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Lawyer-by-day Matt Murdock uses his heightened senses from being blinded as a young boy to fight crime at night on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2015-04-10

Last Air Date 2018-10-19

Seasons 3

Episodes 39


TMDB 8.2


TheGingerGirl455 's profile image

gingergirl455 shared a tip "I was so angry when they canceled this show."

Jonann Sandvig's profile image

Jollysand shared a tip "Interesting and worth watching"

nick karlsons's profile image

nick_karlsons shared a tip "Really liked this"

Jim Woehr's profile image

jim_woehr shared a tip "The best superhero show, period. That Netflix cancelled just to piss off Disney."

jonathan_david_whit shared a tip "This was the first Netflix original Marvel TV show I believe… and it set the standard."

Parham T's profile image

parham_t shared a tip "Honestly thought it would be good, but only the last season caught me."

Sam Darnel's profile image

sam_darnel shared a tip "Matt Murdock is the only reason if I’m being honest . And in the second season , frank castle . That’s it 🤷🏻‍♀️"

carlisah <3's profile image

carlisah_ shared a tip "so well done y’all i promise. gets better every season too"

<3 Hopper's profile image

mary_miller_4402 shared a tip "Love this show so much, ( I used to have a crush on Matt Murdock ;) )"

Jayanna 's profile image

yannadamacc shared a tip "Great show it did get cancelled however it won’t leave you off with a bad cliffhanger till you watch Spider-man NWH 😂"

Luis 's profile image

LuisDrinksBeer shared a tip "Best TV show in the world. Period. Done."

Tyler Rubis's profile image

tyler_rubis shared a tip "In my opinion Daredevil is some of the best Marvel media. Great story, interesting characters, fantastic theme."

Cameron Felton's profile image

cameron_felton_6346 shared a tip "Charlie Cox steals the show, undoubtedly making this the best Marvel show"

Joey Jenkins's profile image

joey_jenkins_4357 shared a tip "Yes it is better than the MCU Disney+ shows"

Nora Kalan's profile image

nora_kalan shared a tip "Loved it! Charlie Cox is the best!"

connie_9394 shared a tip "Heroic Action"

Caterina Rosa's profile image

caterina_rosa shared a tip "yes."

tess 's profile image

voh shared a tip "whole lotta red"

William Crawford's profile image

william_crawford shared a tip "Daredevil series was a awesome series"

Annie Gunnell's profile image

annie_gunnell shared a tip "This is the best. Watch it."

Matthew Unterreiner's profile image

Quilee shared a tip "If you’re into the defenders series, this is where it all began. Good anti-hero series. Great fight scenes."

Ryan Mann's profile image

ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "Best Daredevil out there"

Mckenzie Hamm's profile image

mckenzie_hamm shared a tip "will never be “overrated” best damn comic book show ever"

cara_charette shared a tip "Season 2 episode 9"

Darla Phillips's profile image

darla_phillips shared a tip "I enjoyed Marvel’s Jessica Jones as well. Then there was a crossover season called Defenders."

Rosaria Delarosa's profile image

Rosaria.Delarosa shared a tip "Love this movie, so much action. I love action movies"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Liked it a lot."

Cooldudelog 's profile image

logan_t_7893 shared a tip "Really good comic book to live-action adaptation"

Bruno Oran's profile image

bruno_oran shared a tip "the movie is very appealing"

Jessica K.'s profile image

jessica_keller shared a tip "Why did this have to end!? 🥲"

Kimberly Rolen Nelson's profile image

tv_fan_grl shared a tip "Terrific, ended way too soon"

michael_blakely_5897 shared a tip "Loved It! Great adaption of who daredevil is in the comics"

Gav 's profile image

gav_820 shared a tip "BEST SHOW EVER LITERALLY"

jeff gregg's profile image

jaxs99 shared a tip "One of the best superhero shows bought to TV ever. Great story! Great cast! Well done!"

Kunta Emory's profile image

kunta_emory shared a tip "Dark and excellent."

Katie Collins's profile image

katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Too much violence, it could've been good without it"

bihskizz shared a tip "Binge worthy"

Brittany Toll's profile image

brittany_toll_865 shared a tip "One of my favorite marvel shows on Netflix"

kelly_baskerville_2139 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

eva_dardamanis shared a tip "this show had me hooked. so good."

mb 's profile image

mrgnburle shared a tip "season 2 sucked. and all of the characters are annoyingly stubborn"

Ash💅 's profile image

ash_the.loser shared a tip "YES OM YES"

Ashton Boyce's profile image

ashton_boyce shared a tip "If you are into superheroes definitely"

Care 's profile image

Caremlot shared a tip "The amount of love I have for Matt Murdock can't be put into words lmao. He is definitely one of my new favorite heroes!"

Dark Veil Angels's profile image

dark_veil_angels shared a tip "Check it ouT"

Ghost .'s profile image

ghost_. shared a tip "I liked it, but the plot super bored me."

Chance MacPherson's profile image

TakeAChance5001 shared a tip "Probably my favorite TV show of all time."

jaden_song shared a tip "Do yourself a favor and watch this show"

Karl Shearer's profile image

karl_shearer shared a tip "Great show. The fight scenes are some of the best and most exhausting I've watched. Can be bloody and sometimes gorey."

Aidan Steinbauer's profile image

aidan_steinbauer shared a tip "Absolutely Incredible"

Chrissy Sanchez's profile image

chrissy_sanchez shared a tip "I think it’s great! Strong characters, well constructed fight scenes and amazing acting."

Paloma 's profile image

PalomaValencia shared a tip "Charlie Cox is amazing in this."

