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Follow the lives of a group of students at what is possibly the world’s worst community college in the fictional locale of Greendale, Colorado.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2009-09-17

Last Air Date 2015-06-02

Seasons 6

Episodes 110


TMDB 7.9


Andrew Abbey's profile image

andrew_abbey shared a tip "Nice casual viewing"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "You Will Definitely Laugh"

Sarah Brown's profile image

sarah_brown_241 shared a tip "Tough one!!! The first three seasons are my favourite. I love the Halloween zombie episode. You?"

Brendan Huff's profile image

brendan_huff shared a tip "Hilarious and has a lovable dynamic between characters, however it really should have ended by season 4..."

James Ewen's profile image

james_ewen shared a tip "Very bingeable!"

Sarri Koziol's profile image

sarri_koziol shared a tip "This was definitely a funny series."

Nicole Failing's profile image

nicole_failing shared a tip "This is one of my favorite shows. Its amazing and hilarious."

Grayden mott's profile image

grayden_mott shared a tip "It is very fun to watch and is interesting every time you watch it."

Sam Soresire's profile image

soresire shared a tip "#sixseasonsandamovie seriously funny, tons of good jokes, great characters"

Tim Twaragowski's profile image

timothy_twaragowski shared a tip "Lava Game 😂"

Peter-Brandon Christensen's profile image

peter-brandon_chris shared a tip "My favorite comedy"

marisa_didonato shared a tip "Classic. Amazing. Must binge watch."

corinne_geisel shared a tip "All but 4 😂"

nicole-islas shared a tip "I liked the beginning seasons. The last few were just eh"

Eli the all around guy's profile image

eli_the_all_around_guy shared a tip "It was fun abd super self aware but seaob 6was REALY bad#"

Padraig O'Rourke's profile image

padraig_orourke shared a tip "I know I'm late to the game but this is better than parks and rec or the office"

brooke_p_6790 shared a tip "Who doesn’t love Chevy Chase?!"

Francesca Fronczak's profile image

helpmeouthere shared a tip "like the office but at a suny school"

waffle dorsett's profile image

waffle_dorsett shared a tip "If you haven't watched this what are you doing with your life"

addison_cain shared a tip "Not sure, I love all of them! Besides season four, I didn’t really like it"

Ethen Verge's profile image

ethen_verge shared a tip "I haven’t watched it yet just thought it looked cool"

nishal pattan's profile image

nishal_pattan shared a tip "One of the best show to binge watch"

Ash Heather's profile image

ash_heather shared a tip "Its funny as heck"

mya_tyson shared a tip "First 3 seasons are the best!"

Zoie Howland's profile image

zoie_howland shared a tip "best show ever!"

Connor Poole's profile image

connor_poole shared a tip "Perhaps the greatest comedy show ever written..."

Jasmine Joseph's profile image

jerzmin24 shared a tip "Comedic masterpiece thats weirder every season"

Ramon Ceja's profile image

ramon_ceja_9701 shared a tip "Cool, cool, cool"

James 's profile image

james_bleep shared a tip "Abed."

dumpster 's profile image

dumpster shared a tip "very witty and smart humor without feeling condecending to the viewer, golden"

Jonathan Ryan's profile image

jonathan_ryan shared a tip "Awsome show. Super funny 5/5"

Roschelle Dennie's profile image

roschelle_dennie_1802 shared a tip "I did not recommend these shows."

kooper_glesener shared a tip "be warned season 6 is tv-ma so there will be some f bombs"

Ryan Venturi's profile image

ryan_venturi shared a tip "Love this show so much"

Ben Hutchison's profile image

ben_hutchison shared a tip "Great show and it is a wild ride. Lots of fun hours to watch. Great show. Humorous and Heartfelt and decently meta. (:"

Dave Jedi's profile image

dave_jedi shared a tip "Best show ever"

Matt Murphy's profile image

matt_murphy_993 shared a tip "Probably the Dungeons and Dragons one. A grwat mix of funny but the heart of them trying to save Neil."

ccjn cn's profile image

ccjn_cn shared a tip "Very good show, gets a little weird towards the end but still good. I dont regret watching"

rachel_hulsebosch shared a tip "Funny"

Wade Peterson's profile image

wade_peterson_6721 shared a tip "First seasons are great later ones not so much"

reshhash12 shared a tip "Its funny"

cait_hill shared a tip "Sometimes painful humor. But reflects reality pretty well, especially the uncomfortable parts."

Nichole Jahrling's profile image

nichole_jahrling shared a tip "Was a great show, until the last season. Paint war and Floor is!"

John Hardy's profile image

john_hardy_7482 shared a tip "The characters are all fun and the show gets really meta with the theme episodes"

Rebekah Suydam's profile image

rebekah_suydam shared a tip "Good charicatures of people. Got slow in some parts"

Thomas Dion's profile image

thomas_dion shared a tip "Everything about the show I love."

