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After a particle accelerator causes a freak storm, CSI Investigator Barry Allen is struck by lightning and falls into a coma. Months later he awakens with the power of super speed, granting him the ability to move through Central City like an unseen guardian angel. Though initially excited by his ne

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2014-10-07

Last Air Date 2021-05-04

Seasons 7

Episodes 146


TMDB 7.7


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jim_woehr shared a tip "Though I can barely stand the new season."

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Quilee shared a tip "It’s the CW... It’s the first spinoff in Arrowverse. It’s lighter, brighter, and more fun!! I actually love it!!"

stephen_james_4677 shared a tip "♥️"

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amber_malone_3646 shared a tip "My favorite show!"

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elizabeth_lowe shared a tip "Grant is my favorite flash even though the character himself can make a few dumb moves he is still awesome"

Netflixismylife shared a tip "This show is literally The reason I love tv shows This show is amazing i swear !!🔥"

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rivera_bradley shared a tip "I'll rate 100%"

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doug_nelson shared a tip "Perfect binge watch show! It was keep you up for hours!"

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ella.jacobs shared a tip "It's hard not to really really like this show."

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kyle_clark_5450 shared a tip "Honestly no I love the entire series I’ve watched it four times and I’m still in the middle of rewatching it again"

Megan mcintosh's profile image

megan_r._mcintosh shared a tip "this is my Comfort show i’ve watched all the sessions like 6 times! it’s a really good and not to complicated show!"

Carisa Haber's profile image

carisa_haber shared a tip "DC always makes the best shows 🙃"

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karler shared a tip "Best Show!!"

terry_desina shared a tip "Season 3 best season no cap"

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william_heron shared a tip "It is emotional, exciting and action packed"

Maliyah 's profile image

maliyah_379 shared a tip "Action,romance,freind ship, a great show to beige watch with a freind or by yourself"

violet_rose_5897 shared a tip "This is great for tweens and up! Funny with relatable comedy, while also some vvilence and suspension"

999 Blynx 's profile image

999_blynx shared a tip "2nd favorite show it 🔥 u should watch it"

James Phillips's profile image

james_phillips_7287 shared a tip "I'm going through it now. I'm on s5 ep12. No true favorites. Maybe the funnest one to watch was them getting stuck in the musical"

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above_and_beyond_magic shared a tip "I love this Series Nice"

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frankie_j._tube shared a tip "#superheroes"

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red_one08 shared a tip "Loved it"

Michelle A Cohen's profile image

michelle_a_cohen shared a tip "Grey’s Anatomy"

Andrew Wess's profile image

Wess shared a tip "Its got everything! Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama, and Tons of Humor!"

XxGumdropxX 's profile image

dykota shared a tip "It has multiple other shows attached to it and includes a lot of crossovers including the arrowverse"

Aiden John's profile image

aiden_john shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch."

zach_boykin shared a tip "If you are board this is my favorite show I’ve rewatched it 10 TIMES!! DEFINITELY CHECK THIS SHOW OUT!!!"

lisa_smith_4286 shared a tip "This was a surprise- but I enjoyed it so much. They keep you guessing the whole way"

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wilcania_cruz shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch"

Alexandra Cherkas's profile image

alexandra_cherkas shared a tip "It’s awesome I’ve watched it and I recommend it if u like superhero’s"

Letta Westmoreland's profile image

letta_westmoreland shared a tip "Any of the crossover episodes! Especially crisis on infinite earths crossovers!"

Ritchard Nathaniel's profile image

ritchard_nathaniel shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to watch"

Kayla Hill's profile image

kayla_hill_5283 shared a tip "I love watching the flash soo much woth my family"

Sunny Agnas's profile image

sunny_agnas shared a tip "It probably has ro be the og, first episode, something about it was just so good"

Sophia Marte Rodriguez's profile image

sophia_marte_rodrig shared a tip "I think it will be interesting to see. I don't have much else to say 😂😊"

Dayen Bradley's profile image

dayen_bradley shared a tip "anna?"

anne_mchugh shared a tip "Love all these types of movies/TV shows"

Olha Prydatko's profile image

olha_prydatko shared a tip "I'm not sure i like all of them :)"

Charles Wolford's profile image

charles_wolford shared a tip "So much action so fun"

Natalee Ironstand's profile image

natalee_ironstand shared a tip "Awesome cliff hanger with some very funny humor every once in a while. You will definitally be addicted"

Keira Limberg's profile image

keiralikesmovies shared a tip "The ONLY good flash 😅"

Isabella Damas's profile image

isabella_damas shared a tip "It’s like the only best show ever like I’ve watched all the episodes like 10 times over and ever"

Maggie Dupree's profile image

maggie_dupree shared a tip "I love Gilmore Girls and Burn Notice! What about you??"

Chryssi Fowler's profile image

chryssi_fowler shared a tip "Yes I watch it with my kids as well as arrow and supergirl!"

hillary christian's profile image

hillary_christian_3413 shared a tip "Arrow"

Noa 7699's profile image

noa_7699 shared a tip "Grab some popcorn"

Dusty Harless's profile image

dusty_harless shared a tip "Sstart with Arrow"

Peter Perentesis's profile image

peter_perentesis shared a tip "This is one of the best shows ever. From drama to suspense, this will keep you guessing all the way."

