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UK Comedy series about two I.T. nerds and their clueless female manager, who work in the basement of a very successful company. When they are called on for help, they are never treated with any respect at all.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2006-02-03

Last Air Date 2010-07-30

Seasons 4

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.1


cyber_auron shared a tip "Hit and miss episodes, but definetly worth a watch"

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oddlyminty shared a tip "We never tire of this series! Absolutely hilarious. Fave episode: Work Outing"

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robert_watkins_2098 shared a tip "Hilarious British comedy"

kim_hasty shared a tip "I really liked it."

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mcwpcs shared a tip "Funny as hell"

Don Derkis's profile image

donderkis shared a tip "Oh I love this show!"

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donderkis shared a tip "Best comedy! If you are a nerd or love a nerd, you will love it!"

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lisa_9088 shared a tip "Great office-based Britcom based in the IT world, which I worked. So many fun (and kinda spot-on) things about this show."

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hector2184 shared a tip "Loved it from the first episode"

Jacob Clauson's profile image

jacob_clauson shared a tip "There's a bunch of awesome episodes. My favorite is called the work outing."

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jeff_teuton shared a tip "One of the best geek sitcoms ever."

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marc_doria shared a tip "Hilarious and British"

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ian_a shared a tip "Hilarious"

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danielsan shared a tip "Just a proper laugh"

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rock_allen_5235 shared a tip "Really funny show. Favorite episode is season 4 episode 4"

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jeri_williams shared a tip "Quirky and different."

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creative_perez shared a tip "FUNNY!!! WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY."

Globetrotter 1968's profile image

globetrotter_1968 shared a tip "Hilarious! If you love British humor this is a must!#comedy"

Ruby Wyatt's profile image

ruby_wyatt shared a tip "Its the kind of funny that grows on you. Peak workplace comedy!"

ben_russak shared a tip "Wacky British comedy at it’s best."

joanne haberlin's profile image

joanne_haberlin shared a tip "This is my I need a laugh show. I will rewatch it always"

Naomi Burbidge's profile image

naomi_burbidge shared a tip "This is one of the best shows out there for comedy. Better then the office both the UK and USA versions."

Yvel Laurent's profile image

yvel_laurent shared a tip "Just amazing."

Fannie Fullenweider's profile image

fannie_fullenweider shared a tip "Mmmm...the DND episode lol 😂"

caitlin_shea shared a tip "Best of British comedy!"

Jason Hintz's profile image

jason_hintz shared a tip "Great comedy actors."

callan_ shared a tip "It'll turn you on and off again."

Amina Maissa Demaghlatrous's profile image

amina_maissa_demaghlatrous shared a tip "One of the funniest shows out there, if you’re into uncensored british humor this is the show for you"

Christine Delano's profile image

christine_delano shared a tip "One of the funniest shows ever."

Travis Cox's profile image

travis_cox shared a tip "The best Britcom!"

Travis Cox's profile image

travis_cox shared a tip "The best Britcom!"

Derrick Early's profile image

derrick_early shared a tip "All of them really but it definitely gets better in season 2"

Sharon Hall's profile image

sharon_hall_7148 shared a tip "So funny! Hubby and I enjoyed this so much you don't have to be in IT to enjoy but if are it makes it even funnier!"

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cat_crawford shared a tip "This show is wonderfully funny."

Fraser Shaw's profile image

fraser_shaw shared a tip "Moss"

Owena Corey's profile image

owena_corey shared a tip "Love it. The members of the IT crew are each very eccentric and unique. This show is different from the usual fake funny show."

Mohamed Sharmarke's profile image

megamoe shared a tip "Perfect British workplace sitcom"

Elliott Crookedneck's profile image

elliott_crookedneck shared a tip "Love this show, miss it."

Timothy J Kilbride's profile image

timothy_j_kilbride shared a tip "A must watch"

Kareem Sakirudeen's profile image

kareem_sakirudeen shared a tip "GooD"

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eli_alva_5007 shared a tip "Love this show!"

Yusuf Yusuf's profile image

yusuf_yusuf shared a tip "This British Comedy set in an IT department is one of the best and funniest things ive seen in british comedy!"

Joanne 's profile image

joanne_5826 shared a tip "British humor at its best! Totally hilarious."

Cori Ball's profile image

cori_ball shared a tip "It's a great show to binge watch! Cringe comedy at some points but it works!"

Maggie Haury's profile image

maggie_haury shared a tip "Lots of non-sequitur humor. Witty and pretty fast-paced, with all the capers and slapstick you expect from a sitcom."

Stacy Heller's profile image

stacy_heller shared a tip "Funny"

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "Its so funny. Need more shows with this type of humor"

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "Would like if they had more seasons. So funny"

katie_praetsch shared a tip "Hilarious"

Rick Wingfield's profile image

rick_wingfield shared a tip "Binge watched this 4 times in a row."