Nerdy Boi76's profile image

nerdy_boi76 shared a tip "My favorite show it is really funny and abed is the best"

Johnny_Sinclair shared a tip "Legit my favorite show"

Mena 's profile image

mena_8817 shared a tip "#likewisechoiceawards #comedy best comedic show ever 😂"

Emily Centa's profile image

emily_centa shared a tip "A really fun show!"

jillian denali's profile image

jillian_denali shared a tip "one of my favorite shows ever, it's so whimsical and perfect... and also completely meta"

Adriana Ascencio's profile image

adriana_ascencio shared a tip "Binge worthy"

Mckayla Rolls's profile image

mckayla_rolls shared a tip "It's amazing, and Jim Rash is awesome"

shawn_hunter_iwaizu shared a tip "Loved it"

w_g shared a tip "So smart and very funny. Binge it and then rewatch. Then keep at background noise. Any scene you walk into will he great"

Dallon Hill's profile image

dallon_hill shared a tip "One of my top 5 fav shows of all time."

Robert Hawke's profile image

robert_hawke shared a tip "Theres a really good bottle episode when they're all stuck in the building, it was probably my favorite episode"

Fahade Ahmed's profile image

fahade_ahmed shared a tip "Hands down bet sitcom."

Derwood Godbey's profile image

derwood_godbey shared a tip "This is a show I’ve watched start to finish multiple times. It gets funnier every time I watch it."

Samantha Murguia's profile image

samantha_murguia shared a tip "The dean even though he's not really a main character he just stands out"

Drew Helm's profile image

drewhelm shared a tip "Amazing Show!"

Shirelle Weetman-Jones's profile image

shirellewj shared a tip "Funny spoofs of multiple genres."

Lola Rue's profile image

lola_7424 shared a tip "The character development is really good. And its simple comedy; very light."

No_One 's profile image

Lava.Nest shared a tip "Good binge watch, simple fun"

Unpack The Geek 's profile image

unpack_the_geek shared a tip "Amazing Creative TV show directed by the creators of Endgame!"

Hugoshitgliz Hugoshitgliz's profile image

hugoshitgliz_hugosh shared a tip "Kinda"

Chris Narishkin's profile image

chris_narishkin shared a tip "Paintball episodes are mad hilarious"

ich 's profile image

ich shared a tip "Troy for sure, Donald Glover really showed his comedic skills"

Savanna Weis's profile image

savanna_weis shared a tip "I love the one where Abed does all the different realities."

Cunning Estep's profile image

cunning_estep shared a tip "It’s a wonderful show to binge full of meta humor and related characters in outrageous situation!"

hollie_gurrola shared a tip "its my favorite show of all time. full spectrum of people working together"

Spoon Eater's profile image

spoon_eater shared a tip "Season 3 is the best thing I've ever seen"

Miranda Bornhoft's profile image

miranda_bornhoft shared a tip "Joel McHale is never not funny!😄"

AWolfblood 's profile image

beeswaxnotyoursllc shared a tip "First 3-4 seasons are great. I forget if it fell off in 3 or 4 but it was one of those two."

Sams A Loser's profile image

sams_a_loser shared a tip "One of the best comedy shows ive watched in awhile."

Justice Pratt's profile image

justice_pratt shared a tip "Yes!"

Oh Bunny Designs's profile image

oh_bunny_designs shared a tip "Great, until the last few seasons. It took a weird turn after they came back after graduation."

Zohib Ahmadi's profile image

zohib_ahmadi shared a tip "Best show of all time"

Zorro Sengupta's profile image

zorro_sengupta shared a tip "You can end at s4 if you want! I think the show goes a little down for s5&6"

roy_glenn shared a tip "This show is hilarious even though it gets a little cheesy silly sometimes. Perfect to binge!"

Chiah Huff's profile image

chiah_huff shared a tip "This show feels like I'm hanging out with old friends, what The Office was to some people Community is to me"

Angela Zembal's profile image

angela_zembal shared a tip "Paint ball is one of the most beautiful episodes of television I've ever seen."

Casey Applesauce's profile image

casey_applesauce shared a tip "They put this on Netflix at the right time. Needed a good comedy, and this is one of my favorites!"

Nick Graham's profile image

nick_graham_8055 shared a tip "Funny except the last season"

MoonPlayz 's profile image

moonplayz shared a tip "Best tv show of all time, that’s all"

mastermax922 shared a tip "love it"

Cole 's profile image

cole_hanan shared a tip "Last season not as good as the rest. Show falls off when Troy leaves"

Sara LaFever's profile image

sara_lafever shared a tip "Fantastic show that went downhill towards the end, but is still worth watching. It’s fun, creative, and filled with heart."