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In this workplace comedy, a group of dedicated, passionate teachers — and a slightly tone-deaf principal — are brought together in a Philadelphia public school where, despite the odds stacked against them, they are determined to help their students succeed in life. Though these incredible public ser

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-12-07

Last Air Date 2023-01-18

Seasons 2

Episodes 35


TMDB 7.9


Bella Nicole's profile image

bella_nicole_7663 shared a tip "9/10 I’m absolutely loving this!! This is already a new classic comedy, I can tell."

Jack sparrow's profile image

dazzle shared a tip "I thought itwas rlly good. Giving major modern family vibes but just with teachers. Love it!"

Arleisha Strauder's profile image

arleisha_strauder shared a tip "Lol ROFL"

julia 's profile image

julia_999 shared a tip "Great show - watch immediately if you haven’t already!!"

Nivene Jaber's profile image

nivene_jaber shared a tip "so funny"

ivebeencalledfunny shared a tip "quinta was in that writing room putting her pen to the paper ✍🏽"

Taruna Anil's profile image

taruna_anil shared a tip "been watching quinta brunson since her buzzfeed days and i LOVE this show."

ash 's profile image

meredith_pope shared a tip "such a good idea for a sitcom, so proud of quinta coming up from buzzfeed to her own show"

lauren_walker_3529 shared a tip "I love this show!"

Cole Whitworth's profile image

cole_whitworth shared a tip "Hilarious sitcom. Light hearted and filmed in the same vein as The Office."

Shannon Niemi's profile image

shannon_niemi shared a tip "Yes"

monica_walters shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Teri Brickey's profile image

teri_brickey shared a tip "Just started it this week. So good!"

Ms_ Teeeaaa's profile image

ms__teeeaaa shared a tip "Accurate, lightweight and some funny ass ideas"

DNasa Jones's profile image

dnasa_jones shared a tip "If you love mockumentary style TV, you’ll love this!"

isabel_4393 shared a tip "all star cast honestly. so so endlessly funny"

Alicia Fuentes 's profile image

alicia_fuentes_541 shared a tip "I think the first season was better but still a great comedy."

Amber Gillmore's profile image

amber_gillmore_7265 shared a tip "Please. Watch. This. Show!"

Annie Stafford's profile image

annie_stafford shared a tip "10/10 GOOD TV IS BACK EVERYONE"

Jamie Blakely's profile image

jamie_blakely shared a tip "This show is hilarious💀. The comedy reminds me of modern family and the office, but the black version😙"

Lae Allen's profile image

lae_allen shared a tip "Abbott Elementary has a sprinkle of scams and theft, the low funding forces them to get creative."

Whitney Macklin's profile image

whitney_macklin shared a tip "Very funny"

Alexis Bliss's profile image

alexisbliss shared a tip "Cute and funny sitcom"

Weekly Rental's profile image

TheWeeklyRental shared a tip "My new favorite workplace comedy. If "Lean on Me" and "The Office" got married, this show would be their favorite child."

dania_baraka shared a tip "It’s super cute! Resonated a lot with it as I could relate to the main character!"

Bethany Harding's profile image

bethanybryn shared a tip "Similar to parks and Rec and the office"

Regina E- Barker's profile image

regina_e-_barker shared a tip "Very funny,"

mc_3178 shared a tip "Funny, enjoyable, good acting by the kid and adult actors"

Chidere Akalonu's profile image

chidere_akalonu shared a tip "Hilarious show 😂"

ella 's profile image

ellarene shared a tip "THEE BLK OFFICE!! simply hilarious !! *money dance*"

brianna_macaulay shared a tip "So funny & heartfelt!"

Eric 's profile image

esibert23 shared a tip "My comfort show!"

aubrey_russell_7921 shared a tip "Too real world for a teacher to sit and watch! I need an escape."

