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When Buy More computer geek Chuck Bartowski unwittingly downloads a database of government information and deadly fighting skills into his head, he becomes the CIA's most vital secret. This sets Chuck on a path to become a full-fledged spy.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-09-24

Last Air Date 2012-01-27

Seasons 5

Episodes 91


TMDB 7.7


Sierra Haro's profile image

sierra_haro shared a tip "Super underrated comedy/action series. 9/10 would recommend"

Michael Gary Scott's profile image

michael_gary_scott shared a tip "One of my top five favorite shows!"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Really good at the time."

El shahan's profile image

el_shahan shared a tip "Brings me back! Funny and classic."

Gracie Marshall's profile image

gracie_marshall shared a tip "By far the best spy/conedy/drana tv show I’ve seen yet."

grace_perry_7793 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! It really makes you attach to all the characters. Full of action comedy, romance and so much more!!"

Holly Hutchinson Gray's profile image

holly_hutchinson_gr shared a tip "Loved watching this with the family!"

Kennedy Pressler's profile image

kennedy_pressler shared a tip "All time fav✊ underrated but amazing."

Kody Hynek's profile image

kody_hynek shared a tip "I used to LOVE this show. Very bingeworthy."

Kyle Dutson's profile image

kyle_dutson shared a tip "A show is was strongly attached to the whole time. The suspense, the the storyline felt real and raw. An Amazing masterpiece."

willow_corso shared a tip "Great show, I liked some seasons more than others thought."

a l e c 's profile image

a_l_e_c shared a tip "Psych and Monk!"

rob_solomon shared a tip "Adventure done well, humor even better."

Brett Backhaus's profile image

brett_backhaus shared a tip "Aabsolutely 💯 great"

Sherri Maserang's profile image

sherri_maserang shared a tip "Too funny #comedy"

Destiny C. Horne's profile image

destiny_c._horne shared a tip "Super cute show. Wish it could’ve lasted a bit longer"

Halle Elyse's profile image

halle_elyse shared a tip "It’s a little cheesy because it was filmed a while ago but still pretty funny and entertaining in my opinion"

Rose Winters's profile image

rose_winters shared a tip "Love the cast!! Love the action!!"

Andy D's profile image

randleton shared a tip "One of my favorite shows fun watch"

Rachel Martinmaas's profile image

rachel_martinmaas shared a tip "I liked it at first for the cool abilities that chuck had but then it got too caught up in the relationships."

Sarah Elizabeth's profile image

sarah_elizabeth_9656 shared a tip "Watch if you want a good laugh"

Sam Gauthier's profile image

sam_gauthier shared a tip "Amazing show- still angry it’s not on Netflix anymore."

Ava Newsom's profile image

ava_newsom shared a tip "AMAZING!! i cry at the end everytime. By far my all time fav show!!"

Ben FS's profile image

ben_fleurysteiner shared a tip "One of a kind! We binged this gem"

Ozzy Bernstein's profile image

ozzy_bernstein shared a tip "One of my favorites shows of all time."

Sarah Simons's profile image

sarah_simons shared a tip "One of my favorite shows of all time!!"

Amy Paterni's profile image

amy_paterni shared a tip "The best comedy ever!"

rick_welch shared a tip "Absolutely love this show!"

holly_gorrell shared a tip "Great comedic action show with interesting characters."

Bill Rudder's profile image

bill_rudder shared a tip "Fun and heart warming"

AWolfblood 's profile image

beeswaxnotyoursllc shared a tip "Very under-rated series"

erica_dennis shared a tip "Easy watch"

Hayden Cantwell's profile image

toomuchfreetime shared a tip "I’ve watched this show a million times and could watch it a million more, so funny and great writing"

Briana Fiore's profile image

briana_fiore_4415 shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.. action, comedy, romance, it has it all. Love it."

James Holliman's profile image

james_holliman shared a tip "First couple of seasons werw outstanding"

Janay Howard's profile image

janay_howard_3375 shared a tip "One of my all time favorites! A great show for comedic relief"

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "Love Chuck. I rewatch the series all the time."

Sarah M's profile image

sarah_marc shared a tip "Loved this show from the start! Still one of my ultimate favourites. Hate the way it ended though, such a shame."

