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Normal high school kids by day, protectors of Paris by night! Miraculous follows the heroic adventures of Marinette and Adrien as they transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir and set out to capture akumas, creatures responsible for turning the people of Paris into villains. But neither hero knows the ot

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2015-10-19

Last Air Date 2021-10-10

Seasons 4

Episodes 103


TMDB 8.0


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imon shared a tip "Don’t be too quick to judge. This show might be one of the best cartoons out there."

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phoenix_3520 shared a tip "My sister watches the show and I started getting interested in it and now I watch the show"

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samantha_mattos shared a tip "The cutest story ✨💕"

hunnie bunnies's profile image

anxious.boba shared a tip "simply the best."

kira robinson's profile image

kira_robinson shared a tip "Truly an amazing show. It may be for kids but the plot makes it amazing for older kids as well."

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carisa_haber shared a tip "AMAZING!!!"

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aggie_butler shared a tip "I know it’s a kids show, but I absolutely love it!"

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readingpaigelol shared a tip "why is this so addictive"

erica_6668 shared a tip "even tho this is a kids show it is really fun to watch!"

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UnknownCatBug shared a tip "I wasn’t a big fan of the first two seasons as they were pretty repetitive but, during the third season it got better!"

Jocelyne McLeod's profile image

jocelyne_mcleod shared a tip "Cute show I like it a lot"

Sandy Bechay's profile image

sandy_bechay shared a tip "Love it best"

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cylee shared a tip "it’s so good and easy to get interested to :)"

rory_jaeger shared a tip "I love it"

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lulu_reviewu shared a tip "Yes I love it"

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lizbeth_velasco shared a tip "This is the best! Probably one of my favorites! I definitely recommend this! A super hero TV show!"

Lizzie Land's profile image

lizzie_land shared a tip "AMAZING SHOW!!!!! So much drama!! Love the show 1000000000/10!!!!!"

Anna A.'s profile image

anna_a. shared a tip "This is a magnificent show, and it is 100% not just for kids."

Islam M Ashour's profile image

islam_m_ashour shared a tip "This is amazing don't sleep on it until you watch at least 2 episodes"

lucy_steingrebe shared a tip "yes!! I am so obsessed lol even tho it’s technically a children’s show"

avery_young_4915 shared a tip "literally my favorite show"

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avyar_ibrahim shared a tip "Amazing"

Lauren Elise's profile image

lauren_elise_4497 shared a tip "Current obsession"

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alexis_newlin shared a tip "I don’t care if this show is childish or not. It’s just, *chefs kiss*"

Nyah Robertson's profile image

nyah_robertson shared a tip "I put it on for my little brother…. long story short i was more interested in it than him… great show"

DALETH BARRIOS's profile image

daleth_barrios shared a tip "I love this show! Watch out season 4 might be a lot, but I think season 5 is gonna be worse!!! Wishmaker tho!!! 😭"

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kyara_colon shared a tip "Amazing!"

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xxLeiaOrganaxx shared a tip "Perfect show if you love superhero’s"

madeline_small shared a tip "This is the cutest show! Currently waiting for the next season to come out on Netflix or Disney+"

madeline_small shared a tip "I really love Romance is a bonus book on Netflix, it’s a k-drama but it was super cute."

kaycee_carter_8128 shared a tip "I love this series"

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bukkie_cso shared a tip "It’s really just amazing!"

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geo_beast shared a tip "Sooo gooood"

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riley_ramsey_9144 shared a tip "Mine is definitely Cat Noir. Whats your favorite character"

jailene_zapata shared a tip "Love it!!"

marina_wood_6259 shared a tip "Ιт ιѕ тнe perғecт ѕнow тo waтcн wнen yoυr вored☻☻☀︎☀︎❁❁"

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ejkally shared a tip "Definitely watch Miraculous, any specific genre your looking for?"

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riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "This show is great! It's enjoyable"

 Lily Lily's profile image

starlightmaylily shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch!"

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ladynoire33_. shared a tip "Idk what ppl say. This is one of the best shows ever"

Emilly PlayzRoblox's profile image

emilly_playzroblox shared a tip "Its very fun and entertaining i cant wait until another season comes out i need another season nowwww!!"

Solo Mykhailiuk's profile image

solo_mykhailiuk shared a tip "Love it"

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karla_king_2129 shared a tip "I just love the show its like a breath of fresh air from those other types of shows"

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kay_viz shared a tip "Chat noir."

Brooke Walker's profile image

brooke_walker_6268 shared a tip "Its the perfect show to binge"

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devin_stroud shared a tip "This is My favorite show lol"

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scarlett_shelley shared a tip "#romance #howdo5yroldsunderstand"

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ava_wenner shared a tip "The love square is the best part of it all."

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daphne_anderson shared a tip "um... just yes! you could say major love square!! it’s insane hahah"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1621139941892 shared a tip "I’m not afraid to say I’m obsessed with this kids show"

Valentina Guerra's profile image

valentina_guerra shared a tip "Obsessed! Even if it's a kids show, it's a great story."

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madison_fiore shared a tip "WATCH IT😡"

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zuly_wells shared a tip "As a grown woman who still loves cartoons and superheroes, this tv show just makes me really happy. #guiltypleasure"

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stolace shared a tip "yes its a kids show. yes i love it. here's why the love Square is amazing 🙈"

daniella_marie shared a tip "❤️❤️❤️"

cheryl_au shared a tip "It so good i can’t wait for season 4"

m_wo shared a tip "The 100 or Teen Wolf"

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juliana_dixel shared a tip "I like the mix of superheroes and love."

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