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Pulled to the far side of the galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at maximum warp speed, a Starfleet ship must cooperate with Maquis rebels to find a way home.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 1995-01-16

Last Air Date 2001-05-23

Seasons 7

Episodes 172


TMDB 7.9


sage_deforest shared a tip "terrible characters. horrible unethical captain. ridiculous plot lines. the worst of the old "real" star treks"

Fred Parker's profile image

fred_parker_761 shared a tip "Loved this series too. The eternal ensign Kim :-)"

Regina Simmons's profile image

regina_simmons shared a tip "One of my favorite re-watch shows."

Joshua Chit Tun's profile image

joshua_chit_tun shared a tip "Often would watch this to relax, to let my mind escape, and overtime the characters grew on me."

awesome_user_841767 's profile image

chris_gross_3802 shared a tip "Surprisingly engaging!"

jesse_kennedy_5219 shared a tip "Fantastic cast and story!"

Mario Beauchesne's profile image

mario_beauchesne shared a tip "All"

Melanoid Markus's profile image

melanoid_markus shared a tip "Love Voyager and DS9"

Jeffrey koenigsberg's profile image

jeffrey_koenigsberg shared a tip "Got to keep exploring"

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ron_2762 shared a tip "Jane the captain!!"

Kim Abery-Lyman's profile image

kim_abery-lyman shared a tip "Loved it"

matthew_emmett shared a tip "Definetly!"

gary_munn shared a tip "Star Trek forever!!!"

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joey_reynoso shared a tip "Yes"

Christine Abbate's profile image

christine_abbate shared a tip "Voyager is one of my favorites! I've re-watched the series 2 or 3 times"

Heather Ramsey's profile image

heather_ramsey shared a tip "One of my favorite shows that I watch over and over again"

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grace_bolton shared a tip "Amazing. One of my favorite star treks. You can’t help but love Captain Janeway"

kin_334 shared a tip "It has more of an overarching plot than a lot of other Star Trek shows. Some people like it that way, myself included!"

Shutupityby 's profile image

shutupityby shared a tip "Its not the worst Star Trek show."

jason_busch shared a tip "Great story arc and great adversaries to face. Who doesn’t love Seven of Nine?!"

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amna_durrani shared a tip "The emergency medical hologram."

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krista_butler shared a tip "Love!"

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seana_allen shared a tip "I have all the series I really like seven of nine in Captain Janeway."

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molly_hicks_2211 shared a tip "I think so! I watched it when it was on-air and then binge watch it every couple years."

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