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A sheltered girl gets a crash course in survival when a mutant attack sends her to the surface, far from the safety of her underground home.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2020-01-14

Last Air Date 2020-10-12

Seasons 3

Episodes 30


TMDB 8.4


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "I found this show cute even at my age 😊"

Candy corn's profile image

amber_gates_332955 shared a tip "Actually very entertaining! Dave was a icon but annoying."

samzuars shared a tip "Good show, put it on for my daughter to enjoy and I ended up really liking it."

Jamiyah Langevine's profile image

jamiyah_langevine shared a tip "So adorable (lgbtq!!)"

midajah hayden's profile image

midajah_hayden shared a tip "Good show overall, nice animation, good characters and a good story."

Jada 's profile image

jada_davis_5502 shared a tip "The characters are super cool and very relatable and the mutants are very loveable"

Max Pohlman's profile image

max_pohlman shared a tip "Can't wait until the next season"

Caralyn Nicole's profile image

caralyn_nicole shared a tip "all of the protagonists are poc and one of the main characters is gay + it has v good music"

Wil 's profile image

apricotti shared a tip "The animation and story alike are breathtaking"

Lenkoo 's profile image

Lenkoo shared a tip "I definitely think so. It's a fun show, but also has a great story."

adeline<3 's profile image

sadeline shared a tip "filling the steven universe void"

Steve Tazic's profile image

tazarman shared a tip "Great show to enjoy with your kids"

Trevor Maher's profile image

trevor_maher shared a tip "Perfect family fun"

Jupiter 's profile image

cyberkitten shared a tip "This show was amazing"

Mal Bread's profile image

Mal_Bread shared a tip "Binged all three seasons in less than a week! Highly recommend it!"

bw/blue 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "underrated af. a favorite of mine."

bw/blue 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "all of the lgbt rep in this and how its approached is really important."

Isabel Lee's profile image

isabel_lee_6021 shared a tip "Super cute show and it has great music."

Peril Redwood's profile image

peril shared a tip "Gud soup 👌 ~gage"

Jacob Clifton's profile image

jacob_clifton shared a tip "A dystopian story... Always gotta love it"

TickTock Room's profile image

ticktock_room shared a tip "My favorite show so much excitement and adventure I love it and there is a hint of drama"

Itz Jai's profile image

itz_jai shared a tip "it was a very interesting series"

marley_maxwell shared a tip "The adventures and the character development"

Pineapple Llama's profile image

MeatyContainer shared a tip "yesss amazing!!! the representation in this show is amazing!!! i love this show id recommend it for all ages 10/10"

Floor Tiles's profile image

floor_tiles shared a tip "Adorable"

Bethy Ballard-Mora's profile image

bethy_ballard-mora shared a tip "The colors and animation are fab!"

Alex 's profile image

stormysky9242 shared a tip "Good LGBTQ+ representation"

Weca Wee's profile image

weca_wee shared a tip "It was adorable and interesting for sure. The art style and storyline helped me enjoy it even more than before"

Kyla Mitchell's profile image

kyla_mitchell shared a tip "lgbtq rep, awesome characters and themes, fun adventures, made me want to live in that world"

Grant Landis's profile image

livinglikebambi shared a tip "Such a wonderful heartwarming and emotional rollercoaster with a ton of hype thats 100% worth it in the story like YEEES"

quinn! 's profile image

galacticwaters shared a tip "the story and the characters are amazing!!!"

August Stevens's profile image

auggie_the_froggie shared a tip "Yes!"

alexander_hillyer shared a tip "A well rounded series with a satisfying end"

wow 's profile image

l0ll11 shared a tip "i love this show so much! season 2 was amazing!"

Lauren Owen's profile image

lauren_owen_637 shared a tip "A fresh take on a post apocalyptic world. Funny and beautiful to look at."

anya_reglin shared a tip "This is definitly worth watching its finished but if you like advanture its your best bet!"

Jessica Ross's profile image

jessica_ross_3907 shared a tip "We've been watching this with our 4 year old daughter. I love it. Kipo is an amazing role model."

excalibrine 's profile image

makota_campbell shared a tip "not a favorite episode but I like season 3 in general"

Septic Redhead 's profile image

septic_redhead shared a tip "Loved it"

Zoie Nicoal's profile image

zoie_nicoal shared a tip "so well portrayed & allied"

sean Nath's profile image

sean_nath shared a tip "Good"

My Other Account's profile image

my_other_account shared a tip "great animation, characters and story"

Katrina Cain's profile image

katrina_cain shared a tip "Diversity, family, and love."

Marcus Wimmer's profile image

marcus_wimmer shared a tip "canon LGBT characters"

bell 's profile image

bell_623 shared a tip "The soundtrack omg also a great show that shows diversity and is lgbtq+ friendly 5000/100 my kids are watching."

Maeshawaii Maeshawaii's profile image

maeshawaii_maeshawa shared a tip "I really like adventure anime! For seven and up"

Sonia Cossack Pohwatt's profile image

sonia_cossack_pohwa shared a tip "So worth a watch !"

Stephan Martin's profile image

stephan_martin_2671 shared a tip "It was exciting and had adventure. It also has LGBT representation and it felt like I was on a journey"

Tyson Grover's profile image

tyson_grover shared a tip "This show is so great with how it evolves. Plus the music on this show is amazing!"

fungbi 's profile image

fungbi shared a tip "the actual coolest animated kids show i’ve seen"

Keila Engstrom's profile image

keila_engstrom shared a tip "I started this show with my 5 year old and couldn't stop watching after he was in bed!"

Allison Nicole's profile image

allihend88 shared a tip "It’s very cute and fun. My 6 year old is obsessed with it. #adventure"

Caitlin Rinn's profile image

caitlin_rinn shared a tip "Fallout themed show with such great animation and story telling? YES PLEASE"

Sophie 's profile image

toosoapie shared a tip "🥺❤️"

mesha_oliver shared a tip "Animals"

marsthegod_ 's profile image

marsthegod_ shared a tip "this show is way to under-rated I loved the music and the characters are great"

hailey_cape shared a tip "It’s was really good :3 I loved it so much 10/10"

kate remke's profile image

kate_remke shared a tip "Absolutely its one of my favorite shows!"

XxSkyar PlayzxX's profile image

xxskyar_playzxx shared a tip "Loved It! Had A Great Storyline And Lots Of Diverse Representation"

chase_w_3907 shared a tip "Its funny and lighthearted"

Happy Heart Clean Soles's profile image

happy_heart_clean_soles shared a tip "I love"

Elliot Patterson's profile image

Elliotlovesfantast shared a tip "It has amazing animation and a story that had me binging it for days straight. Very immersive and sometimes it made me emotional."

N O's profile image

n_o_1713 shared a tip "It has queer representation and great characters. The character development is amazing and the story is unique."

husneya_nasim shared a tip "not yet complete"

Dawn's Animations's profile image

dawns_animations shared a tip "This show is so cute."

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