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Twenty-four-year-old Kara Zor-El, who was taken in by the Danvers family when she was 13 after being sent away from Krypton, must learn to embrace her powers after previously hiding them. The Danvers teach her to be careful with her powers, until she has to reveal them during an unexpected disaster,

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2015-10-26

Last Air Date 2021-11-09

Seasons 6

Episodes 126


TMDB 7.3


kind shared a tip "Very good action packaged"

Ximena Pacheco's profile image

ximena_pacheco shared a tip "See season 1-4"

faith_taylor_557 shared a tip "SUPERCORP FOREVER BRO🥲"

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abbygrace_1227 shared a tip "Supercorp / meltie"

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abbygrace_1227 shared a tip "Supercorp/meltie"

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rebelbooks101 shared a tip "First DC show I watched. I’m a bit behind but I really enjoy it. The actors are great!"

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xanne_. shared a tip "Omg it was amazing loved it"

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cosmicfariess shared a tip "AMAZING I LOVE!!! Kara deserves better!!"

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maria_zareh shared a tip "She is an inspiration"

ana_keshav shared a tip "Ok"

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zoriana_bondar shared a tip "Watched it a billion times, if you like DC, Marvel, you’ll like this!"

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keira_hurley-feisst shared a tip "Only watched the first 2 seasons (I think) and it was just too repetitive"

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Nyxthegodessofnight shared a tip "Meh show but good at first"

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kermit_the_frog_2863 shared a tip "Watching this one and The Flash at the same time was a great idea. I love her. She’s a total badass. Girl-boss and Gatekeep"

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olivia_akers shared a tip "Hits you at once man."

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sueannwilliams shared a tip "Great show!!"

maryam_5254 shared a tip "This is a perfect mix of everything, it gets you hooked"

awesome_user_442829 shared a tip "Never get tired of the tv series. Will be entertaining for years to come."

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lana_lang_6237 shared a tip "The best superhero show yet you have to watch it 😊"

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heather_ash shared a tip "A definite must watch for Smallville fans!"

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godi_4501 shared a tip "Story goes overboard after a while, but it's watchable."

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book_nerd135 shared a tip "Doctor who"

Isabella Browne's profile image

book_nerd135 shared a tip "What is yours"

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julie_wilson shared a tip "I am close to the last part of the seasons that are out, and I love it!"

madalyn_swaim shared a tip "This is a great show to watch! It has romance, adventure, friends, family, and so much more! I totally love it!"

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nicholas_graziano shared a tip "Na"

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nicholas_graziano shared a tip "Is it good"

Cesar D'suze Bello's profile image

cesar_dsuze_bello shared a tip "Yes"

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alik_jamal shared a tip "How do you watch it"

camryn_monroe shared a tip "I like the action/fighting parts but I also love seeing Kara and Alex fighting battles together."

Elise Norris's profile image

elise_norris shared a tip "It is just the perfect tv show for me"

Tara Turpen's profile image

tara_turpen shared a tip "I love love love this show!!! Can’t wait for the new season."

christopher_lee_8309 shared a tip "Too much social justice"

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amandaa_b shared a tip "It’s an amazing action packed film"

jori_findley shared a tip "Jane the Virgin, Lucifer, and Greys Anatomy. Greys Anatomy starts off really good, but around after S16 it gets a little boring."

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Gammaray2264 shared a tip "Its the kind of series that is 45 mins long and its a great show to pass the time"

Khyati Naphade's profile image

khyati_naphade shared a tip "This series is so good and I couldn't stop binge watching it"

Kalie Carbajal's profile image

kalie_carbajal shared a tip "This show has the toughest fandom ;-; I love the show and I love the shippers"

Hamzah Saeed's profile image

hamzah_saeed shared a tip "Season 5 is the worst season"

destiny_sanchez_7319 shared a tip "Love it"

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skyla_steigleman shared a tip "IT the best"

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lori_davis_112 shared a tip "Better than I expected! Would definitely watch it again."

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babybel shared a tip "Yes, I think it is"

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khloe_peterson shared a tip "Ones that had mon el in it"

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jaden_brooks shared a tip "To be honest I don’t have a favourite one because all of them are good"

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reid_broadstreet shared a tip "It's a good show with strong female leads and super heroes are always fun"

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steph__4801 shared a tip "I loved watching totally recommend!"

andrew_gunter shared a tip "Fun and easy"

briauna_head shared a tip "❤️🔥#fantasy"

jacob_kozak shared a tip "I like it because the charactors are great and its written and the animated parts are done really well."

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carlie_rutkowski shared a tip "Really good"

rebekah_mccandless shared a tip "Hmmm I really like them all to be honest"

TheRandomkwaii Taco's profile image

therandomkwaii_taco shared a tip "Its sooo good!"

Anuja Nanal's profile image

anuja_nanal shared a tip "It's not that great. Gets monotonous after a while"

hieloo shared a tip "Really good and interesting definitely recommend!!!"

aaron_garcia_6475 shared a tip "how can you choose!? 😂"

aaron_garcia_6475 shared a tip "@emily_mcmurphy how can you choose!? 😂"

johanita_lassey shared a tip "Season 3 episode 1"

teddy_gosker shared a tip "Good show"

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steven_5894 shared a tip "I love this show!"

camila_cruz_4796 shared a tip "This show is good"

beth_brockhaus shared a tip "It’s a great show. Katie McGrath is one of my favorites."

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jenny_barrios shared a tip "I'm on season 2 but I really like it ! My sister has seen all of it and thinks it worth it."

destiny_timms shared a tip "Totally"

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alisha_ricketts_7902 shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch!"

shayna_elaine_snyder shared a tip "I'm so sad this show is ending!"

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marlena_carroll shared a tip "I really like this one"

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james_davis_9127 shared a tip "Try Black Lighting. First season is kinda slow,but it gets better"

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zarreya_harris shared a tip "It was very funny"

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liviecat shared a tip "definitely!!! by far a favorite show of mine :]"

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ashley_destefanis shared a tip "This is by far the most naturally progressive Arrowverse TV show. It’s effortless perfection is refreshing."

astrid_cano shared a tip "it was comforting i just kinda forgot about it so i didn’t finish it"

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skylar_higgins_795 shared a tip "I absolutely love it!!!"

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sravya_2508 shared a tip "Love❤️❤️❤️"

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jenn_scarpa shared a tip "Kara is such a relatable character despite being an alien superhero. She's just so easy to adore."

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