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"Get your muzzle out of those books and make some friends!" That's what Princess Celestia tells Twilight Sparkle. She may be the smartest unicorn in Equestria, but Twilight Sparkle gets an "incomplete" in friendship. There's more to life than learning magic, after all -- so she goes to Ponyville on

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-10-10

Last Air Date 2019-10-12

Seasons 9

Episodes 221


TMDB 8.053


carly_davis_4828 shared a tip "Idk it was lit"

Ariella Ballesteros's profile image

ariella_ballesteros shared a tip "I've just loved this show since forever it's a great comfort show I have probably seen it at least 20 times if not more"

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "my comfort show <33 I've loved this show since I was a kid and I will never stop."

Nat Camillia 's profile image

natcamill shared a tip "My number one animated show to watch. I can just re-watch this a million times and I still wouldn't be uninterested"

Livvi Betz's profile image

GothGirl4God shared a tip "Love this series. Doesn't matter what age you are. I'm 24 and love this heartwarming show."

Sofi sandhu's profile image

sofi_bunnny shared a tip "Just awesome!!!!! I'd recommend it for ages 6-10 or so."

Bridget Walker's profile image

bridget_walker_422 shared a tip "This was my childhood I recommend"

Chez Nut's profile image

chez_nut shared a tip "Best TV  show ever like I watch this 1 million times I just don’t know why they took out the other seasons"

Into The Ashes's profile image

into_the_ashes shared a tip "Go watch the show with no knowledge"

Eilidh 's profile image

eilidh_8810 shared a tip "honestly, i don't think i'll ever be too old for mlp"

marwa_al_zarouni shared a tip "Pinkie pie"

Gab 's profile image

gabriella_baumbusch shared a tip "it was my childhood"

Sierra Spencer's profile image

sierra_spencer_5333 shared a tip "Pinkie Pie is best Earth Pony. Luna is best Royal Pony/Alicorn."

Carlita Valeria Fernandez's profile image

carlita_valeria_fer shared a tip "Wonderful for kids"

Adriana Ascencio's profile image

adriana_ascencio shared a tip "Surprising good?!?!"

valerie 's profile image

valerie_861 shared a tip "It made me the person I am today 😩😩"

Xander 's profile image

xander shared a tip "Loved this since I was in 4th grade, come back to it a lot. I'm 17, and still obsessed :3"

Pj Bottoms's profile image

pj_bottoms shared a tip "It's mlp...what ya expect. Twilight grew to be amazing!"

elliott_martin_8313 shared a tip "Because it is amazing and funny"

Miin Isa's profile image

miin_isa shared a tip "ARE THEY ALLOWED TO REMOVE MLP WT ???????"

narrz_. shared a tip "Awesome"

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ilovealicefromtwilight shared a tip "NOOOOO WHYYYYY"

kali_jade_lafontaine shared a tip "it was entertaining"

Leo B's profile image

leo_b_165 shared a tip "This show is the reason I'm gay"

Valerie Senbanjo's profile image

valerie_senbanjo shared a tip "It make me happy"

Tianimations 's profile image

tianimations shared a tip "Noooo ;("

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