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The funny, heartfelt story of The Kims, a Korean-Canadian family, running a convenience store in downtown Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Kim ('Appa' and 'Umma') immigrated to Toronto in the '80s to set up shop near Regent Park and had two kids, Jung and Janet who are now young adults. However, when Jung was

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-10-11

Last Air Date 2021-04-13

Seasons 5

Episodes 65


TMDB 7.8


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CupcakeTron shared a tip "This show is funny! Lots of Asian humor. Clever writing. Go watch it!"

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Cassie shared a tip "Great binge watching show!"

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onelonelyplanet shared a tip "#bingeworthy don’t miss this show!"

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yasmineguroluk shared a tip "Awesome, funny show with great Canadian and Asian representation!"

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joshua_smith_3234 shared a tip "Just started watching this show. Funny, and different, with good, fun personalities. Def recommend. Streaming on Netflix"

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gord_mcnaughton shared a tip "End up missing half the jokes in show because I'm still laughing at the previous one."

cyber_auron shared a tip "Lol funny and has heart with excellent writing and character development"

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misty_williams_6380 shared a tip "Bing worthy. Very cute. Moves at a great pace. #comedy"

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jeff_spears shared a tip "Hillarious"

meryl_wolff shared a tip "I know! Love the Dad"

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MR_ROBOT_ shared a tip "Comedic, and not for stereotypical representations. Characters are easy to care about and root for."

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ruby_1624 shared a tip "This is HILARIOUS!!"

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cheryl_wooten shared a tip "I get a kick out of this show. Between the parents, the adult children and side characters. All good"

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robert_wasson shared a tip "hilarious, heart warming, relatable. nice to see myself reflected on screen"

jamiela shared a tip "This show is funny and unapologetic especially when Mr. and Mrs. Kim have a point to make."

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katrina_alvarez_1329 shared a tip "Love all the characters!"

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shamsham713 shared a tip "Hilarious 😆"

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carolynne_murphy shared a tip "It is definitely a show to binge watch. There are some “wet your pants laughing” episodes. Great cast!"

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shuchi_desai shared a tip "Great to watch with the fam... my Indian mom Doesn’t like tv but love this show and modern family"

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mary_legallet shared a tip "Love the characters and the writing. Great show to binge!"

sarah_7715 shared a tip "If you love Schitt's Creek you're going to love this!"

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starkdameron shared a tip "soooo funny and wholesome!! definitely needed one last season! #comedy #representationmatters"

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pam_provencher shared a tip "Funny"

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diana_mao shared a tip "Very cute, light hearted show."

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nesrin_hassan shared a tip "This show warms my heart! Best TV family out there"

timur_aleshin shared a tip "Hilarious sitcom!"

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marica_velasquez-bautista shared a tip "Kinda stereotypical portrayal of the parents but I find them loveable"

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frootloopsonskinnypenis shared a tip "It’s a really funny show"

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angela_mori_corry shared a tip "It starts a bit slow but quickly becomes addictive!"

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sslw90 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! It is so funny."

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kalia_c shared a tip "This show is so funny and enjoyable to watch!"

shellie_lawson_4516 shared a tip "So funny and well done! Can’t wait for season five!! #sneakattack"

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kristen_dionne shared a tip "The dad is the best part of the show hands down 😂"

autumn_meeker_5335 shared a tip "Fell in love during the first episode. How am I just now discovering this show 5 seasons in?!"

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aayush_chheda shared a tip "Super fun and authentic"

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amanda_slusaw shared a tip "Such a feel good family sitcom!"

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rebecca_barnes_6500 shared a tip "Great lighthearted comedy!! Always a good pick me up!"

shari_eshem shared a tip "Great characters and lots of fun."

HrvstrOfEnergy shared a tip "Funny and at times heart warming."

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disha_aggarwal shared a tip "This show is simply the best!!! Super chill and fun! Waiting for the next season!"

michael_robbins shared a tip "Great series and lots of good humor between ladylike kids and their parents in a clash of cultures. Can’t wait for next season"

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chrystal_timmer shared a tip "Mr. Kim!"

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kristine_bradley shared a tip "Loved this show! Funny, cute half hour show. OK See You!"

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inderpal_walia shared a tip "I loved the whole show actually though I remember Sneak attack(S2E7) and Service were nicer episodes(S1E8) :)"

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alyssa_6917 shared a tip "i binged the first 2 seasons and i thought it was great, theres four seasons in total"

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kashmir_rae shared a tip "Hilarious, i've recommended this to so many people."