Alexa Nelson's profile image

LexLuthor42 shared a tip "Grew up watching it, good memories, good nostalgia, good show. Crap ending"

Abraham O's profile image

abraham_o shared a tip "Has a perfect balance of drama and love that got me hooked to the characters"

nick_9980 shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite tv show and really underrated"

Lance 's profile image

LanceElyot shared a tip "Super fun!"

clay_martin shared a tip "Love it!"

Julie Wiseman's profile image

julie_wiseman shared a tip "Just the overall lightness and humor to the show and characters"

chelsea_logan_8499 shared a tip "My favorite show of all time and one of the greatest OTPs to exist on tv!"

Shane Stallman's profile image

shane_stallman shared a tip "Best show I have ever watched, a lot to binge watch and it keeps its excitement all the way through"

North Graff's profile image

north_graff shared a tip "Good plot"

Michael Na's profile image

michael_na shared a tip "Good"

Mason Kaminsky's profile image

mason_kaminsky shared a tip "Great binge show. Perfect balance of ridiculous and crime."

charles 's profile image

charles_4024 shared a tip "Cool nerdy show."

jacob_stark_6472 shared a tip "best show all time"

Chase Stager's profile image

chase_stager shared a tip "It's a good show."

kring shared a tip "My favorite series of all time. They got everything right in this show."

dustin_s shared a tip "I liked everything about this show. Loveable characters, great stories."

Sydney Kneeland's profile image

sydney_kneeland shared a tip "Zachary Levi kills this role! So funny!!"

landon_barnett shared a tip "So funny"

Corey Redding's profile image

corey_redding shared a tip "Absolutely love everything about this show"

dany_8878 shared a tip "I love everything about that serie!"

Aydah Leising's profile image

aydah_leising shared a tip "I love Zachary Levi he is adorable and my best friend gave me this show to watch and I loved it so much"

Eli Cram's profile image

eli_cram shared a tip "Amazing, I used to watch this as a kid and I wished I had his abilities !!!"

Lloyd Hanninen's profile image

lloyd_hanninen shared a tip "Absolutely loved this series!"

Mallory MacDonald's profile image

mallory_macdonald_5070 shared a tip "Laughs, love, super spy badass woman and delightfully nerdy cute sidekick. What more could they're be!?"

Amy O'Brien-Gulka's profile image

amy_obrien-gulka shared a tip "Favourite show of all time!"

sandy_d_5936 shared a tip "My favorite series ever!"

Charles Cooper's profile image

charles_cooper_3952 shared a tip "Yes! Very silly but not in a bad way and lots of great needle drops"

Danielle Johnson's profile image

danielle_johnson_9765 shared a tip "Fun adventure"

Michaela LeBaron's profile image

michaela_lebaron shared a tip "Hilarious!"

emily_b_4897 shared a tip "YES my favorite show!!!"

Jash Beau Singleton's profile image

jash_beau_singleton shared a tip "Some of the best writing I've ever watched. It's an action and drama series that's actually funny."

fontaine_pizza shared a tip "This one is great"

Elizabeth Korp's profile image

elizabeth_korp shared a tip "I would love to see what has happened with Chuck and Sarah after all these years."

Connor Pratt's profile image

connor_pratt shared a tip "Great romance with action and comedy mixed in."

shawnee_reller shared a tip "Best show ever! Comedy, adventure, romance- it has it all."

Risa Gasper's profile image

risa_gasper shared a tip "Funny"

Max Kyser's profile image

max_kyser shared a tip "Great show, Zachary Levi plays the best character!"

Kelsi Ann's profile image

kelsi_ann shared a tip "Love, love, LOVE chuck!!"

elizabeth_casey shared a tip "cute series"

C-man 's profile image

gaydrag shared a tip "The main chars are incels but I still have a crush on Sarah Walker :/"

Francisco Sanchez's profile image

cisc0 shared a tip "Chuck is a great mix of comedy and action."

Robert Salas's profile image

robert_salas_9326 shared a tip "One of the greatest shows to binge the hell out of"

Maya Eddolls's profile image

maya_eddolls shared a tip "One of the best shows my husband and I enjoyed watching together!"

Kylee Feist's profile image

kylee_feist shared a tip "Loved this show growing up!"

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