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The story of New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano and the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and the criminal organization he heads. Those difficulties are often highlighted through his ongoing professional relationship with p

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 1999-01-10

Last Air Date 2007-06-10

Seasons 6

Episodes 86


TMDB 8.5


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hannah shared a tip "Such a masterpiece, always leaves me hungry for GABAGOOL 🇮🇹🍖"

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mowaaalka shared a tip "May just be because I’m Italian but this show cracks me up the whole time. Even has a little drama and some tears."

linda_sherrin shared a tip "Loved it! So sad when"

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teresa_mitchell shared a tip "Love this series"

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Oldgray shared a tip "The bench-mark for great TV."

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gerald_dori shared a tip "I like shows anout vikings. This one is very interesting."

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james_9089 shared a tip "Started rewatching this show yesterday. Still outstanding!!"

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wkdcateyesoh1 shared a tip "Loved it"

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margaret_robinson shared a tip "Janice is hilarious"

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amy_chiappe shared a tip "I liked the first few seasons the best, but all in all, great show 👍"

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chloe_f shared a tip "It’s been repeatedly named one of the best drama shows of all time for a reason!"

joejones shared a tip "An almost perfect series"

margie_cohn shared a tip "If you like learning about the mafia The Sopranos is as good a place as any"

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cathy_mazz shared a tip "Yes another one of my favs!!! Watching the prequel Better Call Saul and loving that too"

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eric_dahlgren shared a tip "Considering the kind of show it was, It ended perfectly."

sherril_wehland shared a tip "Animal Kingdom is great! New season coming out soon."

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roger_ayers shared a tip "Excellent show!"

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long_nguyen_6106 shared a tip "Been binging this... great show. Before there was a Walter White, there was a Tony Soprano."

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kevin_fleming shared a tip "One of the best"

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alexis_fiore shared a tip "Greatest show of ALL time."

tommy_howard_1244 shared a tip "Enjoy.. Great characters!"

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ryan_marsh_3340 shared a tip "Only show I ever planned around to make sure I wouldn’t miss on HBO on Sunday evenings."

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james_ellis_4889 shared a tip "Tony"

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aziz_hanifa shared a tip "The best of tv series of all time!!"

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dk201 shared a tip "Hands down my favorite series of all time."

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shimloo shared a tip "Loved it, American Classic"

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laura_callahan_6245 shared a tip "Peeky blinders is great if you like the sopranos"

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sharon_pirro shared a tip "It’s a good show! I need a new one. I am watching Handmaid on Hulu, but it’s kind of depressing!"

lisa_scarlett shared a tip "Love the entire series. When Christopher’s girlfriend Adriana was killed off. Ugh. Sad."

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stephanie_vulpetti shared a tip "#1 favorite television of ALLLLLL time .."

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richard_jennings shared a tip "Really great writing and characters that stay with you. Live through it all again 5🌟"