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A young boy takes his mother's place in a group of gemstone-based beings, and must learn to control his powers.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2013-11-04

Last Air Date 2019-01-21

Seasons 5

Episodes 154


TMDB 8.5


madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Honestly one of my comfort shows"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x33!!!!"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x37!!!!!!!!!!"

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positivewriter shared a tip "1x50"

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mya_formuoli shared a tip "Even though it seems like a kid show it has big messages! Also the soundtrack is amazing! #stevenuniverse #cartoonnetwork"

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codell_schofield shared a tip "gay"

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midajah_hayden shared a tip "Good show, a few plot twists that were not good for the story and rushed season finales but other than that I would recommend."

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caralyn_nicole shared a tip "i love seasons 1 through 3 but after that it starts going downhill imo"

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_purple_skies shared a tip "The songs in this show are God level S-Tier"

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jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "And drama as the steven grows up"

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jokers_wifebut_chea shared a tip "oh goes from 🥰😊 to 😣"

rue_bennet shared a tip "It was a whole bunch of emotions and I really like that"

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samantha_brandon shared a tip "It’s awesome!! Great characters and interesting storyline :)"

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riley_garren shared a tip "Loved it 🥰"

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cyberkitten shared a tip "Love it"

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lawrence_decatus shared a tip "Good but would have been better without the singing"

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alien_2723 shared a tip "👁👄👁"

felix_alonso shared a tip "This show is just… amazing"

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mika37 shared a tip "Will always be one of my favorite series"

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venuz_mendoza shared a tip "Loved this always have always will"

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Ace07 shared a tip "A great show with a deep lore and a very good cast, likable characters and fantastic songs!"

omen_irn shared a tip "cute"

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jul_i shared a tip "I loved it. Absolutely obsessed with the plot and lgbtq+ representation"

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shad_neal shared a tip "Great for kid, with a enough depth and maturity to make even adults fall in love with"

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rishi_kokkane shared a tip "Best series of all time next to adventure time"

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bwch13 shared a tip "I never watched this as a kid but I wanted it earlier this year and fell in love !! it's one of my favorite shows ever now <33"

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bwch13 shared a tip "so gay !"

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keirstyn_hicks shared a tip "Gay space rocks"

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kathi_l_hicks shared a tip "The ending was so sad but I loved it very much😊😊😊"

eierbe shared a tip "I got recommended this after watching the owl house and its just a amazing show."

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Zombie_Pie shared a tip "It’s just an amazing show. And I loved the story. It was all just so good."

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river_6889 shared a tip "I like to think it is the characters are adorable to watch and it has its tense and serious moments with a great story"

elle_tate shared a tip "Absolutely! The first couple seasons are kinda eh but once you get into it it's really good!"

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falstiope shared a tip "Absolutely marvelous story telling. 10/10"

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isaac_bonsu shared a tip "For the full trilogy, you find it on HBO Max only in the U.S. , use a VPN!😝"

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ultimate_gamer_weeb shared a tip "E P I C"

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zoe_wood_951 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show! Its amazing. And it helped me discover myself!"

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cristina_unzueta shared a tip "A Beautiful Series with amazing character development and emotional twists. Wish there were more like this!"

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angelghostmustchatio shared a tip "She Ra , Gravity Falls, and Voltron,"

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serena_stevenson_9186 shared a tip "if you have netflix i definitely recommend she-ra and the princess of power and gravity falls on disney plus"

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joshua_bernal shared a tip "Have you ever seen futurama? Owl house, Craig of the creek,Clarence,the new jellystone show etc"

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amy_malo shared a tip "Season 5 episode 24"

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jackson_mills_5406 shared a tip "Ate."

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william_afton_9533 shared a tip "ITS ON HBO??? rewatching rn"

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cptlainey shared a tip "Its so full of love 💕😭"

miranda_huston shared a tip "Honestly one of my favorite shows! It taught me a lot, drawn beautifully, and fell in love with all of the characters."

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billythellama shared a tip "This is one of the best cartoon shows it has a story serious topics and action"

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Sephirith shared a tip "The perfect show"

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brendan_massar shared a tip "How does this show make me cry every single episode?"

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shahroz_khan_3670 shared a tip "It’s everything a tv show wishes it could be"

Daddy Senpai's profile image

daddy_senpai_9821 shared a tip "Literally one of the greatest shows in human history"

taja_2847 shared a tip "everything"

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joy_abijah shared a tip "Steven Universe taught me to appreciate the world and see things through the eyes of others."

benjamin_marcus shared a tip "Very good for a cartoon show rating 8.5/10"

heba_slimi shared a tip "I got to watch the characters grow and there were lots of exciting twists"

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gabriel_olvera_1606 shared a tip "Everything"

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dark_potato_ice_wolf shared a tip "By far one of my favorites"

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arielle_bc shared a tip "ALSOOOO I love love love the character development with all the individual characters"

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snorbot_payan shared a tip "It was awesome"

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kate_m_7677 shared a tip "Makes me happy"

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trevor_white_2815 shared a tip "Honestly I liked Connie"

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theo_del_rosario shared a tip "Amazing storytelling and fantastic character development."

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marcus_wimmer shared a tip "canon LGBT characters"

christopher lance's profile image

christopher_lance shared a tip "First Cartoon Network show created solely by a woman, good for racial & LGBTQ issues; common sense gives it a 8+"

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xuoy_phillips shared a tip "I cant ******* watch it fully -_- whats the point of this dumb app"

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terrence_diamond shared a tip "It's one of my favorite shows. Perfect for kids and adults."

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sbreezy shared a tip "#wholesome"

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ZUFO shared a tip "LOVED"

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cranky_penquin shared a tip "Best show ever"

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achoo___ shared a tip "it was overall just a fantastic show. it made me really happy"

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shauntae_taylor shared a tip "Very cute! Also discusses big topics in a pretty kid friendly way."

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james_jaehnig shared a tip "I think so. It's great, just watch out for the Cat Fingers episode"

sarai nolasco's profile image

sarai_nolasco shared a tip "So wholesome and great for so many different reasons💗"

Em “Corvid” Griggs's profile image

cyberspud shared a tip "Wonderful feel good show that deals with love pain in a palatable way. Lots of big themes while being lots of fun"

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jenn_breman shared a tip "Character development, emotional growth, music"

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JuneBugg shared a tip "😁😁"

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brown_mm shared a tip "It was very fruity and i liked the plot"

evie_velazquez shared a tip "best show and good representation"

zoey hollopeter's profile image

zoey_hollopeter shared a tip "I loved the story line and it had so much emotion to it, it was great.😁"

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ronnie_han shared a tip "lore. lore. lore. lore."

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i_am_a_potato shared a tip "Loved"

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indigo_9640 shared a tip "right now I'm super into Hilda !"

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bill_and_carmela_sm shared a tip "I miss when Steven was a wholesome marshmallow"

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death_flower shared a tip "I loved this show soo much, it does take a while to get going pass the children bull crap, but the themes and lessons are great."

Z Conner-Gantt's profile image

z_conner-gantt shared a tip "I absolutely love this show. Will always be close to my heart and recommend for every age"

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theniyahdior shared a tip "It’s so interesting"

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anakin_arroway shared a tip "I hate the fandom, but hate that I love the show"

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