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Filmed over 10 years, this real-life thriller follows a DNA exoneree who, while exposing police corruption, becomes a suspect in a grisly new crime.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-12-18

Last Air Date 2018-10-19

Seasons 2

Episodes 20


TMDB 7.8


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TVWise shared a tip "Steven Avery's story isn't over. Part 2 is out on Netflix now!"

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Meredith shared a tip "PART 2 ON NETFLIX OCT 19th!!!"

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Cassie shared a tip "Just finished binging season two in 48 hours. This docu-series is so intriguing and keeps you on the edge of your seat"

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taymocha shared a tip "Really loving this!"

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kelleywentworth shared a tip "PART 2! Time to put on the detective glasses"

christina_paz shared a tip "Very interesting"

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claremurphy shared a tip "Second season on now!"

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katherine_keys shared a tip "Had great potential. The first one okay maybe he didn’t do. The second murder oh he’s definitely guilty"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "One of theBest docs I have ever seen!"

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katrice_masters shared a tip "Worst corruption I've ever seen"

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pug shared a tip "scary show I would stay away"

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carmen_vasilatos shared a tip "Finished Part II in 3 days 😵 This show is wild and sucks you in."

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Quilee shared a tip "A true crime. A murder. A poor defense. Whodunnit?"

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josh_toxey shared a tip "So you want another Docuseries?"

heather_yanock shared a tip "I’ve re-watched it twice. Everything about that case is so dirty."

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hailey_janke shared a tip "Yess! Soo good"

susan_5227 shared a tip "Ken Kratz. What a douche. #crookedcreep"

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Oldgray shared a tip "Disturbing expose of our flawed justice system."

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carol_ennis shared a tip "Strange story"

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katherine_williams_6427 shared a tip "Very interesting and scary show."

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brenda_bratley shared a tip "True Crime"

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charlotte_mohr shared a tip "Yes, very intriguing."

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amanda_lynn_7137 shared a tip "Best documentary I've ever seen. Stayed up for almost 2 days straight to watch the entire thing!"

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missy_phillips shared a tip "I believe so, especially if you enjoy finding out what makes them tick"

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dave_holicky shared a tip "An eye opener."

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verenice_mendoza shared a tip "No, the United States criminal justice system is flawed."

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chelsea_federer shared a tip "Ugh it made me so angry though."

diane_ritenour shared a tip "It was really interesting."

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lauren_dawson_6139 shared a tip "definitely worth a watch!"

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yvonne_stoikos shared a tip "Frustrating disgusting and shame on those in power. Clearly innocent man who deserves justice!"

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scott_latham shared a tip "I don't know, they were all good!"

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Blu-rush shared a tip "No"

patrice_telfer shared a tip "Still not sure!"

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chaz_kuhn shared a tip "It’s great. Unbelievable story"

chloe_k_1985 shared a tip "I’m on the Making a Murderer bandwagon. It’s so interesting!"

greg_davis_3920 shared a tip "This doc was an adventure in itself. It had so many twist but very well done!"

teri_rihel shared a tip "It’s a good story."

teri_rihel shared a tip "Good story"

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edna_johnston shared a tip "I lost interest as it kept dragging on although the twists were pretty interesting. Just way too long and drawn out."

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lydia_larson_5731 shared a tip "Quite a interesting show if your into crime stories like me."

carmen_hayes shared a tip "Will there ever be a third part to this?#docuseries"

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tyler_dionne shared a tip "Definitely not telling the whole Truth"

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kelli_navey shared a tip "I’m watching I Am A Killer on Netflix right now. Very interesting!"

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lindsay_shermer shared a tip "Saw it!! Was great"

alistu shared a tip "Fascinating"

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morgan_kuszmaul shared a tip "Definitely watch- it had me hooked the entire time!!"

marie_ryan_603 shared a tip "You don’t be able to stop watching!"

natalie_burnham shared a tip "Yes!!!"

paige_m_2229 shared a tip "Absolutely! If you enjoy true crime documentaries this is definitely a good one."

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kerri_morrison shared a tip "Binge watching"

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jose_reyes_9404 shared a tip "Very Good movie 👍"

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corinne_n_cody_dawson shared a tip "I think there's a good chance he did"

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kimberly_lofton shared a tip "I’ll have to watch it again, it’s been awhile. I just remember not being able to stop watching lol"

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shannon_eriksen shared a tip "This show is based on lies and half truths."

suzanne_hudgins shared a tip "One of the best documentaries out there. You will be blown away at the tunnel vision and the underhanded tactics of the cops."

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joey_gentner shared a tip "I gotta go with the trial itself I'm really interested in like the justice system so episode 8"

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deborah_harrison shared a tip "What Do You Think Guilty or Innocent?"

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kathy_coe shared a tip "Yes, definitely worth the watch.👍"

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karen_woll shared a tip "I love both seasons! Once you start cant stop!"

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kortney_crawford_bo shared a tip "It was good and certainly interesting. There is also a sequel about his efforts for appeal."

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julianne_nicole shared a tip "Yes! I was hooked ASAP trying to figure it all out myself lol"

shanna_tarboro shared a tip "Yes! If you love true crime shows"

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sarah_white_1946 shared a tip "I would!"

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tara_debenedictis shared a tip "I think so! I liked it"

angie_e_9778 shared a tip "This documentary it’s crazy!"

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megan_kallgren_4051 shared a tip "So informative"

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natalie_boetger shared a tip "We just finished The Nightstalker -- that was really good!"

ashlee_morris_6507 shared a tip "I definitely think it’s worth it"

ashlee_morris_6507 shared a tip "It is. Truly. I couldn’t believe most of what I was seeing ... I’d say watch."

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brittany_bauman_7491 shared a tip "The keepers is another great documentary series!"

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dominic_frechette shared a tip "The frustrating history of not knowing the facts and the actual thruth"

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nicole_crayton shared a tip "Yes!! Very captivating, worth the watch!!"

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charle_ann_martin shared a tip "Yes, it's very informative. It changed my mind about him."

lexy_hebert shared a tip "i recommend it!"

leann_monteiro shared a tip "It was pretty good. May be somewhat one sided but interesting nonetheless"

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kristina_funke shared a tip "I really enjoyed watching this!"

emily_wood_6458 shared a tip "It is VERY good"

juda_jackson shared a tip "I'm tired of writing stuff it just keeps showing me a bunch of documentaries"

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candice_rowe_4355 shared a tip "Yay😊"

jeff_moore_2765 shared a tip "Tiger King!"

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amy_rhodes shared a tip "Yes!"

katherine_8938 shared a tip "It really grabbed me from the beginning! Definitely worth watching if you're interested in true crime at all."

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sarah_hollis_7559 shared a tip "I don’t think I really have one favorite! I have my regulars that I watch multiple times like Gilmore girls"

nunzio_fazzari_6426 shared a tip "Friends"

nunzio_fazzari_6426 shared a tip "The notebook"

shelli_truax shared a tip "And it’s still in the courts"

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victoria_dean_8629 shared a tip "It’s slow at first but picks up as you go."

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erin_gbala shared a tip "I liked catching killers, murder mountain, and 60 days in also."

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