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Passengers on board the mysterious Infinity Train must explore a series of endless cars that each contain unique worlds and puzzles to solve in order to unravel the mysteries of the train - and within themselves - to open the doorway home.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2019-08-05

Last Air Date 2021-04-15

Seasons 4

Episodes 40


TMDB 8.5


megan_gonzalez_1642 shared a tip "Eugene from the try guys mentioned this show and it was amazing!!! Highly recommend each story is better than the last 😊🙌🏻"

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Vicki_S_WolfsDen shared a tip "Saw the first 3 seasons"

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caralyn_nicole shared a tip "each season is better than the last highly recommend!"

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cassidy_mac shared a tip "Amazing"

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cassidy_mac shared a tip "Amazing. Good show for people missing Steven Universe and She-Ra now that they're done."

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maxamillion shared a tip "one of my all time favorite shows"

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lawrence_decatus shared a tip "Fun watch"

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alien_2723 shared a tip "Cool story line and even cooler premise!"

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rishi_kokkane shared a tip "Absolutely AMAZING major tear jerker story is so solid one of the best for real"

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sariblibli_guh shared a tip "GOAT! Essential viewing for cartoon and sci fi fans"

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jon_alex_hoskins shared a tip "Every character is the show is fantastically relatable, which, for a primarily character-driven show, is very, very important"

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ferret_unknown shared a tip "so true, me. #finishinfinitytrain"

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stella_gruchalski shared a tip "It was awesome in every way! #saveinfinitytrain"

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Basiil shared a tip "probably my favorite series right now, hoping it gets a reboot at some point season 5 sounded amazing"

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Basiil shared a tip "same :( I'm still holding out hope that itl get rebooted at some point though"

alexander_hillyer shared a tip "A good fulfilling and definitely not predictable show"

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sarah_ganci shared a tip "fantastical, engaging story, cool animation"

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marcus_wimmer shared a tip "no canon LGBT characters"

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santana_lopez_9874 shared a tip "Jesus christ no wonder it might not get renewed for a new season"

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RockstarOtaku shared a tip "The story and characters change each season so it's super interesting!"

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tyson_grover shared a tip "Super unique idea that kept me interested the entire time!"

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moonflower shared a tip "one of the best shows i’ve seen! love the plot and storyline so much. really recommend"

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mightysnorlax shared a tip "Excellent characters. Wonderful story that addresses a lot of issues and has tons of potential for world-building and theories"

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stoopi.d shared a tip "Probably one of the best children’s show (don’t let that deter you!) I’ve seen this year."

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copy_cat_7657 shared a tip "Okay so like?? It was an amazing character driven story for each season"

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anastasia_asberry shared a tip "Watch it!!!"

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user_238 shared a tip ""

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matthew_garcia_2804 shared a tip "powerful and meaningful character devolpment. It is an absolute joy to watch and is also bit of a tear jerker."

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bijou_kruszka shared a tip "rip the best show"

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alissa_bryant_3678 shared a tip "Its a short but exciting show! I would definitely recommend."

abbie_denson shared a tip "Wonderful show we where robbed tho and ended up with half of the original seasons RENEW INFINITY TRAIN DAMNIT"

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xXbatmanb3y0ndXx shared a tip "Awesome show 😈😈😈"

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kktrinasaidso shared a tip "Infinity Train robbed me of my heart, I love Infinity Train"

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