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An extraordinary discovery inspires two human princes and an elven assassin to team up on an epic quest to bring peace to their warring lands.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-09-14

Last Air Date 2022-11-03

Seasons 4

Episodes 36


TMDB 8.3


madeline_rodgers shared a tip "So! Freakin! Good!"

Thomas Gagne's profile image

thomas_gagne shared a tip "Great visual, exiting story, well fleshed out characters and amazing world building."

Lonely girl's profile image

jemma_morel shared a tip "Ahh, such a good series. The plot is good, the characters have depth amd there easy to get along with. What more can I ask for?"

Candy corn's profile image

amber_gates_332955 shared a tip "SO GOOD 🙌"

Dylan Sanders's profile image

dylanjs shared a tip "Fun and entertaining show for the whole family."

awesome_user_375351 shared a tip "I just started this is very good"

Brooke Warner's profile image

brooke_warner_3744 shared a tip "An all around funny action TV show"

Purpose 's profile image

purpose shared a tip "This is a really good show, I can't wait for the next season."

Odysseus 's profile image

some_dork shared a tip "love this show! great for kids and teens alike with awesome LGBTQ+ representation"

maddie_rose_1306 shared a tip "Does anyone know when they’re making another season?"

Shianna Sluss's profile image

shianna_sluss shared a tip "This show is one of my favorites!"

Austen Vance's profile image

Pikapika1 shared a tip "Animation kinda slow in 1st season, but fixed in 2nd"

Msoe eno's profile image

msoe_eno shared a tip "I freaken love this show! I hope there's gonna be another season!"

Amber Fey's profile image

amber_fey shared a tip "More for teens/adults then children, but pretty enough to draw them"

rachel li's profile image

rachl shared a tip "great show! similar to she-ra and the representation is amazing. 100% recommend"

Alex Craig's profile image

alex_craig_2757 shared a tip "I loved all the magic and fantasy stuff but there was also some romance towards the end :)"

Bingust 's profile image

Bingust shared a tip "It's just really boring and has insanely janky animation. A friend recommended this to me. We're not friends anymore."

Sierra Skye's profile image

sierra_skye_3115 shared a tip "It's like Avatar the last airbender crossed with DnD. It's a fantastic show, and I can't wait for more seasons to be released!"

Jacob Clifton's profile image

jacob_clifton shared a tip "All around a great tv show, it is mainly for children, but lots of people can enjoy it"

Brian Camacho's profile image

brian_camacho_2736 shared a tip "Omg yes, this show is sooo under rated"

Sabrina Doll's profile image

sabrina_doll shared a tip "I love fantasy and dragons"

Mehul Pal's profile image

mehul_pal shared a tip "On par with ATLA in many respects, a must watch for anyone that's a fan of good television"

molly munchkin's profile image

molly_munchkin shared a tip "I LOVE IT"

Gaston Gosselin's profile image

gaston_gosselin shared a tip "Great show."

Sarah McComb's profile image

sarah_mccomb shared a tip "Absolutely breathtaking animation & story"

kelton harnack's profile image

kelton_harnack shared a tip "I'm into fantasy and majic"

Kyla Mitchell's profile image

kyla_mitchell shared a tip "yes yes yes yes yes yes go watch it! stunning animation, characters that i wish were real, awesome world building etc etc etc"

Shirley Carrie-Hartman's profile image

shirley_carrie-hart shared a tip "Amazing!"

Naomi Lederman's profile image

naomi_lederman shared a tip "If your look for a family fantasy this a good series. It kicks off 3/4 of the way through the first EP."

Kelsey Kromer's profile image

kelsey_kromer shared a tip "If you loved avatar the last Airbender you will love this from some of the air bending team!"

Addy A's profile image

addy_a_9414 shared a tip "Beautiful story and amazing representation. Slightly awkward animation, but easy to get used to"

Finley Buehrer's profile image

finley_buehrer_5828 shared a tip "I just started watching on season 2 one of the best shows ever go watch!"

Destiny Cloyd's profile image

destiny_cloyd shared a tip "Super cute."

Kiara Giro's profile image

kiara_giro shared a tip "#cool"

Ricky Williams's profile image

ricky_williams_1581 shared a tip "I havent seen this show I cant wait to watch it."

Smor Laughs's profile image

smor_laughs shared a tip "Bait, definitely Bait"

Matthew Farran's profile image

matthew_farran shared a tip "I loved it. For all you who like elves and dragons watch this show."

Marcus Wimmer's profile image

marcus_wimmer shared a tip "canon LGBT characters"

Camila Luna's profile image

camillelikescartoons shared a tip "This is a really good get-away-from-life show, as it has so much fantasy, but it all makes sense, y’know? #fantasy"

Elizabeth Mirandi's profile image

elizabeth_mirandi shared a tip "Really compelling show ❤ my boyfriend and I binged all three seasons and are anxiously awaiting season 4."

Pj Bottoms's profile image

pj_bottoms shared a tip "Can't wait for more! He's a boy who's mature but still makes silly mistakes. He's relatable and very heart warming"

Meekonee 's profile image

meekonee_24 shared a tip "So good, I loved how you get to learn about the other creatures that aren’t human a decent amount with the main characters!"

DeAnn Kham's profile image

deann_kham shared a tip "my comfort show, i love animated cartoons"

jana_abughosh shared a tip "So entertaining"

Misha Marchuk's profile image

misha_marchuk shared a tip "This show is so cute, and one of the only things that I have enjoyed animated in this style! It’s so well done."

Jenn Breman's profile image

jenn_breman shared a tip "Layered storytelling, character arcs, gorgeous world building"

sh 's profile image

sh_4885 shared a tip "I love this show. Excited for the future seasons."

Zobe13dog 's profile image

zobe13dog shared a tip "I JUST I LOVE IT ITS AMAZING AND I NEED HELP GETTING OFF OF IT ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?!? #helpagirlout #needtobinge #newshowhunt"

cameron_sivret shared a tip "From the same people who made Avatar: The Last Airbender, this show is for those fans."

Sidney Legroulx's profile image

sidney_legroulx shared a tip "It was exciting and has a good plot"

Freya Olson's profile image

freya_olson shared a tip "So good, definitely check it out if you like fantasy and/or are a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender and/or The Legend of Korra!"

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