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A hilarious workplace comedy about a unique family of employees at a super-sized mega store. From the bright-eyed newbies and the seen-it-all veterans to the clueless summer hires and the in-it-for-life managers, together they hilariously tackle the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-ca

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-11-30

Last Air Date 2021-03-25

Seasons 6

Episodes 113


TMDB 7.4


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shemdani shared a tip "Love this light hearted show. ❤️❤️❤️"

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megan_green_9650 shared a tip "#comedy #modern"

jenn_dick shared a tip "I actually love it!! I gotta catch up though. I think I’m behind by 2 or 3 seasons now"

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luanna shared a tip "Basically The Office set in Walmart"

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trish_martin shared a tip "What an absolutely great ensemble cast. So witty, heartwarming and genuinely funny!"

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trish_martin shared a tip "This show is amazing! Love it. So freaking funny. Wonderful ensemble cast, great writing, the total package!"

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erica_lane shared a tip "Never a dull moment"

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rachael_pitts shared a tip "Surprisingly smart and funny!"

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sxmply_mocha shared a tip "This show was so funny! I definetly reccomend thos show."

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liz_sternal_cline shared a tip "Omg if you love or hate Walmart this is the show to watch. Hilarious!"

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dylan_paul shared a tip "Super funny and relatable show if you work retail"

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elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "Ben Feldman is the best"

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scott_kendrick shared a tip "I don’t really have one, but if you like The Office, it’s a really similar “workplace comedy” sensibility."

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marie_j_rodriguez shared a tip "Its a good show for a laugh"

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sarri_koziol shared a tip "Love this series. It is good. Reminds me of Employee of the Month"

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zo_brown shared a tip "I love this show!! It is so funny, and a super easy show to watch on and off or binge."

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schay_graham shared a tip "So funny. Great show to binge"

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tamera66 shared a tip "People of retail: You'll totally get this!!"

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lily_theule shared a tip "I looove superstore so much! And totally recommend Brooklyn 99 it has the same type of humor and straight up amazing"

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maisy_peters shared a tip "So funny!"

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agentdmz. shared a tip "Funny. Sub-plots. Easy to watch"

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morgan_reed_8713 shared a tip "Brooklyn 99"

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jamie_cimbalista shared a tip "Yes! Very addicting"

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renea_brock shared a tip "I watched all the episodes on TV. So sad it is no longer a show 😥"

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alex_somoza shared a tip "Its really funny, witty and a light easy watch"

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mallory_fries shared a tip "Super funny and addictive"

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alexis_ginel shared a tip "Bo! Always hahaha hbu"

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abilash_gunta shared a tip "Dina and Jonah!!"

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brooke_lindsey_ shared a tip "Its so funny!!"

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amero shared a tip "Funny"

eleanor_schumacher shared a tip "I’ve watched the first few episodes of the first season. So far pretty funny!"

liz_d_8550 shared a tip "I work at Target. Great parody of what I go through every day"

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kasey_webster shared a tip "Brooklyn 99, the office, space force, are all really easy to watch. Light and funny"

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camille_eve_loiseau shared a tip "This show is so funny that my dad who never laugh at anything can't wait to watch an other episodes."

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luc_chaney shared a tip "Great comedy, with a wonderful cast and I enjoy how they brought up many topics that are common today."

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sarah_ludmer shared a tip "@turnergray1 yes it is"

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beate_breen shared a tip "A silly comedy...."

joey_comeau shared a tip "Sorry for the late reply! Are there any genres you’re looking for in particular?"

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erica_fama shared a tip "Kim’s convenience is a good one!"

robert_short_3851 shared a tip "I think so. Funny workplace comedy."

robin_bohndorf shared a tip "Soooo funny and soooo spot on!!!🤣"

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barbara_blocker shared a tip "It is so entertaining!"

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rachel_ochoa shared a tip "This show is so so funny I have loved every minute of it!"

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melissa_wells shared a tip "If you’re a fan of The Office you will love this series. It’s hilarious, love it!"

kimberly_eaton shared a tip "Office type show set in a Walmart"

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janelle_christianson shared a tip "I like to try to figure out whose name is on Amy’s name tag every show!"

jadika shared a tip "Yes I have"

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just_llama shared a tip "Yes"

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robyn_michaud shared a tip "Its been a while since I've watched but its got to be the Asst Manager forget everyone's name"

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teressa_muglia shared a tip "I dont really think I have a favourite because I enjoyed all of it. So its hard to pick"

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owen_shanahan shared a tip "Amazing comedy is you are looking for one"

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princess_yiri shared a tip "If you LOVE comedy I really recommend you this show."

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princess_yiri shared a tip "You can watch it on Hulu. :)"

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muna_ali_8272 shared a tip "It’s so funny hope u like it"

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amy_paterni shared a tip "So funny!"

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brianna_zook shared a tip "This show is hilarious! It’s has like Parks and Rec and The Office type humor"

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aileen_morris shared a tip "It’s even better now that Amy’s gone!"

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e_w shared a tip "reminds me of my job"

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michelle_7616 shared a tip "This show is hilarious! I find most comedies to not be funny at all, but this is a major exception! A must watch!"

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samantha_starzyk shared a tip "Loved this show!"

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samantha_starzyk shared a tip "It's on netflix idk why it says hulu"

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tasneem_khan shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch! Obsessed and finished the show in less than a week!"

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cindy_lee_2129 shared a tip "If you love quirky TV shows. This one is for you. I enjoyed this show."

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abby_hoover_6002 shared a tip "Yes!"

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jean-franois_vignola shared a tip "I watched it a long time ago, but it's definitely the guy in the wheelchair 🤣🤣"

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jaiden_1642 shared a tip "Great show good atmosphere"

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deleted_user_1611035379419 shared a tip "Great cast. Gentle humor."

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jon_matt shared a tip "My favorite show it is so different and funny it is not like all the doctor show you see"

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harmonee_gadson shared a tip "Hii"

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jasmine_shaw_7251 shared a tip "Cheyanne"

test_name shared a tip "its a family show"

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deleted_user_1613336243634 shared a tip "hilarious. im glad it went on for so long"

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dalia_georgianna shared a tip "If you work im retail. This is the show to watch"

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addyandbabypolly_ad shared a tip "Funny, strong female lead, hidden love"

amy_vega_boyd shared a tip "Funny dialog. Diverse cast."

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alvi_6881 shared a tip "Hi! Not one in particular. It's an easy show to watch and love the cast and story. What about you?"

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catherine_weller shared a tip "Witty af"

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deleted_user_1615358172281 shared a tip "It was good, there is some funny moments but Glenn voice drove me high#comedy #workplace_comedy"

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rylee_anne shared a tip "Really funny movie! Fun to watch on a boring or rainy day!"

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alex_buonopane shared a tip "Easy to watch and super funny!"

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samia_farrukh shared a tip "#funny"

dylan_laforest shared a tip "Just great!!"

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sarah_zamburek shared a tip "I normally avoid Primetime comedies bc they are usually the awful but this is the exception! Every character is hilarious!"

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trinity_bermingham shared a tip "I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! It’s just soo good"