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Liza Miller, a suddenly single stay-at-home mother, tries to get back into the working world, only to find it’s nearly impossible to start at the bottom at 40-year old. When a chance encounter convinces her she looks younger than she is, Liza tries to pass herself off as 26 and lands a job as an ass

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-03-31

Last Air Date 2021-06-10

Seasons 7

Episodes 84


TMDB 6.931


Meredith 's profile image

Meredith shared a tip "Was surprised to like this show tbh. Fast paced eps with cliffhangers, you won’t be able to stop watching!"

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sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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haas_family shared a tip "This was great, light entertainment. Recommend if you are a fan of Virgin River, Sweet Magnolias or romantic comedies."

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bonnie_coakley shared a tip "Story, the cast and the chemistry."

jasmine_calisette shared a tip "The ageism (the one participated in, not the one highlighted) sucks, but entertaining."

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maria_rankin shared a tip "Love love love this show"

Hajra Omar's profile image

hajra_omar shared a tip "It's a great feel good show!"

IceCreamCone28 's profile image

IceCreamCone28 shared a tip "Funny, and has a very good plot. Loved what it has so far!"

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veronica_araujo_7345 shared a tip "I loooovveeeeeeeeeeeee this show! I want to know if there are shows similar to this one"

shenessa shared a tip "Love this show!"

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andee_shuster shared a tip "Totally fun and binge-worthy! Breezed through 6 seasons locing it!"

Jamie Freed's profile image

jamie_freed shared a tip "Love this show"

Camilla Aubrey's profile image

camilla_aubrey shared a tip "One of my favorites!! So adorable and happy."

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ruby_1624 shared a tip "I love this show!!"

Karis Hallson's profile image

karis_hallson shared a tip "Addicted to this show right now!"

Stephanie Merritt's profile image

stephanie_merritt shared a tip "Really awesome show it has such a good storyline"

barbara_4775 shared a tip "Nooo"

Tania Furtado's profile image

tania_furtado shared a tip "Loved"

meredith healey garraway's profile image

meredith_healey_gar shared a tip "Cute but a little tedious from the grown-ass-woman side. I watch an episode of two at a time"

Jessie Orlando's profile image

jessie_orlando shared a tip "This show is so perfect! Binge watched the entire thing in 3 days!"

Marlene Macland's profile image

marlene_macland shared a tip "Binge watching today. Can’t get enough of this great series!"

olivia_mooney shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Katie Schmeltzer's profile image

katie_schmeltzer_1658 shared a tip "It’s a good after work, decompression show."

Cathy Cholewinsky's profile image

cathy_cholewinsky shared a tip "It seemed silly to me at first but then I really loved it and appreciated the dry humour."

Kelsey Hough's profile image

kelsey_hough shared a tip "Josh 😍😍"

Sharon Hall's profile image

sharon_hall_7148 shared a tip "Great show but after I got so many seasons in the show became slow."

Nicole Buckley 's profile image

nicole_buckley_8337 shared a tip "I really didn't think I would like this show but I really do! Josh is so HOT🔥!!!!!"

Megs 's profile image

merry-megs shared a tip "This show was absolutely amazing. It became a favorite really quick!"

Manjusha Sagi's profile image

manjusha_sagi shared a tip "Same😃"

Tina Leigh's profile image

tina_leigh shared a tip "Quirky, uplifting and funny. Great female leads and has an enjoyable story line."

Jenny Mizina's profile image

jenny_mizina shared a tip "My recent favorite show, light, funny and binge worthy!"

Alexis Curcio's profile image

alexis_curcio shared a tip "Would never have expected to enjoy it as much as I do. Its absolutely amazing!"

Chelsea Livingston's profile image

chelsea_livingston_2922 shared a tip "Love this show.... really hope it doesn’t get cancelled! Anxiously waiting for season 7!"

magen_beyer shared a tip "Pretty good"

Gwyneth D.'s profile image

gwynduns shared a tip "#teamjosh"

Danielle Eneh's profile image

danielle_eneh shared a tip "LOVE this show"

Yvette LeBlanc's profile image

yvette_leblanc_603 shared a tip "Loved it !!! Can’t wait for season 2 😁😁"

Abby LeCl's profile image

abby_lecl shared a tip "Easy to watch, feel good"

kassandra v's profile image

kassandra_v shared a tip "Great cast, interesting show"

B L's profile image

b_l_1263 shared a tip "We all wish we could go back and do things differently. The main character does that, but with a twist."

Rachael Olasunkanmi's profile image

rachael_olasunkanmi shared a tip "It’s actually a really thoughtful show! It’s very funny"

s_blume shared a tip "Good for binge watching"

jennifer_lindemann shared a tip "Great fun! Binge watch this today!"

alanna_9859 shared a tip "This show is addicting, every episode drawing you in more and more. It’s just one of those shows that makes you feel happy."

