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Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2005-08-29

Last Air Date 2017-05-30

Seasons 5

Episodes 88


TMDB 8.1


Guide2Free 's profile image

guide2free shared a tip "😍 teabag"

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alan_sherin shared a tip "Outstanding series. Those tattoos!"

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khari_ty_hardin shared a tip "Great show! Watching the new season now"

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asydic_alkalion shared a tip "Peaks in its first season"

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holley_rilko shared a tip "Great show!"

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leanne_gray shared a tip "Great show!! great casting!!"

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kiran_mascarenhas shared a tip "Wentworth Miller is beautiful."

cassidy_chandanais shared a tip "I rewatched this in 2020 and it’s still so good!! Love love love it!"

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massimo_soriano shared a tip "First and 2nd seasons are the best"

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jennie_dahl shared a tip "This was one of my favorite shows when it on! #drama #romance #prisonbreak"

lori_6993 shared a tip "Love prison break watched it years ago. Lots of episodes so thats nice. May take a few episodes to get in too."

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joseph_b_9569 shared a tip "Solid show 8/10"

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jasmine_verma shared a tip "One of my favsss. It’s a must watch!!"

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megan_banyasz shared a tip "Funny you say because I had a really hard time finishing the last seasons"

Anakin Sky Walker's profile image

anakin_sky_walker shared a tip "This is one of TV's best television series"

bridget_klassen shared a tip "1st season is solid, suspenseful tv with actual stakes, but I hear it goes downhill from there."

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colton_p shared a tip "Ooo that is a hard question 😆 which is your favorite?"

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jared_miller_9378 shared a tip "Great till they escape then it gets boring"

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gabrielle_hughes_1900 shared a tip "One of my favorites!"

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diana_morales_1742 shared a tip "OMG a must see..very addictive"

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lizbeth_agapito shared a tip "Ultimate favorite Tv show. You’ll be hooked once you watch it!"

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selena_lafleur shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW❤️❤️"

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pao shared a tip "I never finished and never cared to; I hope y’all do though"

rohan_varshney shared a tip "Mahone I think"

jeannine_kirby shared a tip "My first binge :)"

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tyler_ferguson shared a tip "Great show for people that love shows that require the protagonists to think"

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chris_simione shared a tip "First season is really well thought out. It’s hit or miss after that"

amelia_767 shared a tip "love the characters, acting, and much I got a tattoo :)"

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amy_roberts_2864 shared a tip "They drug it out too long imo, but that's pretty common these days! Still a great show!"

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shelley_fink shared a tip "It was ok, you?"

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heather_leigh_6908 shared a tip "Linc, for sure!"

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chris_joe shared a tip "Well made tv show#suspense #crime #prisonbreak @@@"

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50sumthing shared a tip "Rivetting"

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leander_cooper shared a tip "Hate the way it ended then came back worse then ended but was a good show"

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amy_lippert_9500 shared a tip "All around amazing show, just trust me it’s worth a watch"

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varvara_pok shared a tip "Amazing show"

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rogerfederer shared a tip "[Source:]"

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adrian_delossantos shared a tip "🔥💯"

rob_smith_1423 shared a tip "1st season was by far the best! By the 3rd season, it was getting a bit ridiculous."

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sophie_grannell shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️❤️"

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deleted_user_1603079818355 shared a tip "The best drama I’ve watched!!"

bella_thompson_8406 shared a tip "I can’t really pick I am in love with this show. I started a few weeks ago and I am on the last season"

malcolm_kemp shared a tip "@christian_coleman_8081"

cathy_wells_7528 shared a tip "Hi there! Its been years since I've seen this show, can't recall a specific episode right now, but man I was so obsessed with it"

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cmrobus shared a tip "I still need to see the new Netflix one."

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or_bendrimer shared a tip "The one where they finally break into scylla"

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or_bendrimer shared a tip "Can't get enough"

christy_lanham shared a tip "You never know what to expect"

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ramin_ahmad shared a tip "Action"

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l_l_6078 shared a tip "💯"

holly_keeling shared a tip "Story line. Characters. Great show. Binge worthy"

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eliza_richards shared a tip "I love this show! I actually was rewatching it for the second time when I added this to my list."

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paige_h_2163 shared a tip "Absolutely loved it#crime"

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