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Twin brother and sister Dipper and Mabel Pines are in for an unexpected adventure when they spend the summer helping their great uncle Stan run a tourist trap in the mysterious town of Gravity Falls, Oregon.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2012-06-15

Last Air Date 2016-02-15

Seasons 2

Episodes 40


TMDB 8.4


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positivewriter shared a tip "Fav Eps: 1x06, 1x09"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x16"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x04"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x08"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x20"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x10"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x19"

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positivewriter shared a tip "2x20"

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positivewriter shared a tip "COMFORT SHOW COMFORT SHOW COMFORT SHOW"

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aman_tugnawat shared a tip "Perfect show to keep the kid in you alive and happy!"

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dustin_gail shared a tip "Soos is my spirit animal"

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chaeyul shared a tip "Best animated show ever!"

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pj_bottoms shared a tip "What the fork, this was amazing! Watched it twice!! The plot goes farther than you'd thing for a "kid show""

leah_senior shared a tip "My kids quickly became obsessed with this show and then my husband was hooked too! Unique and very funny."

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jason_tiemann shared a tip "Possibly the best show Disney has ever made."

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kevin_mcinnis shared a tip "#Creative #unique #unexpected"

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alien_2723 shared a tip "An amazing little show that was so important to me growing up"

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danielle_williams_7186 shared a tip "One of the best newer cartoons on Disney!"

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court_smith shared a tip "Fantastic show, a strong mystery, a deep lore, really good for anyone at any age."

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unknown_3294 shared a tip "I really liked this show when i was probably 13ish."

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nik_s_6472 shared a tip "Bill, one of the greatest, most horrifying antagonists that has evr been created and is in a flippin' family show."

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warmestmachine shared a tip "i’m still technically not legal age, but if there’s any villain i’d sit down and have a beer with, it would be bill cipher."

megan_schneider_9314 shared a tip "I think so! It’s quirky and funny. It’s worth a watch just for the character Mabel."

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jules_vargas shared a tip "It was a fun ride"

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illuminati_cipher shared a tip "Very good story and tons of heart and family themes mixed in with mysteries and paranormal adventures! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND! 😉"

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readingsloth shared a tip "I loved this show! It's a kids show, but adults can definitely watch and enjoy. I highly recommend it!"

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diamondy228 shared a tip "One of the most well-written family shows to ever exist."

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stardustt shared a tip "i literally loved this show so much i wish there were more seasons"

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elin_6964 shared a tip "Absolutely amazing."

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taytum_rugg shared a tip "has something for everyone, incredibly charming."

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jj_garcia shared a tip "A great mystery cartoon series! Every episode is a whole new adventure!"

cat_wood shared a tip "The meaning, comedy, and characters makes this show the best!"

corvid_griggs shared a tip "Fun and cute! Great show for all ages."

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kimberly_gonzalez_2803 shared a tip "Yeah it’s a really good show I recommend it!"

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ike_iii shared a tip "Hilarious. Smart. Great ending."

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tinkywinky shared a tip "Super funny 😆"

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bwch13 shared a tip "yes"

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bwch13 shared a tip "dipper is trans and no one can convince me otherwise. love him <3"

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jonathan_ryan shared a tip "May be a kids show but it has something for everyone and definitely deserves a spot in my all time favourite shows. 5/5"

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jennifer_castonguay shared a tip "My favourite character is Soos"

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aaliyah_the_queen shared a tip "Perfect"

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rachel_violette shared a tip "Great show to watch with your tween"

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Lemon65 shared a tip "Rreally good show that gets kinda dark in some points! good for the whole family😄"

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ducky.phasing shared a tip "I love it"

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tyson_grover shared a tip "This is a show both kids and adults can enjoy. Has lots of interesting twists in the story, while keeping it light and comedic."

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sugarhoneyicet shared a tip "amazing"

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bella_beauchemin shared a tip "I really liked tangled the series, it may look like a child's show but it's really awesome"

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robin_brown_1373 shared a tip "Children's x files"

atlas_cleveland shared a tip "There's a show called Hilda which I know is on Netflix and it has the same cartoony mystery as gravity falls."

jay_persing shared a tip "Will hit you in the feels at the end, goofy but not awkward"

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alisha_nadeem shared a tip "Its amazing beautiful masterpiece"

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genevieve_de_gange shared a tip "Surprisingly delightful for a kids show. The comedy is generally solid and the plot comes together in the later seasons."