Travis Ellis's profile image

travis_ellis shared a tip "A classic"

Nadja 's profile image

Nadja_144 shared a tip "Another show I watched more than once and laughed every time! Give it a chance. Have you tried turning it off and on again?"

diane_pearl shared a tip "Incredibly funny!"

Christian Broughton's profile image

christian_broughton shared a tip "Binge worthy British comedy."

Miguel Cruz's profile image

miguel_cruz_4289 shared a tip "Silly and funny. Endearing and smart."

Marissa Abbott's profile image

marissa_abbott shared a tip "One of the funniest shows of all time."

Andrew Palmisano's profile image

andrew_palmisano shared a tip "Try turning it off and then back on."

Jen V-s's profile image

jen_v-s shared a tip "If you are a fan of British humor, yes!"

Tasha Morrison's profile image

tasha_morrison shared a tip "One of the great Britcoms!"

ian_thomas shared a tip "**** yeah it is"

jessica_roy shared a tip "One of my favorites"

Christopher Gore's profile image

christopher_gore shared a tip "Hilarious if you like British Humor."

micaiah_boyea shared a tip "Such a funny show. Lovable characters and it’s so quirky and light. Just a pleasure to watch."

colin_sikon shared a tip "Hilarious"

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amanda_kc shared a tip "Insane hilarious"

Sarah Blackwell's profile image

serahphi shared a tip "Amazing cast amazing writers."

John M.'s profile image

john_608 shared a tip "It’s a really funny British comedy."

Stevan Herpst's profile image

stevan_herpst shared a tip "Hilarious Brit-com!"

carrie_croson shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

Magicshadow Ace's profile image

magicshadow_ace shared a tip "Dork"

Joshua Wilkinson's profile image

joshua_wilkinson shared a tip "Love this show it's very funny"

Megan Tomkiel's profile image

megan_tomkiel shared a tip "Quirky dry British comedy"

Alex Moore's profile image

alex_moore_645 shared a tip "Accurate depiction of what it's like to work in IT."

Jay DC's profile image

jay_dc shared a tip "This show is hilariously addictive. First couple of seasons are outstanding."

kate_sherwood shared a tip "A must see classic British comedy! There will be catch phrases!"

MEM 's profile image

mem shared a tip "Its not for everyone, but i found it hilarious!"

catherine_sabourin shared a tip "Very funny unassuming and underated"

grecia_benitez shared a tip "Absolutely my favorite show!!!"

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emma_rose_7633 shared a tip "I wish there were more episodes! Ive rewatched this dozens of times."

zella_collins shared a tip "It was cute, i like it #drama #romance #comedy"

Yadira Mendez's profile image

yadira_mendez shared a tip "Silly and quirky but that's what makes this show good"

Laura Birkofer's profile image

laura_birkofer shared a tip "I feel like if you liked Parks and Rec you may like this"

Alicia Donovan's profile image

alicia_donovan shared a tip "One of my favorite comedies of all time."

Mrs. comiccollector's profile image

mrs._comiccollector shared a tip "So funny have re-watched this a few times"

jack porter's profile image

jack_porter_2544 shared a tip "It is one of the funniest show ever, a must watch!!"

Stephanie Schmidt's profile image

stephanie_schmidt_7512 shared a tip "Richmond is my favorite."

Leanna Headley's profile image

leanna_headley shared a tip "I find the friendship between the two guys and their female boss hilarious at times."

Stingrays Love Irwin's profile image

stingrays_love_irwin shared a tip "This show is hilarious! You don't even have to be a computer nerd to get a lot.of the jokes!"

Laremy Legel's profile image

laremy_legel shared a tip "Quirky comedy that highlights absurdity."

Cassie Smith's profile image

cassie_smith_9692 shared a tip "One of my favorite British comedy tv shows!"

Kyle Trojan Murphy's profile image

kyle_trojan_murphy shared a tip "Off the wall wacky British fun"

Jeffery Davenport's profile image

jeffery_davenport shared a tip "One of the funniest shows I have ever seen."

its_boi shared a tip "This is definitely one of my favorite shows. The more I watch it the funnier it gets."

AbeKatie Carlsruh's profile image

abekatie_carlsruh shared a tip "One of my favorite comedy sitcoms. Have watched every episode 4 times over at least."

Charles Torrez's profile image

charles_torrez shared a tip "Jen broke the internet"

Jeremy Hilden's profile image

jeremy_hilden shared a tip "It's funny, but tends to get pretty dumb, too"

Stella Jones's profile image

stella_jones_4065 shared a tip "Richard Ayoade. Not much else to say about it."

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