Stephanie Tessier-Banwell's profile image

stephanie_tessier-banwell shared a tip "I can’t stop watching!!!"

Stormy Sides's profile image

stormy_sides shared a tip "Perfect for a good girl night! Hot steamy romance, drama, comedy!"

debbie_lim shared a tip "So good. Dare anyone to find any thing better!"

Rachel McBride's profile image

rachel_mcbride_5943 shared a tip "Funny and light hearted show about struggling thru divorce and growth"

lorna_5384 shared a tip "can’t wait for the new season. great escapist fare"

margaret_7852 shared a tip "Fantastic characters and highly entertaining"

Janelle Brookes's profile image

janelle_brookes shared a tip "It was fun"

Richelle Brooks's profile image

richelle_brooks shared a tip "A must watch for woman of all ages!! this show has it all! Fashion, love, books, drama.. so good!! #bingeworthy"

Fabiana Gutierrez's profile image

fabiana_gutierrez shared a tip "ABSOLUTELY LOVE. watched it all in a week, super funny and there’s always drama."

kaitlyn_8499 shared a tip "Perfect binge watch!"

Shayla DiPasquale's profile image

shayla_dipasquale shared a tip "Love Hilary duff and the mix of romance, comedy, drama while still maintaining a great plot."

Kayla Canzi's profile image

kayla_canzi shared a tip "Very good, couldn't stop watching it."

kaila_wakelam shared a tip "Light hearted comedic drama"

Jen CM's profile image

jen_cm shared a tip "Definitely binge worthy! Such a good show! I'm sad they are about to put out their final season. 😞"

Jen CM's profile image

jen_cm shared a tip "#teamjosh"

clarica_sidoti shared a tip "Fun!!"

aman_mangat shared a tip "Soooopp addictive and good!!"

Jess Gerner's profile image

jess_gerner shared a tip "So funny, and witty. It follows life's and ups and downs. Give it a watch!! You won't regret it"

brooke_crawford_3076 shared a tip "I’m obsessed with this show! It’s a new find for me!"

Ashley Breault's profile image

ashley_breault shared a tip "Love love love this show."

Jessica Nuttall's profile image

jessica_nuttall shared a tip "Great for 35 plus looking to live vicariously through a show! Funny, easy and loveable watch #40meets25"

Vickiana Figueroa's profile image

vickiana_figueroa shared a tip "So sad it’s on it’s final season"

Laura G's profile image

laura_g_4942 shared a tip "Funny, heartwarming escapism."

Sonja Lund's profile image

sonja_lund shared a tip "The drama"

jordyn_dreiling_875 shared a tip "#drama #comedy"

Kim Yohe's profile image

kim_yohe shared a tip "Easy binge"

Nicole Bell's profile image

nicole_bell_2181 shared a tip "Fun and easy to watch. Funny"

Sara Thomas's profile image

sara_thomas_1156 shared a tip "One of my favorite shows!"

Patty Griffin's profile image

patty_griffin_1711 shared a tip "Loved it. It’s wrapping up last season so perfect time to catch up!"

Kendra Shannon's profile image

kendra_shannon shared a tip "It's so entertaining and funny! It makes me laugh and I can't wait to see what happens next."

Meisha Osorio's profile image

meisha_osorio shared a tip "Funny"

erin_draper shared a tip "Catchy, pulls you in."

Lauren 's profile image

laurenlovesmaltipoos shared a tip "Great show even though the last season is terrible. ☹"

Tera Norman-Beljo's profile image

tera_norman-beljo shared a tip "Season 1-6 was amazing! Season 7 was ok, but watch it."

Ashe 's profile image

belladonna20 shared a tip "Loved it. Put several friends on to it as well"

Mary CHACE's profile image

mary_chace shared a tip "Light, easy to digest. Good show to help unwind."

rachel_colvin shared a tip "MY FAVOURITE SHOW. This was the perfect blend of everything."

je_e_i shared a tip "This is a great series. Highly addictive/binge able"

Julie ann Leone's profile image

julie_ann_leone shared a tip "Loved this series soooooo much . A must watch"

linda_matlock shared a tip "Funny, smart, likeable characters."

Jewel Pena's profile image

jewel_pena shared a tip "Such a great show!"

judi_leal shared a tip "Loved it’"

heidi_friesen shared a tip "Fashion, books, drama..just so good!"

Mary Aly's profile image

mary_aly shared a tip "Perfect, bingeable treat!"

Lauren Ybarra's profile image

lauren_ybarra shared a tip "Funny, smart, romantic. Loveable characters."

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