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The adventures of a late-20th-century New York City pizza delivery boy, Philip J. Fry, who, after being unwittingly cryogenically frozen for one thousand years, finds employment at Planet Express, an interplanetary delivery company in the retro-futuristic 31st century.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 1999-03-28

Last Air Date 2013-09-04

Seasons 7

Episodes 124


TMDB 8.4


Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "So good!"

Elizabeth Sanders's profile image

elizabeth_sanders_5655 shared a tip "Love this show have been watching it since it came on"

yana sebastian's profile image

yana_sebastian shared a tip "good"

Beatriz Noé 's profile image

beatriz_no shared a tip "Funny . Clever. Complex."

Jacob Gordon's profile image

jacob_gordon_5316 shared a tip "It's great, never gets old."

Jess Halter's profile image

jess_halter shared a tip "If you like The Simpsons then yes. I like it any way. American Dad is funnier to me though."

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gavlord shared a tip "best animated show"

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stephen_eastman shared a tip "Absolutely"

Miguel Graham's profile image

miguel_graham_1931 shared a tip "Cool"

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a_4611 shared a tip "This is probably one of the most bingeable shows out there. I hope you enjoy :)"

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kendall_malone shared a tip "Right up a sci fi fan's alley."

Kissy Nuggett's profile image

kissy_nuggett shared a tip "Long live YIVO!"

Quinn Prinz's profile image

quinn_prinz shared a tip "It's fun in the background"

Nikki Mccoy's profile image

nikki_mccoy_1517 shared a tip "This is a classic and great show to binge watch."

andrew_newsome shared a tip "yes! begining to end"

Nite Owl's profile image

nite_owl shared a tip "South park definitely."

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jon_sharpe shared a tip "Why are so many bots on this app?"

Torrie the tornado's profile image

torrie_the_tornado shared a tip "Highly recommend very funny"

olivia_morris_1898 shared a tip "This is good to watch if you just wanna kick back and relax with your friends"

CocoBein shared a tip "Disenchantment by the same creator is great too!"

kailash_viswanathan shared a tip "Raw Comedy"

MILK MAN's profile image

milk_man shared a tip "Funny and unique"

Trace Anderson's profile image

trace_anderson shared a tip "Truly phenomenal!!!!"

K Insalaco's profile image

k_insalaco shared a tip "Yes! It's a great classic comedy show!"

Sharona Rosnik's profile image

sharona_rosnik shared a tip "It has some crude humor and relatable characters so I really liked it. Give it a go 🚀!"

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sandra_jimenez_7734 shared a tip "On Hulu the show Genius is good"

Abby Dossett's profile image

abby_dossett shared a tip "It's hilarious! A must watch for sure!"

Skyler Murphy's profile image

skyler_murphy shared a tip "It has really stupid humor, but I like it :)"

kitty ler derp's profile image

kitty_ler_derp shared a tip "Yeah, I remember really enjoying the show and still enjoying them. Especially the older seasons."

maddie_hatter shared a tip "I recently watched Daria and liked it as well. Lots of dry humor and fun 90s references. :)"

Madalynn Blacksmith's profile image

madalynn_blacksmith shared a tip "Loved it. It’s a great comfort show I watch whenever I can."

jenn_4918 shared a tip "If you like dorky animation, yes. It's good for not having to think too much."

Jakeline Howard's profile image

jakeline_howard shared a tip "The Handmaids Tale! lots of mature content but definitely a good show"

Mic Ah's profile image

mic_ah shared a tip "If you like the Simpsons, you'll like it."

emily_koval shared a tip "Yes definitely"

emily_koval shared a tip "Yes definitely"

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big_man_8138 shared a tip "Kinda but not really."

Jimmy G's profile image

jimmy_g_9305 shared a tip "Your gonna love It! Me and my family loved "bobs burgers" if you haven't seen it you should check it out!"

Mandy Baker's profile image

mandy_baker shared a tip "Definitely!"

madison_3362 shared a tip "Yes it’s really good I loved it. If you like American dad and Rick and morty than it’s for you."

Mavis Bell's profile image

mavis_bell shared a tip "I haven't seen it it yet that why it's on my list"

laura_andrews_8714 shared a tip "My sister and I have binged this twice now."

Sierra Ramirez's profile image

sierra_ramirez_8358 shared a tip "It definitely is. It’s a dumb-smart show. Some people who worked on had PHDs and other credentials for science and language."

Amanda Dunaway's profile image

amanda_dunaway shared a tip "I do too. Most definatly my fav is Bender."

Dylan Carpenter's profile image

dylan_carpenter shared a tip "Smart writing, great gags and callbacks, and characters with more growth than you'd expect in a cartoon. 13/10."

Your Average cuber's profile image

your_average_cuber shared a tip "Fry or Bender"

Tiana Kirk's profile image

tiana_kirk shared a tip "Nice back to the future MA cartoon@hana_jones"

Chelsea Rhonda's profile image

chelsea_rhonda shared a tip "Gotta say bender. Lol"

Lori Edwards's profile image

lori_edwards_7781 shared a tip "Fry 😂"

scott_adams_6409 shared a tip "I loved this show. It is kind of like the Simpsons but so much better."

Sherika Williams's profile image

sherika_williams_9832 shared a tip "Disenchantment on Netflix is good! Reminds me a lot of futurama"

isaac_hernandez_4062 shared a tip "It’s good not sure if they still made more shows they made more before lol"

Shannon Barnes's profile image

shannon_barnes shared a tip "This recommendation was added in error. Unfortunately this platform doesn’t allow entries to be deleted."

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ddubbleyoo shared a tip "The slurm factory one!"

Savannah Sharpe-gosselin's profile image

savannah_sharpe-gos shared a tip "fry! :)"

Mike Coxhary's profile image

mike_coxhary shared a tip "bender"

saige_2365 shared a tip "Sorry nvm probably bender!"

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stephanie_jones_1381 shared a tip "Its funny"

Z’Choya Haley's profile image

zchoya_haley shared a tip "Because it is very funny"

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elizabeth_stoneburn shared a tip "So funny and great to binge!"

pixieria wolfe's profile image

pixieria_wolfe shared a tip "I even play the mobile game"

Lindsey LeVeque's profile image

lindsey_leveque shared a tip "Lela! Badass chick who kicks ass and takes names!"

Grace Alderson's profile image

grace_alderson shared a tip "All of them, watched it thousands of times!"

vard3434 .'s profile image

vard3434_. shared a tip "Watch all the seqson 4 times through. Keep going back every year to rewatch them all."

matthew page's profile image

matthew_page_6504 shared a tip "Everyone loves some bender, but why not zoidberg maybe??"

Joshua Gortva's profile image

Josh_Osh_Kosh shared a tip "Funny adult cartoon, different because it has a plot when most don’t"

Danny C's profile image

danny_c shared a tip "The kind of show you can watch again and never get bored of."

baaakkkaaa_ shared a tip "Witty, funny as hell"

Michelle Bazzoni's profile image

michelle_bazzoni shared a tip "Funny, witty, clever, original"

nesa shared a tip "I’m starting to watch Rick and Morty, I think that’s a pretty funny show"

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nikki_michael_6024 shared a tip "My all time favourite show!"

Oumeima-Arij Ben Fredj's profile image

oumeima-arij_ben_fr shared a tip "Yes, I recommend Disenchantment!"

Sydney Brosious's profile image

sydney_brosious_6453 shared a tip "Futurama, Farscape, and Supernatural all kind of compete as my favorites. What is your favorite show?"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1621777303811 shared a tip "Would have to pick Breaking Bad."

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