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Bob's Burgers follows a third-generation restaurateur, Bob, as he runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob and his quirky family have big ideas about burgers, but fall short on service and sophistication. Despite the greasy counters, lousy location and a dearth of custo

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2011-01-09

Last Air Date 2021-05-23

Seasons 12

Episodes 217


TMDB 7.9


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tamara_baskin shared a tip "Hilarious"

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alan_sherin shared a tip "Great voice cast."

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shannon_grigsby shared a tip "Loooove!!!!"

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jason_nuciola shared a tip "I love this show so much"

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taneka_ansley shared a tip "Bob"

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elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Like the series"

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regina1026 shared a tip "A fun show. I love the flawed characters and the family togetherness it has."

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woeb0t shared a tip "This is my favorite cartoon. It has become my comfort show over the years and now I go to sleep to it every night."

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donovan__bradshaw shared a tip "No matter if im happy or sad, "Bob's Burgers" makes me feel better!!!"

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jennifer_schindler shared a tip "Quite honestly my favorite cartoon family anymore. So relatable and wholesome. And just hilarious!"

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robert_lopez_5898 shared a tip "It's good. Pretty entertaining but not spectacular."

michelle_5481 shared a tip "Very humourous and entertaining feel good show. Love all the characters"

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megan_brennan_4318 shared a tip "I think so, it is very funny and quotable."

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maddox_lauture shared a tip "Yes, it is comedy gold"

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j_servin shared a tip "Absolutely"

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amin_hussein shared a tip "This show is very funny, I would also recommend the FX show Archer, voiced by the same actor in Bob’s Burgers."

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poesyjay shared a tip "This is my go to “don’t have to think” show. Puts me to bed too! In a good way"

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lis_rt shared a tip "I rewatch this when my mood is low."

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jennifer_sied shared a tip "Such a funny show. Everyone in my family loves it."

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sunf1tch shared a tip "Love. It."

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temple_heaven shared a tip "Oh yeah, it's quirky and funny and very light. I love this show. 😀"

zamay_flores shared a tip "I just finished watching Resident Alien series. It got me laughing so I kinda like it right now."

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courtney_cannon shared a tip "Favorite show! Tina is to die for"

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WarDawg shared a tip "If you don't find this show funny I don't want to know you.."

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evelyn_gray shared a tip "Yeah, it’s wild isn’t it? And like all of them are of similar quality."

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leeanne_kmetetz shared a tip "Hilarious stuff"

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peyton_clayborn shared a tip "Amazing show! Always entertaining! #comedy"

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unknown_3294 shared a tip "Pretty average adult animated comedy. It was entertaining for a short time."

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danielsan shared a tip "Soo good! Hilarious while not being to complex"