikem shared a tip "Funny!"

adair_meehan shared a tip "The first four seasons are exceptional. The past several years are unwatchable, sadly."

Madeline Westlake's profile image

ella.jacobs shared a tip "LOVE THIS SHOW I swear by Philsosophy"

Eila huskey 's profile image

eilasheehan shared a tip "So good to binge watch asf"

Varsha Chirra's profile image

varsha_chirra shared a tip "My favorite show is “AP Bio” which you can watch for free on The website PeacockTV. I’m a sucker for sitcoms ahah"

Varsha Chirra's profile image

varsha_chirra shared a tip "AP on"

Jessica Rollins's profile image

jessica_rollins_8823 shared a tip "Absolutely!"

ar_rahil shared a tip "I like it."

El Di's profile image

el_di shared a tip "GreaT show!!"

vi_bott shared a tip "I liked it. About a family. Funny"

Charlie Kirchner's profile image

charlie_kirchner shared a tip "I’ve been binging this show during quarantine and it’s been hilarious this show has many seasons. A very fun show to watch"

Hariah Barrett's profile image

hariah_barrett shared a tip "I love this shows it so good and if you like comedy this perfect for you"

addison_cain shared a tip "All of them!"

Andee Shuster's profile image

andee_shuster shared a tip "Always fun and original"

Lisa Landon's profile image

lisa_landon shared a tip "I love the humor in every day life situations."

Anthony Abrugiato's profile image

anthony_abrugiato shared a tip "Not yet only recently started watching"

Thalia M's profile image

thalia_m shared a tip "I liked it then I was also sad because I felt like they could have done more with it"

zana_al-derawi shared a tip "Super funnyband relatable"

Renáta Czakó's profile image

renta_czak shared a tip "Loved it! One of my all time favorite!"

Mohita Chowdary's profile image

mohita_chowdary shared a tip "I recommend you to watch Schitts Creek..if you like this genre🙂"

Cassy Williams's profile image

cassy_williams shared a tip "Very funny"

Boheme Portland's profile image

boheme_portland shared a tip "In my opinion one of the funniest shows ever"

Vicki Breitmayer's profile image

vicki_breitmayer shared a tip "Love this show! Sorry to see it go."

Michele Lussier's profile image

michele_lussier shared a tip "Sad this series is ending. Reliably funny, and sometimes insightful."

Emilee Jacobson's profile image

emilee_jacobson shared a tip "Ok this has upped to my favorite comedy show of all time. I cannot get enough of it."

jeannine_kirby shared a tip "Funny and yet always comes around to a teaching moment."

chris_mac_9735 shared a tip "Probably the best comedy series of the decade! Witty and intelligent - definitely not your average network tv fare..."

Destiny Stevens's profile image

destiny_stevens_8453 shared a tip "I loved the ending!"

It Amara Jaz's profile image

it_amara_jaz shared a tip "Yes"

It Amara Jaz's profile image

it_amara_jaz shared a tip "11"

stephanie_kennedy_1245 shared a tip "Funny and heartwarming."

Issac Hernandez's profile image

sixteyy shared a tip "🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥"

3.76 shared a tip "I lover this show because I love how their always together and that their not perfect #drama"

Amanda Webster's profile image

amanda_webster_5414 shared a tip "Wonderful writing and cast."

Ellie Spitzer's profile image

ellie_spitzer shared a tip "Such a good comedy! Also a good show to watch with your family."

Nicholas Borkowski's profile image

nicholas_borkowski shared a tip "Jay"

sarah_734 shared a tip "Love this"

Stark Odinson's profile image

stark_odinson shared a tip "Hilirious!!!"

katie_bondhus shared a tip "Good acting, great casting, laughs every episode"

avery_oneil shared a tip "hilarious"

zahra_9498 shared a tip "Sooooo good"

Cassie S.'s profile image

cassie_s. shared a tip "In my opinion I think it was good."

