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When Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life, he discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identiti

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2022-03-30

Last Air Date 2022-05-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 8.146


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sonia_barajas shared a tip "Just couldn't get into it."

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rurubyby shared a tip "❤😂❤ So much yes. Funny and fantastic and Oscar Isaac is a gift. Absolutely must watch!"

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tacorei_brown shared a tip "EP 1: This episode was so good, Steven deserves all the love and support 💕"

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parham_t shared a tip "Marvel and their obsession over DID XD"

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_m_c_._e_x_e_ shared a tip "🤌🏽"

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sonia_burton shared a tip "Awesome show, there should be a regular series or movie…Awesome!!! #action_and_adventure #action_packed #action"

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danielle_henry_6987 shared a tip "Super trippy!"

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adrianthemermaid shared a tip "Warning: abuse"

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kyle_movies_123 shared a tip "💯 recommend if anyone likes a really good, suspenseful tale on a Marvel series."

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stacy_park shared a tip "Another great show brought to you by the Disney plus catalogue. It was entertaining, I wish it had been longer."

melly_loveee shared a tip "So far so good the show is interesting and definitely worth checking out."

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ximena_pacheco shared a tip "It’s visually beautiful. 🎥"

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shahin_kabir shared a tip "I haven’t seen Moon Knight so don’t spoil it for me."

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fierrochase_forever shared a tip "How are you guys feeling about this show so far?"

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liam_richey shared a tip "Sorry I'm late to this question, but I'd highly recommend doom patrol on HBO max!!"

james_h_4571 shared a tip "Good so far! I would like to see where it goes from here. Nice mythology show!"

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hunteri_heroici shared a tip "so gripping and downright creepy"

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linzi_hayes shared a tip "Yes I loved it so worth it but the episodes are a hour long."

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jasmine_ramos_5878 shared a tip "Yes, it definitely is!!"

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ema_ward shared a tip "God I love this series"

rosesread shared a tip "Visuals, writing, and acting are all phenomenal. Some minor flaws but worth the hype."

abby_881 shared a tip "I can’t believe there’s three of them now, the finale was amazing"

Brynna Schiller's profile image

brynna_schiller shared a tip "I need to see more of this actor. He has a talent that many more known actors lack."

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brian_ferguson_2512 shared a tip "Hard to follow. Not familiar with the comic."

Sam Pamenter's profile image

sam_pamenter shared a tip "Definitely up there with wandavision and Hawkeye for mcu TV shows for me"

Laural ROBIN's profile image

laural_robin shared a tip "One of the best shows Marvel has out! Great comedy and loveable characters!"

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pen.and.paper shared a tip "Ikr! Cant wait to watch the new episode"

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emily.laurie shared a tip "Such a good show! My jaw was on the floor half the time watching it. It’s so weird yet so good all at the same time."

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kay_ninalee shared a tip "I was pleasantly surprised with this show. Can't wait for next season."

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waffleshelby shared a tip "That finale though!! ✋😔👌"

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tito_oyewo shared a tip "Such a great eye opening show can’t wait for the next season"

sarah_7471 shared a tip "Yes definitely"

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dailyvibez shared a tip "MY BOI OSCAR ISAAC 🔥🔥"

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evolved44 shared a tip "So far so good! I'm enjoying the show!"

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chrisleidy_booklover shared a tip "DEFINITELY A YES TO THIS, Mocnknight it's very good, and the twist behind it's interesting 👍 recommend, it's on Disney ➕"

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ganson_mackey shared a tip "It’s awesome👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾"

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sr_9776 shared a tip "good a** show"

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jahmeelay_germinal shared a tip "Incredible amazing show stopping"

venetia_winford shared a tip "This show is amazing I give it a 10 out of 10"

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paige_s_7719 shared a tip "i loveddd this show!!"

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dre.1992 shared a tip "@isaiah_vanderveur have you guys watched this"

zahra_darwish shared a tip "LOOOOOOOVEEEEE"

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scott_kerley shared a tip "There have only been two episodes so far but in my opinion yes, there great action and comedy and a great story so far."

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yikes_haley shared a tip "im not really into marvel but god this show is addictive"

paige_6625 shared a tip "A cinematic masterpiece."

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its_SlothMode7 shared a tip "Had no idea what was happening until that last episode, now I just want more! 🌙"

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simply_me shared a tip "I feel bad for Steven"

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ozzie__9038 shared a tip "only 2 episodes and im hooked i cant wait for the rest of the episode it’s worth it to watch"

ivan_bumpus shared a tip "Yeah It’s pretty good so far"

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karlee_mccullah shared a tip "It’s absolutely amazing, full of mystery and suspense. It’s one of those shows that have you hooked on the first episode."