Duane Linke's profile image

duane_linke shared a tip "Best comedy show on Network television. Brilliantly written and well acted. Quinta Brunson and cast are Brilliant"

Newon Dennis's profile image

newon_dennis shared a tip "SOOOOOO worth it!!"

Sarah Smith's profile image

sarah_smith_3689 shared a tip "This is so funny !"

sr 's profile image

sr_9776 shared a tip "can be boring, but heartfelt story"

Jada Woods's profile image

jada_woods_2339 shared a tip "I love once upon a time and umbrella academy"

Carrie Hare's profile image

carrie_hare_7912 shared a tip "Love this and it's SO real"

janice_Booklover shared a tip "Hilarious and entertaining!"

Sarah Drees's profile image

sarah_drees_9104 shared a tip "Just started watching! Very relatable for teachers and super funny!"

Rebecca Grauman's profile image

rebecca_grauman shared a tip "Yes!!"

Naethers 🥔's profile image

lovethyspoof shared a tip "Watching this show is literally the highlight of my week. It’s hilarious and it has an amazing cast."

Tiffany Chil's profile image

tiffany_chilton shared a tip "Just started this and I already love it! The humor is awesome!"

Aminika Glasco's profile image

aminika_glasco shared a tip "Quintas writing and the cast are the perfect combination. I can’t wait to see more of the shenanigans."

Chloe Stoffregen's profile image

chloe_stoffregen shared a tip "The office meets elementary school. Very well written and funny."

jaclyn_525 shared a tip "Really enjoying this show, loving The Office vibes and the characters are so funny!"

Kylee' VanZandt's profile image

kylee_vanzandt shared a tip "I worked in inner city schools for a year and this show the experience in a hilarious way! Love it."

Tani Franson's profile image

xo.niyy shared a tip "a funny and heartwarming comfort show"

donna_joseph shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! Non stop laughs!!!"

Amy Frers's profile image

amy_frers shared a tip "Like the office. But for schools. So real"

codie lake's profile image

codie_lake shared a tip "Funny sketch comedy"

carrie_lynn21 shared a tip "This show is great! Give it a shot if you haven’t."

akili_bonner shared a tip "Love it"

Christianna 's profile image

christianna_ shared a tip "great show that deserves all the hype it has been getting"

natalie 's profile image

natalie14 shared a tip "Only a few episodes in but I already love it!! It’s an instant classic and is so well done"

Gabrielle 's profile image

gabbyonelove shared a tip "I absolutely love this show! It’s my new comfort show. Every episode is hilarious. A true comedy series."

Elizabeth Conn's profile image

elizabeth_conn shared a tip "Hilarious mockumentary!"

Melsie 's profile image

melsie shared a tip "Reminiscent of the office, with a little *spice * This will definitely be one of my favorites!!"

John Hamlin's profile image

Jaybmore shared a tip "Really funny cast that addresses the challenges of inner city public education in a funny way"

malikah_saunders shared a tip "It gives The Office vibes. Really funny so far."

holly_863 shared a tip "Funny, and clean—so far a great show for the family to watch"

Audrey Fay's profile image

audrey_fay shared a tip "Love this show! I can’t wait for the next season"

Artist By Day's profile image

artist_by_day shared a tip "Super funny! Must watch"

Sarah Lewis's profile image

sarah_lewis_3434 shared a tip "So worth it! I love it!"

Valencia Gibson's profile image

valencia_gibson shared a tip "Very funny!"

lenny_g shared a tip "One of the best comedies out there right now."

em22 shared a tip "indescribably good. pls pls watch"

Melanie Marie's profile image

melaniemarie shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! I have to watch it on Hulu so I'm irritated I have to wait and watch only one a week LOL"

Tiffany 's profile image

tiffany_7353 shared a tip "Funny & relatable particularly for actual teachers."

Lydia Chiang's profile image

lydia_chiang shared a tip "I laugh so hard enjoying this show. A must see. You'll absolutely love it."

Nema White's profile image

nema159 shared a tip "H I L A R I O U S"

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