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colleen_lyons-cubides shared a tip "So funny"

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porcupinecoffeecake shared a tip "Army spoon! @marta_burger"

catherine_prvost shared a tip "Very funny and short episodes so easy to watch!"

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olivia_provenzano shared a tip "This is a BINGE-WORTHY show! Super funny and great for family members of all ages #SneakAttack"

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anthony_f_3661 shared a tip "It's so fun and really heartfelt at times. I tell everyone to watch it."

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bella_augustin shared a tip "Heartwarming, funny, bingeworthy."

isabel_f_869 shared a tip "Great cast of characters. Lots of fun."

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tasneem_khan shared a tip "I can relate so much to this show it’s so funny."

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sandra_schehl shared a tip "A drama about family, community, live and acceptance"

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fred_standup shared a tip "Ugh. Making fun of ethnic accents. You might like this if you find Russell Peters funny. No mas."

bookishtori shared a tip "Truly one of my absolute favorite shows!"

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LoonaTheSecret shared a tip "Perfect if you want something light and funny !"

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micaela_grogan shared a tip "Funny"

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lori_hudnall shared a tip "Cute comedy!"

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april_willis_bergstresser shared a tip "Absolutely loved Kim's Convience! The characters were lovable and funny."

melissa_franulovich shared a tip "Such a lovely light hearted entertainment option."

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clementine_oneil shared a tip "Yes it is very entertaining and funny"

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clementine_oneil shared a tip "If you wanna watch a a comedy show this is for you"

leo_m. shared a tip "HILARIOUS! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a quick laugh."

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skylar_decamp shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch. A little slow at the start, but once it gets going you can’t stop watching!"

cyndi_johnson shared a tip "Enjoyed binging this last year! Funny, A, but so witty for everyone to enjoy."

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tasha_morrison shared a tip "Toronto represent!"

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zack_pradin shared a tip "Easy watch, really funny! Good story"

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jose_rodriguez_4030 shared a tip "This is a great show! Short episodes; always funny; the character dynamics are great!"

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sarahm shared a tip "This show is all around amazing. Funny cast and realistic story lines."

joseph_6675 shared a tip "This show is so funny and it’s awesome"

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smarika_poudel shared a tip "I love the show"

david_hellerstein shared a tip "A Korean all in the family"

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cam_bernard shared a tip "It's a good show for people who watch Bob's burgers and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

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cindyppace shared a tip "Love this!"

m_powers_7395 shared a tip "Funny with a touch of heartfelt family moments"

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sanket_parekh shared a tip "Good dinner time show"

o_chan shared a tip "SO GOOD!!!"

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alex_macisaac shared a tip "Kim Yong-Mi (the mom), she makes me laugh but also can break your heart."

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miller_manning shared a tip "Great show"

susan_sibbert_ shared a tip "Funny and cute."

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dan_koon shared a tip "Hilarious show 🤣"

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jessica_jenkins_5865 shared a tip "This show is so cute and there’s so much diversity! Highly recommend"

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christina_hamlin shared a tip "Fairly tame for family viewing fun!"

gregorio_hernandez_3846 shared a tip "I love this show!!! I love the comedy style and although Season 3 took a dip, Season 4 is so fun!! Must watch"

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bianca_juliani shared a tip "I LOVE this show super funny and I can watch this over and over again"

maria_matias shared a tip "Hilarious!!!"

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ashley_pfeifer shared a tip "Binged this in a week. I couldn't stop. You bond with the family right away"

cindy_gaul shared a tip "Love this show. I’m half Korean and there are so many things the mom does that reminds me of my mom. It’s a great family show."

geoff_dickens shared a tip "Amazing ensemble cast....”see you....”.....if you watch you may just start saying this."

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nina_messer shared a tip "Super funny and heartwarming!"

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rana_nagash shared a tip "So funny and keeps you hooked! Great binge watch"

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cynthia_marie_4050 shared a tip "The father is my favorite character. It’s a great show!"

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kathleen_dennis_4989 shared a tip "This show is hilarious. Mr Kim is a real delight."

rrrrr shared a tip "So funny!!!!"

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larae_dufresne shared a tip "Funny! Great for about-to-be or new empty nesters and their adult kids. Enjoy!"