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Beneath the sunlit glamour of 1985 L.A. lurks a relentlessly evil serial killer. In this true-crime story, two detectives won't rest until they catch him.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-01-13

Last Air Date 2021-01-13

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 7.4


Rico Dinero's profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Didn’t know too much about this dude but he definitely was crazy"

Kate Hanson's profile image

k8thegr8 shared a tip "Quite possibly my favorite docuseries. The storytelling in this was done phenomenally."

JD Miller's profile image

jd_miller shared a tip "Very well done documentary. So much learned about this case. The guys that caught him are awesome."

Madison Taylor's profile image

madison_taylor_4566 shared a tip "Was ok. Story was pretty crazy though. Not the worst serial killer show I’ve seen but definitely not the best either."

cristy_cockerham shared a tip "Brilliantly done!!!!"

Abby Ahearne's profile image

abby_ahearne shared a tip "This is so mind boggling. It’s so good. It hits you right in the feels. At least I cried lmao"

Nicole Morgan's profile image

nicole_morgan_413 shared a tip "Informative and entertaining"

Henk Holveck's profile image

henk_holveck shared a tip "Excellent 4 part docu-series"

 Sarah Sarah's profile image

itssarah shared a tip "it draws you in... honestly, I watch true crime documentaries all the time, and this one got to me a bit..."

Heather Bratulich's profile image

heather_bratulich shared a tip "Just started watching. Finished episode 1 and can't wait to watch the rest."

Ev 's profile image

9pierogis shared a tip "Finally a crime documentary that gives the victims the time of day, and doesn’t glorify the killer. So so so well done."

stephanie mardell's profile image

stephanie_mardell shared a tip "This guy is one evil entity!"

Kristina Ella's profile image

kristina_ella shared a tip "So good. So terrifying"

leanne_black shared a tip "I like true crime!"

brenda_hensley_3073 shared a tip "Well done; focused on the detectives and didn’t glorify Ramirez"

John Brewer's profile image

john_brewer_9086 shared a tip "Very interesting docu series. Do you enjoy TC?"

Jacob Robbins's profile image

jacob_robbins_2087 shared a tip "A must for any true crime fan. A very well done and produced Docuseries"

Chelsea Livingston's profile image

chelsea_livingston_2922 shared a tip "I liked that it was from the perspective of the detectives that solved that solved the crimes."

🌻Lili Maldonado🌻's profile image

sweetdreamslili shared a tip "Although it was short it was very interesting."

Cori Potter's profile image

cori_potter shared a tip "Detailed and kept you wanting more. Sick person indeed. Perfect for a crime lover"

Stacey Derouin's profile image

stacey_derouin shared a tip "It was really interesting and intense!"

kayla_7105 shared a tip "Very intense and well done"

Shaunte Vincent's profile image

shaunte_vincent shared a tip "Amazing!"

Melanie Sidoti's profile image

melanie_sidoti shared a tip "LOVED THIS"

Mary Dole's profile image

mary_dole shared a tip "The series seemed a little slow at the beginning but was well worth it!"

Stacy Colledge's profile image

stacy_colledge shared a tip "Great interviews and background on detective"

Nicole McAnany's profile image

nicole_mcanany shared a tip "Really good! Just don’t watch alone before you go to bed!!"

deann_tuchscherer shared a tip "So interesting"

kiele_binsted shared a tip "Fascinating and all the missed connections will are maddening"

Jasmine Obren's profile image

jasmine_obren shared a tip "Great thriller documentary. Pretty vulgar actually, and very in detail."

Drew Anderson's profile image

drew_anderson_3640 shared a tip "Always like serial killer documentaries"

rebeca_lamas shared a tip "Riveting"

Amy Renae's profile image

amy_renae shared a tip "One of the best serial killer docs Netflix has released to date - highly recommend!"

Sarah-Jane Gullacher's profile image

sarah-jane_gullacher shared a tip "It’s easy to binge. Frightening and well interviewed."

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