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The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races. Set in the 1990s, Captain Marvel is an all-new adventure from a previously unseen period in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Univ

MPAA Rating PG-13

Status Released

Release Date 2019-03-06

Runtime 124 minutes

Budget $0.2b

Revenue $1.1b


TMDB 6.9


Weishung Liu's profile image

weish shared a tip "Brie Larson rocks as Captain Marvel! Watch it while it's still in theaters. :)"

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chelsia_rice shared a tip "I mean, duh. String female protagonist. Great humor and soundtrack? Maybe one of the beat of the Marvel movies imo."

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nancy_smith shared a tip "Can’t wait for this to hit the theaters. The trailer was intriguing."

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nancy_smith shared a tip "Loved it!"

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JennyRen shared a tip "it’s such a cool one"

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alyssa_reyes_1746 shared a tip "@robinjohnson301 what about you? Favorite part?"

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bill_freeman shared a tip "She acted so natural in the movie, it's what helped make the science fiction movie feel more real."

🄲🄰🅂🅂 🇨🇦's profile image

CassyRafuse shared a tip "She's too OP but it's alright :)"

Claudia Larsen's profile image

claudia_larsen shared a tip "I stand by this movie so hard. It is so good and criminally underrated. Carol Danvers is an icon"

Diandra Repato's profile image

diandra_repato shared a tip "Yes! Enjoyable movie. Loved seeing Nick's character back in the day."

sammy_barajas shared a tip "The best movie"

Chiya Amin's profile image

chiya_amin_2149 shared a tip "Better than I expected."

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "Good for marvel lovers and super cool effects."

amaya_taylor_8565 shared a tip "I can’t say the movie was great ."

Ayden Harris's profile image

ayden_harris shared a tip "So funny lol"

Joshua Williams's profile image

joshua_williams_3908 shared a tip "I definitely did plus it built great into the marvel universe"

Joshua Williams's profile image

joshua_williams_3908 shared a tip "Yes indeed"

Tim Dykens's profile image

tim_dykens shared a tip "Underrated."

Artd Best's profile image

artd_best shared a tip "i think its overexaggerating a womans emotions, but its an ok movie."

Jessica M's profile image

jessica_m_6822 shared a tip "All the Marvel movies are really good!"

Martin Pereida Martín's profile image

martin_pereida_martn shared a tip "Rro påw"

Joey Reynoso's profile image

joey_reynoso shared a tip "Beat out Iron Man as my new favorite Marvel movie-tied with Black Panther"

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michelle_st._peter shared a tip "Awesome!"

I hate Everything's profile image

i_hate_everything shared a tip "Its not bad your just sexist"

lizzy king's profile image

kinglizzy shared a tip "Fun to watch"

Yvan Menard's profile image

yvan_menard shared a tip "Great role model"

Madi 's profile image

madi_3063 shared a tip "Its a great movie!"

Kayle Esposito's profile image

kayle_esposito shared a tip "9/10 I absolutely loved this movie and captain marvel herself. The dynamic between her and Fury was incredible"

Cinnamon Dyes's profile image

cinnamon_dyes shared a tip "It was good. Let me know what you think after you see it"

Mark Pelini's profile image

mark_pelini shared a tip "Ok"

Triggz 12321's profile image

triggz_12321 shared a tip "The green lantern of marvel, it was mediocre at worst but being part of the #MCU it has interesting parts"

Tyra D. L's profile image

tyra_d._l shared a tip "When she first came back to earth Nick fury join up with her. And also it was crazy to me how he lost his eye #freakingAliencat"

Roberto Lopez's profile image

roberto_lopez_2890 shared a tip "Nice! Let me know what you think."

Caden 's profile image

caden_8090 shared a tip "It's amazing and I would recommend it to all of you marvel fans out there (even though it has some flaws I still love it)"

Noelle P's profile image

noelle_p_9135 shared a tip "The very first iron man movie. I just love watching how tony goes from genius inventor to a hero as well."

Caitlin Vogt's profile image

caitlin_vogt shared a tip "Hmm. Favorite would probably be The Princess Bride. 😁 How about you?"

Jamie Hicks's profile image

jamie_hicks_8067 shared a tip "My FAVORITE Marvel lady 🤩"

Ren Takahashi's profile image

ren_takahashi shared a tip "All time fav backstory/present movies"

Regina Roseboro's profile image

regina_roseboro shared a tip "No"

Dark Veil Angels's profile image

dark_veil_angels shared a tip "Check it ouT"

Su Ortiz's profile image

su_ortiz shared a tip "Great take on her! Way better than Wonder Woman"

britney_castillo shared a tip "Still enjoyed it but it felt a little bit like a let down."

