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Spoiled billionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing and presumed dead when his yacht is lost at sea. He returns five years later a changed man, determined to clean up the city as a hooded vigilante armed with a bow.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2012-10-10

Last Air Date 2020-01-28

Seasons 8

Episodes 170


TMDB 6.8


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jacob_thiessen_4693 shared a tip "They just wanted to do batman and didn't have the rights."

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MissyChaos shared a tip "Why is he wearing green?! That’s terrible stealth camouflage! #superheroes #action"

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kelli_Jean shared a tip "A favorite super hero show! A must watch."

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carissa_lovas shared a tip "Who designed this disaster?!?"

todd_w_8345 shared a tip "Overall a good series but early seasons are the best in spite of some poor production values"

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miaallz shared a tip "i used to be obsessed with this show as a kid, loved it"

josianne_leduc shared a tip "The bad gys always rent for 5 minutes and the good Guy escape. Or dies and come back to life."

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jennie_dahl shared a tip "I miss this show. Stephen Smell is the best green arrow! He was the original star of arrowverse"

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sophiechase_ shared a tip "I didn’t finish this series I felt like it dragged on for way to long"

jocelyn_barber shared a tip "It was repetitive"

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cosmicfariess shared a tip "It’s amazing!! Season 1-4 are my personal favorite. Oliver and Felicity for life !!"

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jessica_stewart_8316 shared a tip "Yes very worth it. One of my favorite."

michael_rettmueller shared a tip "It's a very awesome tv show."

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john_bowen_1312 shared a tip "The first 3 seasons were great then the show kinda fell apart"

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mikaylah_valdez shared a tip "I loved this show because of all the drama and mystery and thriller"

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gebrik_duko shared a tip "Bad writing"

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nymos shared a tip "Like every show, it had its ups and downs. This had many seasons that were downs but I still enjoyed it"

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ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "Marvel may have nailed the movies, but DC has the series on lockdown."

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dee_pratscher shared a tip "Enjoyed it but wouldnt watch again I dont think"

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carisa_haber shared a tip "Green Arrow’s life - you can’t go wrong with it."

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FletchOnFire shared a tip "Stop after season 3"

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cassidy_mac shared a tip "The first few seasons were really good, and then it sort of lost the plot"

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caralyna_webb shared a tip "Yes it is definitely worth to watch but it is a show and you may get confused but it is a great show 🙂"

landen_mitchelson shared a tip "Good through season 1,2 and 5"

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tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Good in the beginning, but towards the end seasons it all got kind of jumbled and confusing to me. Decent ending though."

sapphire_yau shared a tip "This was such a good show"

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olivia_akers shared a tip "It ended😭"

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michael_harris_2933 shared a tip "Station 11"

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emilylimberg shared a tip "the arrowverse"

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vaibhav_sherashiya shared a tip "Yes"

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elizabeth_hernandez_2737 shared a tip "Chefs kiss"

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natalie_ponce_9103 shared a tip "If watched this show over 10 times I definitely recommend"

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stacy_nally shared a tip "I'm still in the middle of the arrow shows and the other DC and I love them"

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samantha_zivolich shared a tip "For ages 15 & up"

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nina_davis_3368 shared a tip "I think my favorite episode was when him and philicity kiss for the first time!!!"

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colton_halfhide_161 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge watch!"

josanei_caldwell shared a tip "It’s definitely worth the watch"

kaitlin_cooper_5509 shared a tip "Best show ever created"

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ireniic_._art shared a tip "Interesting, fun action show"

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serifina_dawan shared a tip "Loved it! The beginning of the arrowverse"

rae_lindsay shared a tip "All of the above!"

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gregory_house shared a tip "Boring"

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jaison_playz shared a tip "Intense show also violence is involved"

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georgette_badgett shared a tip "VerY very good TV show"

alaina_6119 shared a tip "If anyone sees this; PLEASE PLEASE watch this show; it is sooooooo incredibly good!!! I’m already rewatching all of the seasons!"

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tiffany_muhammad shared a tip "The arrow ofc"

sydneee shared a tip "All of since it was suspenseful and I kept wondering what would happen next on so many episodes"

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999_blynx shared a tip "My favorite show by far check it out"

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above_and_beyond_magic shared a tip "Love it Nice"

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snorlax_the_fat shared a tip "All"

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hettie_armstrong shared a tip "Oomg my fav well all the arrowvers"

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marissa_cash shared a tip "#oliverqueen #thegreenarrow"

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captainjaq shared a tip "I have!"

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Luciferiscool shared a tip "Very Bingy and I love DC it is the perfect show."

katie_1129 shared a tip "@ellaanderson all together ? dc arrow verse? lol"

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mikro_ware shared a tip "Arrow is an incredible show(mostly the first four seasons). We actually met him and his cousin at a comicon in 2015."