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dayna_freebury shared a tip "didn't appreciate this show much as a kid but I sure as hell do as an adult"

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twitch_2313 shared a tip "Its definetly worth watching if you get the chance"

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angela_hernandez_6317 shared a tip "I've been really into Steven Universe!"

cathy_7703 shared a tip "I have watched this show 6 times over! It is so good!"

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mason_deutsch shared a tip "Greatest show ever"

miles_jonaro shared a tip "Excellent for the whole family; a wonderful story of mystery and adventure."

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roxas_rivers shared a tip "Fantastic. Stunning. Amazing. Flawless."

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india_smith_2787 shared a tip "Yes, 100%"

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groove shared a tip "It’s hard to pick one, but im gunna have to go with The Venture Bros! What’s yours?"

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lily_arndt shared a tip "oh absolutely, one of my favourite shows of all time"

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juan_rios_7363 shared a tip "Amazing comedy with surprisingly well made mysteries and puzzles for the viewers."

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soph_da_snail_loaf shared a tip "Do we even need to explain? This is my favorite show and it’s obvious why."

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kiera_chamney shared a tip "If you like Gravity Falls I would recommend “Amphibia” “The Owl House” and “Over the Garden wall.”"

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landen_robinson shared a tip "One of my favorite animated shows, absolutely amazing experience!"

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lia_estrada shared a tip "Love This!"

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ellie_cooper shared a tip "Love this show ❤"

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Kreature56 shared a tip "Amazing show!"

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icy_horizon shared a tip "WATCH IT. @-@"

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justin_c_1657 shared a tip "Wendy"

biobele_whyte shared a tip "Nope"

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katsuki_bakugou_edi shared a tip "Something really nice and fun to get into. For a 2013 film it's not bad"

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alexa_pines shared a tip "A really great show!! :)"

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alex_newlin shared a tip "Masterpiece"

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kaitlyn_comer shared a tip "I love this show! Have watched it probably 10 times with my kids. Who are probably as close to Dipper and Mabel as you can get."

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deanna_avra shared a tip "So good!!"

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miserys_return shared a tip "Hilarious and creepy!"

bella_m_1394 shared a tip "unique childhood classic for supernatural loving oddballs"

king_insomnia shared a tip "One of the best things Disney ever made! It’s so good you’ll watch it twice."

madison_avriett shared a tip "Fog"

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victor_gonzalez_1151 shared a tip "I love it"

maggie_3356 shared a tip "It’s such an amazing show with funny and ridiculous humor! I love it!"

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anthony_salvato shared a tip "Perfect for anyone to watch. Not just a kids show."

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king_mi shared a tip "Binge it now it's amazing"

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rena_rachlin shared a tip "Meant for kids but great for older teens too. (Im almost 19 and i rlly enjoyed it) some jokes might even go over kids' heads"

naya_300 shared a tip "Super fun to watch for both kids and adults because the monsters are thrilling and the characters are hilarious"

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daisy_bearden shared a tip "Favorite show!"

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NotOliver shared a tip "It was an amazing show! There isnt a third season but the ending it gave was amazing. Highly recommend."

marie_yonts shared a tip "Oh gosh that's such a hard question 😬 If I had to pick i guess I'd say dipper, I found him kinda relatable in a way"

noah_trujillo shared a tip "A must watch show with mystery and drama."

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adriana_ascencio shared a tip "Yes"

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miles_guerra shared a tip "Top 5 kids Cartoon's."

flamedogs shared a tip "Well I love it because of how weird and ya I love it"

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young_blk shared a tip "Its perfect"

YellowGirlMC shared a tip "Seriously why is this show so good 😂"

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shelby_stamnes_8444 shared a tip "Best show"

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knightreiter shared a tip "Amazing story with incredible characters."

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grace_truedson shared a tip "One of my All Time Favorite Shows, highly recommend!"

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turtle_eo shared a tip "Just finished watching it for the 8th time 🧋"

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nick_boeckman shared a tip "Amazing"

beth_sheldon shared a tip "This show is so clever!"

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soroush_paidar shared a tip "Disney fell off in my opinion. This show was one of their best and still is. None of the new shows can compare to this."

jennifer_johnson-ri shared a tip "Such good mystery and great humor. I wasted time avoiding bf this show!"

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ricky_koscinski shared a tip "One of the best Disney animated shows ever"

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Awkwardbean23_3 shared a tip "Childhood favourite and still is my favorite cartoon"

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