Ezperanza Huerta's profile image

ezperanza_huerta shared a tip "Good"

fernando_huerta_8465 shared a tip "Good ****"

yair_huerta shared a tip "Shii#"

daniel_paleo shared a tip "@omarpaleo"

johnathan_5707 shared a tip "When she's getting her suit colors changed in the sky that is Peter quill getting taken by the ravegers"

Jessica Benner's profile image

sparklefeather shared a tip "It's not for everyone. I like it but I understand why people are so-so on it. I like Samuel L. Jackson's role in it."

Cassie Newhouse's profile image

cassie_newhouse_3616 shared a tip "It is really good!"

Cassie Newhouse's profile image

cassie_newhouse_3616 shared a tip "It is really good!"

chels. shared a tip "I liked it."

The Verge 's profile image

verge shared a tip "meets some of the highest expectations yet for a Marvel movie"

Thelma Newlon's profile image

thelma_newlon shared a tip "It's a great movie for anyone who loves watching Marvel Movies."

Ese Latu's profile image

ese_latu shared a tip "Love action"

Stuart Arriaga's profile image

stuart_arriaga shared a tip "It is an okay movie for the FAMILY."

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richard_curry shared a tip "Please add"

Richard Curry's profile image

richard_curry shared a tip "Support Thor"

Richard Curry's profile image

richard_curry shared a tip "Hey"

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jacque_booth shared a tip "Heroes"

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lenin_martinez shared a tip "K"

jesus_v shared a tip "Hhjeur"

1savagemonkey videos's profile image

1savagemonkey_videos shared a tip "Saw it they day it came out in theaters was a amazing movie love it"

 's profile image

Mz.Amazin84 shared a tip "Great Action movies"

CRAFT 4 LIFE's profile image

djdoglover108 shared a tip "Awesome"

Glen En's profile image

glen_en shared a tip "Good flick. Girl power! (Literally)"

John Richburg's profile image

john_richburg shared a tip "Good movie"

HighOrNotHigh shared a tip "Probably better if you were drunk. But definitely need some sort of substance."

Tamz shared a tip "Great action movie. Added to the whole Marvel universe story"

Bill Maintz's profile image

bill_maintz shared a tip "Just loved her attitude. Having daughters, it is great to see strong female heroes showcased on screen."

the Zays's profile image

the_zays shared a tip "Very good for little girls bombarded by male super heros."

loretta_mccrea shared a tip "I love this movie it is so good definitely recommend"

Kasheena McDonald's profile image

kasheena_mcdonald shared a tip "It's amazing, full of action and on top of that the main character is a female that kicks butt lol"

grace_fleming_6664 shared a tip "I love the part where she breaks out of the supreme intelligence"

Ivan Acosta Rodriguez's profile image

ivan_acosta_rodrigu shared a tip "]"

Keisha St-Jacques's profile image

keishastjacques shared a tip "2/23"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1605923106670 shared a tip "This is a must see movie"

Carolyn Robinson's profile image

carolyn_robinson_579 shared a tip "If you a fan of the "shero" this is for you."

david_broderick shared a tip "I am a go for women superheroes"

luke vanderlaan's profile image

luke_vanderlaan shared a tip "Yeah I think it was pretty good. Director did a good job .( few plot holes tho)"

Carlie Rutkowski's profile image

carlie_rutkowski shared a tip "Awesome!"

Joedy-Jenna Morrisseau's profile image

joedy-jenna_morriss shared a tip "Probably any marvel or dc movie lol Watch aquaman .. my favorite by far"

Aryanna Tunstall's profile image

aryanna_tunstall shared a tip "Every time they tease Fury getting his eye damaged of course"

Miles Guerra's profile image

miles_guerra shared a tip "Bottom 5 of the MCU, until they make more stuff connect to it."

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1615537521640 shared a tip "not my favorite but it was okay."

Alice Grey's profile image

alice_grey_3147 shared a tip "The main character is very powerful and a very good role model for young girls #shedontneednoman"

jayna_4061 shared a tip "Goose the cat was so adroable, best part of the movie"

Brett Pacheco's profile image

brett_pacheco shared a tip "Great movie!"

Joy 's profile image

jo_amy shared a tip "I have nothing to prove to you"

Jose Laboy's profile image

jose_laboy_6860 shared a tip "It's acceptable"

kirsten_clovis_4169 shared a tip "The nightmare before Christmas"

emily_nelson_2999 shared a tip "Good movie! I love captain marvel!"

Neesha Patel's profile image

neesha_patel shared a tip "Frozen"

delaney_oneal shared a tip "Love this character and her story! Do you?"

Edward Lowe's profile image

edward_lowe_1356 shared a tip "Probably my favorite marvel movie."

brian_libby_4713 shared a tip "MCU, ass kicking woman, 90s vibe."

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