Jessica Miller's profile image

jecca shared a tip "Yes, it's cheesy. Lean into it."

Ava Hastings's profile image

ava_hastings shared a tip "I love this show, so excited for s6 to be released on Netflix!!"

brissia_valencia shared a tip "This is a good show. Just know that there is a little cussing. Other than that great show"

Kayla Meyer's profile image

kayla_meyer_893 shared a tip "BEST SHOW EVER 100000/10 recommend and can’t stress enough how good it is"

katherine_romero shared a tip "Definitely!"

franciel_dominguez shared a tip "Yes"

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stunt_boy shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge watch"

Angie Pandolfino's profile image

angie_pandolfino shared a tip "DC comic on Netflix, lighthearted, a little corny but cute"

Avik Wadhwa's profile image

avik_wadhwa shared a tip "First season is good, rest is trash"

kaylen_8768 shared a tip "These episodes have comedy romance and superheroes I love it you should totally watch it"

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enma_rose shared a tip "It’s a good she to binge watch"

lucia eden's profile image

lucia_eden shared a tip "Lots of love!!"

Mersadies Orosco's profile image

mersadies_orosco shared a tip "Idk why i just loce flash ive seen it 5 times all seasons"

Nijhae Wilson's profile image

nijhae_wilson shared a tip "I've never been (I'm lying) so attached to something like this as I am"

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tyanna_taylor_3596 shared a tip "It's a perfect show to binge watch"

Tyanna Taylor's profile image

tyanna_taylor_3596 shared a tip "Yes"

Krista Butler's profile image

krista_butler shared a tip "Love!"

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movienight shared a tip "Looking for your next superhero series? This one’s for you."

tlr lMlade's profile image

tlr_lmlade shared a tip "I don't know the exact name, but the episode when Barry finally defeats The Red Flash is satisfyingly satisfying."

kimora_hodo shared a tip "It’s the perfect tv show to bing watch#superheroes"

Azelia Noriega's profile image

azelia_noriega shared a tip "I love it its really Good."

Exotic Flame's profile image

exotic_flame shared a tip "It's such a good show to watch over and over again and new seasons will always come"

Gamer girl Cheetah's profile image

Jojo.Netflex-Fan shared a tip "Really good and have great team work"

Cesar Navarrete's profile image

cesar_navarrete shared a tip "I mean good"

Tammie Stratton's profile image

tammie_stratton shared a tip "I havent finished it yet,lol"

Braylin Hudson's profile image

braylin_hudson shared a tip "Perfect for people who like dramatic shows lots of suspense and action."

Bhrnt 's profile image

bhrnt shared a tip "There is a lot of good eposides! Hard to pick. I obviously love season 1 the development was what makes this show good."

Jhasuan Bethea's profile image

jhasuan_bethea shared a tip "This show is a good to watch if you like dc#superheroes"

Jade Jones's profile image

jade_jones_5623 shared a tip "Love the crossovers love this show periodtt the graphics the missions the suite. Just everything"

Testabraham YT's profile image

testabraham_yt shared a tip "its my favorite"

Sabrina Rodriguez's profile image

sabrina_rodriguez_6266 shared a tip "AMAZING"

Ella Asatori's profile image

ella_asatori shared a tip "Its the perfect family show"

Jena Weightman's profile image

jena_weightman shared a tip "Great mix of scuence romance and supernatural occurences"

Braiden Salter's profile image

braiden_salter shared a tip "Ive never watched a better show in my life. It is action packed and sooo interesting. Thank you CW.#barry"

angelina_jenkins shared a tip "It had alot of action in it."

Reagan Melton's profile image

reagan_melton_9229 shared a tip "Definately!"

Spicies Clan's profile image

spicies_clan shared a tip "Its so good"

Nicolas Lomax's profile image

nicolas_lomax shared a tip "Great superhero show thst is loads of fun to watch."

Lanette Jimenez's profile image

lanette_jimenez shared a tip "It’s on Netflix to"

Zachary Schroeder's profile image

zachary_schroeder shared a tip "The later seasons are starting to get a bit drawn out, but i like this show overall"

Kira Malik's profile image

kira_malik shared a tip "My favorite show"

jayden_castro shared a tip "It’s just so good"

Lydia Hulliberger's profile image

lydia_hulliberger shared a tip "It was drama filled and action packed I loved it"

yo_yo_yo_5234 shared a tip "It’s the best show in the world"

Lonnie Love's profile image

lonnie_love_3889 shared a tip "#bestshow"

Robert Gathings's profile image

robert_gathings shared a tip "Too many. I Would say my top ones are Big Bang Theory, Schits Creek, Mandalorian and Falcon and the Winter Solider."

adrienne_haywood shared a tip "It’s a really great show. It has a diverse cast and very likable characters."

daniel_howard_6048 shared a tip "Awesome.Pure,Awesome.It had everything. #sci-fi #comedy #action"

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