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The Teen Titans are five heroes under one roof. Their names: Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy They live in a large tower in the shape of a T that they call Titan Tower. No secret identities. No school. Just superheroes being superheroes. They must go up against their arch nemesis, Slade

Parental GuideTV-Y7

Status Ended

First Air Date 2003-07-19

Last Air Date 2006-01-16

Seasons 5

Episodes 65


TMDB 8.3


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "Miss this."

Annemarie Dupnick's profile image

annemarie_dupnick shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Becky Wolt's profile image

becky_woltornist shared a tip "My childhood"

23rd Knight's profile image

23rdknight shared a tip "Cartoon Network at it’s peak"

JustHalo 's profile image

justhalo shared a tip "Still one of the best adaptations of the Teen Titans"

Shelby Halle's profile image

ImMillo shared a tip "To bad they don’t make shows like this anymore 🥲"

Mya Iannuzzi's profile image

mya_formuoli shared a tip "I remember this was only on tv early in the morning so I would get up early to watch it😂"

Brooke Vdv's profile image

brooke_vdv shared a tip "Good show. Teens and Titans."

emmy_jean_lamb shared a tip "I grew up watching this. 💜this show makes me happy. 10/10 would watch"

Elsie Chambers's profile image

elsie_chambers shared a tip "So good -joe"

Shaye H's profile image

deyloveshaye shared a tip "cool"

Cristine Slater-Enriquez's profile image

cristine_slater-enr shared a tip "That ending tho."

Jordan Schlais's profile image

jordan_schlais shared a tip "Yess I recommend it"

Elijah Bello's profile image

elijah_bello shared a tip "Nice show that I watched when I was smaller"

K Y's profile image

k_y_1268 shared a tip "It's amazing. The art style and animation is unique."

Bukkie O's profile image

bukkie_cso shared a tip "Classic!!"

bw/blue 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "never watched this as a kid but I've been watching it recently and I'm living for it."

Alien 's profile image

alien_2723 shared a tip "Another cool snippet from my childhood! I’m so happy to come across this again and again and see my differing opinions!!"

Essence Jones's profile image

essence_jones_8263 shared a tip "Good show"

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dylpickles shared a tip "The best superhero cartoon ever made.... nothing else to say. Your childhood passed you by if you didn’t watch this as a kid."

hell_no_7773 shared a tip "goated"

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boston_baker shared a tip "Yep"

jay_9716 shared a tip "No lol not yet"

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amelia_bones_9997 shared a tip "One of my fave's as a teen"

damian_gonzalez_7147 shared a tip "Raven"

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taylor_major_4603 shared a tip "I like all of them, every episode is amazing"


alexander_hillyer shared a tip "Good action and interesting character dynamics"

Madiii 's profile image

madiii shared a tip "It’s a great show to get you laughing yet crying and wanting more. One of my favourites from my childhood!"

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jilian_castillo shared a tip "hi you all what hapeent and this move"

awesome_user_646708 shared a tip "OG Titans"

Kassidy Jordan's profile image

kassidy_jordan shared a tip "It was fun to watch."

vee_brook shared a tip "I wish I could remember them but I will get back to you when I do."

SageOnFire 's profile image

sageonfire shared a tip "Omg the original is the best. Horrible what they did to it with Teen Titans Go."

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