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tonya_hsvrane shared a tip "Awesome"

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ibn___almadhaji shared a tip "G"

annabelle_7034 shared a tip "Most amazing show in the world!!!!!!!"

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alicia_lyman shared a tip "Wow that's impossible to choose! You?"

lisa_smith_4286 shared a tip "A little darker than Flash but equally as good."

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kareena_sippy shared a tip "Definitely Oliver Queen and Roy Harper"

keely57 shared a tip "I haven't watched the ending yet. Did you like the ending?"

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brooke_taylor_7015 shared a tip "season 5 episode 23- Lian Yu"

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robert_haas shared a tip "Not off the top of my head no but I enjoy shows such as this"

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sabrina_majchrzak shared a tip "Not really they are all good."

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tanasiah_harris shared a tip "Loved it if u like action and a little bit of romance an suspense.this is for u watch it and if u like superheros"

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maria_velazquez_6075 shared a tip "Action fits hero drama"

haydee_aguilera shared a tip "Love the show i still watch it and if you love arrow you would love flash or supergirl#justsaying"

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sofia_miller_5397 shared a tip "It’s cool"

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BikoQue shared a tip "Great show"

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sunflowerbaby19 shared a tip "I liked the show for the most part. I just didn't like the multiple girlfriends he had."

Colby-Anglin shared a tip "I love this show!!!!!!!!!"

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jeffrey_george shared a tip "There are some great seasons and not so good season. But still a amazing show that started a franchise"

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trinity_king_830 shared a tip "I love all things comic related"

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em_2682 shared a tip "Honestly any show in the arrow verse is great, just Google “arrow verse” and it’ll give you the show list :("

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em_2682 shared a tip ":)*"

sarah_nordin shared a tip "This show or the walking dead"

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DramaLibra shared a tip "same as all other dc/cw shows it started out really good but then lost interest"

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josh_wilkins shared a tip "Recowarn here: the first two seasons are really good! The third season is okay. Just STOP after that. It just get's worse"

alvaro_3084 shared a tip "The development of the main character is pretty good, and the action in the scenes of course"

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noah_colon shared a tip "Bring a snack when watching this it's going to get intresting"

emma_9889 shared a tip "Good show I think it had a lot of violence but it was good it had drama and even a little romance"

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casandra_holbrook shared a tip "Probably Sara Lance or Thea for girls Oliver for guys"

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casandra_holbrook shared a tip "What about you"

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gia_maria shared a tip "The first one"

daniel_carrenard shared a tip "It’s ok kinda goes downhill after awhile but all around it’s a good show"

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way_doh shared a tip "Can't watch"

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emily_allison_2639 shared a tip "I loved it! It was very suspenseful! It always had me on the edge of my seat."

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lesley_caamano_brio shared a tip "I have not finished this show but my brother already finished it and said it’s really good but over all we’re I am it’s good"

clara_1580 shared a tip "So interesting"

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jade_jones_5623 shared a tip "In love and will forever be deserved a better last season but iconic @"

nyzaire_smith shared a tip "It’s a good show to watch to escape from the real world"

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morgan_bressette shared a tip "This show is AMAZING! I have watched all the DC comic shows but this was one of my favorites"

abel_seare shared a tip "Fun"

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dynamite_boy shared a tip "Amazing for people who like drama, crime, mystery and action"

jacob_kozak shared a tip "It has crosover episodes with the flash"

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cory_brady shared a tip "Its awesome"

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tracy_hamlet shared a tip "There are a few that i really like, but not any favorite"

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ultraneros shared a tip "Definitely!"

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anthony_haley_jr shared a tip "It was the one who started and it ended nice plus this was batman with an arrow as a main weapon"

awesome_user_781806 shared a tip "Very productive and lots of action"

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kristina_noyes shared a tip "Loved the first few seasons but was really disappointed when they brought "super powers" into it"

marieirene_rodgers_ shared a tip "It was an awesome show"

amelia_williams shared a tip "Super good"

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madeline_4707 shared a tip "I love this but its only on american netflix not Canadian 😭😭 so i never got to see the last season"

awesome_user_399122 shared a tip "I think it is worth it it can be boring sometimes but it is worth those parts in my opinion"

johnathan_dansereau shared a tip "J adore cette serie et flash aussi ses vraiment bon"

tawnya_israel shared a tip "Liked the first three seasons then lost interest."

siddika_degia shared a tip "It's good until like the 4th season and then kinda has its up and down moments"

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nova_echevarria shared a tip "Good series but trowerds end it got sad and I got bored of series ugh"