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Intergalactic warrior Star Butterfly arrives on Earth to live with the Diaz family. She continues to battle villains throughout the universe and high school, mainly to protect her extremely powerful wand, an object that still confuses her.

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-01-18

Last Air Date 2019-05-19

Seasons 4

Episodes 140


TMDB 8.4


franchesca 's profile image

fr_5754 shared a tip "i was a little hesitant at first but i actually liked it."

Fidge (they/them)'s profile image

fidge shared a tip "Idk u guys... it's a little weird... wild, even...."

AJ 's profile image

happyseacow shared a tip "one of the best cartoons ever ever i watched it all in like two days"

Codell Schofield's profile image

codell_schofield shared a tip "fun"

Kaylee 's profile image

amphibia shared a tip "Marco Diaz was supposed to realize she was trans in the middle of the series but Disney scrapped it making starco wlw ship"

Felix Lupin's profile image shared a tip "was good until seasons 3+4"

Molly Kaufmann's profile image

molly_kaufmann shared a tip "Gay and action and cutesy while being dark and animated"

Mirandom 's profile image

mirandom_kitty shared a tip "Very fun plot with interesting concepts, characters, and relationships. Ending falls a little flat tho"

sophiguana 's profile image

sophiguana shared a tip "CORN.RULES.EVERYTHING.AROUND.ME"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Honestly an amazing show. This was the start of a whole new era."

Jupiter 's profile image

cyberkitten shared a tip "Great show, good plot, love it"

Myler 's profile image

myler shared a tip "I wish that it wouldn’t have ended so soon:("

h anah's profile image

hannah.j shared a tip "Loved it!!!! full of hot takes 🔥"

ryan_miller_3493 shared a tip "Literally amazing I love this show"

Mary Osborne's profile image

mary_osborne_9957 shared a tip "First maybe second season only 😅"

Connie G's profile image

connie_g_4259 shared a tip "MY FAVORITE ITS SO GOOD"

Sonali Pandey's profile image

sonali_pandey shared a tip "LOVED IT"

ivanka_sviatnenko shared a tip "I loooove this series"

isaac bonsu's profile image

isaac_bonsu shared a tip "I love this show, it ended with 4 seasons you can binge now! I watched it and it lead my to Gravity Falls, and Steven Universe."

ELC AlmostLegit's profile image

elc_almostlegit shared a tip "Amazong show with amazing character and just enough romance mixed with action and adventure"

Cherry Bomb's profile image

cherry_bomb_7718 shared a tip "i loved this show but the end was super disappointing but its still an amazing show"

CinnamonMoonFox 's profile image

cinnamonmoonfox shared a tip "Yeah it is"

Grace Lutters's profile image

grace_lutters shared a tip "It's a great show for idle watching"

Celine Appiah's profile image

officials shared a tip "How do you watch the episodes am new"

Celine Appiah's profile image

officials shared a tip "If you love this reply saying marry me 💍"

Celine Appiah's profile image

officials shared a tip "Obsessed with this one 😏"

Austin Simms's profile image

austin_simms shared a tip "i just finished all four seasons i love it thank you so much haha"

Aly 's profile image

aly_5798 shared a tip "Best show I've ever seen"

Hayley Morales's profile image

hayley_morales shared a tip "Its adorable, has alot of suspense and cute family scenes"

Nancy Thiessen's profile image

nancy_thiessen shared a tip "Awesome, A must. One of my favorites to rewatch"

Kelly Maessen's profile image

kelly_maessen shared a tip "Great show, entertaining for adults as well. Good luck getting the theme song out of your head 😂"

Pj Bottoms's profile image

pj_bottoms shared a tip "Good quality. I loved the Romance. And star has truly Grown as a character!"

Mary Jane Moler's profile image

mary_jane_moler shared a tip "It has action, comedy, and some dark moments that aren't too dark. And the music slaps for it being a kids show."

Vanilla Bean's profile image

vanilla_bean_6470 shared a tip "Best show ever"

Winter Chevalier's profile image

winter_chevalier shared a tip "It's a cute show and Star and Marco really are a great duo"

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