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sadiq_salah shared a tip "Watched the first two episodes. This series is epic everyone! This app is 🔥🔥🔥."

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bella_dowd shared a tip "STUNNING. YES. PLEASE WATCH."

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eddeja_watts shared a tip "Soooooooo worth it 👌"

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_Jackson_ shared a tip "One of the best things marvel has put out"

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isabella_flecha shared a tip "I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS SHOW"

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rachel_slisher shared a tip "Great to see Marvel show a character who struggles with his mental illness."

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silvana_reyes_5420 shared a tip "The whole theme is just amazing."

crewe 's profile image

crewskie shared a tip "my fav marvel show so far!! oscar did a wonderful job as always. i really appreciate his portrayal of steven’s autism!"

ashley_8108 shared a tip "Best series of a Marvel character in a long time!!!"

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ash_the.loser shared a tip "this show was AMAZING... can we talk about Oscar Isaac tho!!??"

Shaheera Shahaana's profile image

shaheera_shahaana shared a tip "Way better than expected !! Ties in with Egyptian mythology too"

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witch_marie shared a tip "Loved it, good concept and done very well"

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ava_devei shared a tip "This show is so gooodddda a ababababana a"

luke_linares shared a tip "Good show 👍"

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mintchocolate shared a tip "great first episode!"

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the_victoria05 shared a tip "Can’t wait to see the next episode next week😩🤌🏽"

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sahar_awan shared a tip "It’s actually really good. Visually pleasing and it’s actually quite interesting."

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josh_cross_6926 shared a tip "Way better than I expected."

chris_smalley_6328 shared a tip "Love it so far!!"

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bill_the_illuminati shared a tip "Yes very worth it"

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kamri_rose_ortiz shared a tip "i LOVE this show. 10/10"

cara_fillmore shared a tip "Marvel!"

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aristotle_wilkinson shared a tip "adore this"

jacob_3249 shared a tip "Love this show so much"

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the_void_3784 shared a tip "It's worth it if you like marvel. It's different and doesn't have many connections the greater mcu."

bianca_rojas_2317 shared a tip "Have you seen Wanda Vision?"

albert_wolf shared a tip "1.23 $"

albert_wolf shared a tip "0.00 $"

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vanessa_monico shared a tip "I kinda wanna watch this now."

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shutupityby shared a tip "Marvel gets ******* wierd."

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alex_durling shared a tip "Great show"

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zain_ahmed_1805 shared a tip "Oscar lsaac you are amaziiiiiing"

kate_feller shared a tip "A pure delight, I highly recommend"

Beth Liddiard's profile image

beth_liddiard shared a tip "This show has lots of adventure and action. It is a nice pace change from other Marvel shows from the past."

mike_voth shared a tip "The real villain is the waiter. Orders him the fillet and the has it cooked well done! What a monster!"

Ioana Kutuzova's profile image

ioana_kutuzova shared a tip "AMAZING 🤩"

Sunghickory39 's profile image

sunghickory39 shared a tip "I love the show"

Amy Tilley's profile image

amy_tilley shared a tip "Unusual and gripping storyline. Excellent acting and quite suspenseful."

amal_surani shared a tip "My love and interest for this show is grand. It’s so cool. The music is definitely not one of the positives of this show."

Travis Allen's profile image

travis_allen_454 shared a tip "Love the show so far. Never read the comics (will be, after this), but I’m certainly intrigued."

Margaret Threewitt's profile image

margaret_threewitt shared a tip "I love the representation and the unique perspective that the audience has on such a enthralling series!🪲🌙⚖🌾🫀"

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martin_allen shared a tip "Superb acting"

Aplonia Beshay's profile image

aplonia_beshay shared a tip "It was beautiful, authentic Egyptian culture, and the mental health issue was well represented."

elena_187 shared a tip "I love this series so much"

Sydni 's profile image

hotmessexpress shared a tip "BEST marvel creation. Hands down."

kimberly_jeanne shared a tip "Amazing"

Samantha Dellenbach's profile image

samantha_dellenbach shared a tip "Great series. The fifth episode is one of the best episodes in all of television. Can’t wait for more."

jaimee_banks shared a tip "Loved it"

josianne_b. shared a tip "Weird"

artmonkey shared a tip "It was a very introspective thriller."

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anna_lucy shared a tip "Brilliant and entertaining"

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erickamelanie shared a tip "This was amazing! Every episode just got better and better! #HighlyRecommended #Awesome"

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brian_dubose shared a tip "Moon Knight is the greatest show I ever seen."

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