Kar M's profile image

kar_m_304 shared a tip "Yassss! Modern family is hilarious. May have to watch it again"

Michelle Obama's profile image

MichelleO shared a tip "[Source:]"

joe__7725 shared a tip "Series finale is April 8th😞"

Cindy Jimenez's profile image

cindy_jimenez_6929 shared a tip "Definitely Gloria 😂 What's yours?"

giuliaa shared a tip "never gets old"

Ashantae Powell's profile image

ashantae_powell shared a tip "Such a great show!"

CuriousGirl 2005's profile image

curiousgirl_2005 shared a tip "Hilarious! Will make you laugh the entire time while experiencing heartfelt family moments. An absolute must watch."

Kitty Cat Adventures's profile image

kitty_cat_adventures shared a tip "Favourite show in the world can’t stop watching it"

Ally Miller's profile image

ally_miller_9560 shared a tip "Great show"

Maya S's profile image

maya_s_8589 shared a tip "@Likewise"

bentley 's profile image

bentley_manning shared a tip "#kids #family"

jaime_pompe shared a tip "Phil definitely! Who’s yours?"

jamie_smid shared a tip "Funny"

Kaaya Ahuja's profile image

kaaya_ahuja shared a tip "Perfect show, so many twists, a uncle younger than you!"

OpinionsfromtheHeart 's profile image

opinionsfromtheheart shared a tip "It's Modern Family, what's not to love?"

Kennedy Solano's profile image

Thatgirlkens shared a tip "Funniest Show I’ve ever seen #cantstopwatching"

jacob_melo shared a tip "Best show I have ever watched"

Heather MacDowell's profile image

heather_macdowell shared a tip "Probably Cam!"

carol_lynn shared a tip "Quirky and fun."

Victoria Elizabeth's profile image

victoria_elizabeth_556 shared a tip "I bingex it in 3 weeks and loved every episode!"

Emily Reed's profile image

emily_reed_5985 shared a tip "Loved how realistic it was and how relatable it was!"

Nicolas Lomax's profile image

nicolas_lomax shared a tip "Very relatable"

Lucy Gibson's profile image

lucy_gibson_3641 shared a tip "Funny"

Jacob English's profile image

jacob_english shared a tip "Awesome it is the perfect show for anyone"

julia_sailer shared a tip "Loved it"

Megan Blenet's profile image

megan_blenet shared a tip "I haven’t seen them all yet but definitely plan to watch them all! More would be cool! :)"

dc_9176 shared a tip "It is kind of a stupid, happy watch. Brainless but fun"

Judi Khairy's profile image

judi_khairy shared a tip "It was so funny and family friendly"

embee shared a tip "I was so sad when this show ended. One of the best series I’ve seen."

patricia_bernal shared a tip "Love this show!! I can never get enough."

Peterson Churchill's profile image

peterson_churchill shared a tip "It’s such a fun family show to binge watch"

Michaela Rudy's profile image

michaela_rudy shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious and wickedly relatable."

Madeline 's profile image

madeline_4707 shared a tip "Love this show"

Patrick Collin's profile image

patrick_collin shared a tip "The best!!!"

Allen Fogleson's profile image

allen_fogleson shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch"

kate_m_1337 shared a tip "Yes! I loved it."

dawn_bordelon shared a tip "Schitts Creek was amazing!! 💙💚💛🧡❤️💜"

Beyond Ever After's profile image

beyond_ever_after shared a tip "It's really funny. Definitely a feel good family sitcom"

christina_8965 shared a tip "This one for now. Until I find something else🤣"

sophie cherutti's profile image

sophie_cherutti shared a tip "It was a great show with different plot twists, you always wanted to keep watching"

isabel withnell's profile image

isabel_withnell shared a tip "Funny, crazy, family relatable show."

Nicole Minix's profile image

nicole_minix shared a tip "Awesome show couldnt stop watching"

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