Panda Harris's profile image

panda_harris shared a tip "I definitely need to do a rewatch soon"

Erin Fagan's profile image

erin_fagan_954 shared a tip "LOVEEEEEEEE"

NatCatKitty 's profile image

natcatkitty shared a tip "Solid writing, and amazing action sequences, best of superhero media out there!"

Jenn Foy's profile image

jenn_foy_8021 shared a tip "It really helps to understand some characters. Nice flow of story. Really enjoyed it" shared a tip "It just got canceled on Netflix and I just started watching it."

Ashush Srivastava's profile image

ashush_srivastava shared a tip "Some of the best fight scenes in recent times. It brings back a lot of realism to fights which modern film has forgotten."

albert_wolf shared a tip "0.00 $"

Nathan Riggle's profile image

nathan_riggle shared a tip "Also love the Punisher and Defenders series"

Jan Alberti's profile image

jan_alberti shared a tip "Not in particular as every episode was a gem."

Tayvion Hardaway's profile image

tayvion_hardaway shared a tip "I'm just seeing this but yes very one of my personal faves"

AhabAtSea shared a tip "My all time favorite live action super hero series, possibly the most the accurate to the character and Source material as well."

terry_domaska shared a tip "Good movie"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Season one was good. Season two was better but bad too much going on. Season 3 was best."

Eleisha Lilly's profile image

eleisha_lilly shared a tip "Great action! Kinda gory but surprisingly not much swearing or sex. Really enjoyed to conflict of faith and trying to be a hero."

Nathan Markel's profile image

nathan_markel_5835 shared a tip "Best Superhero show yet."

jeffrey george's profile image

jeffrey_george shared a tip "Truly a amazing show that is well balanced between action and story progression"

Javier Enriquez 2008's profile image

javier_enriquez_2008 shared a tip "This is a good marvel tv show and one of my favorite marvel hero #action #superheroes #crime #marvel #daredevil"

makya murray's profile image

makya_murray shared a tip "Great story and love the actor, my favorite of the Netflix Marvel shows"

Ward68 's profile image

Ward68 shared a tip "This is a must see. So glad that Daredevil was redone after that horrible movie."

Allison Williams Westcott's profile image

allison_williams_westcott shared a tip "Loved it! Season 1 is definitely the best though seasons 2 and 3 have some redeeming qualities"

Alexis Aloot's profile image

alexis_aloot shared a tip "Listen- it's really ******* gay I'm not gonna lie"

John Smith's profile image

john_smith_4730 shared a tip "Easily one of my favorite shows of all time."

Karlie Heuker's profile image

karlie_heuker shared a tip "MY FAVORITE MARVEL NETFLIX SHOW!!"

Christianna 's profile image

christianna_ shared a tip "the best netflix marvel tv show"

Brittliz92 's profile image

brittany_van_dyke shared a tip "This show is phenomenal. Charlie and Vincent steal the show whenever they're on screen."

cartier shared a tip "Best super hero show to date."

Abilash Ketheeswaran's profile image

abilash_ketheeswaran shared a tip "All seasons were good but got cancelled :("

andrew_gunter shared a tip "Phenomenal"

Jade Jones's profile image

jade_jones_5623 shared a tip "DESERVED MORE SEASONS!!!!!"

Declodian Alv's profile image

declodian_alv shared a tip "Better than the other defenders shows. Not 100 but better"

Alex Hawthorne's profile image

alex_hawthorne shared a tip "Such a great premise, with incredible action and plotlines."

Jamie Fickes's profile image

jamie_fickes shared a tip "I liked a lot of the first season. That hallway fight scene was the highlight."

Karissa Garner's profile image

karissa_garner shared a tip "Great acting, excellent story, awesome fight scenes"

Jon Mayer's profile image

jon_mayer shared a tip "First and third seasons are amzing second season not wuite on par but overall a great seris"

Open Mike's profile image

open_mike shared a tip "One of the best shows out there and hands down the BEST superhero show ever !!"

eric_clough shared a tip "If you like super hero genre, this is a must watch"

acole 2018's profile image

acole_2018 shared a tip "Second only to the Punisher series. This was so cool."

Sharon Leporati's profile image

sharon_leporati shared a tip "Yes. Amazing action. Superb acting. Love it"

Dorianne Irons's profile image

dorianne_irons shared a tip "Hmmmmm Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose place, Nashville"

Alys Terra's profile image

alys_terra shared a tip "Of the 4 "Defenders" shows on Netflix, this is my favorite. Jessica Jones follows close behind."

Masoud Hussain's profile image

masoud_hussain shared a tip "There were only 2 good marvel shows on netflix and daredevil was one of them"

j_j_2075 shared a tip "Loved it, especially the first season"

Sara Shouldice's profile image

sara_shouldice shared a tip "Lots of action 💥"

Sebastian Noonan's profile image

sebastian_noonan shared a tip "Everything"

RedInTheSky 's profile image

redinthesky shared a tip "Some of the best superhero Media ever."

RedInTheSky 's profile image

redinthesky shared a tip "The best superhero anything on any screen. Realistic fight scenes. Clever writing."

Aydrea Westrick's profile image

aydrea_westrick shared a tip "Yes! The fight scenes alone are so real and captivating."

ayan elder's profile image

ayan_elder shared a tip "best show in the world"

jacob_massey_7044 shared a tip "Is any one else obsessed with this show"

Rohit Jammu's profile image

rohit_jammu shared a tip "GOD TIER"

MoonHawkZero 's profile image

moonhawkzero shared a tip "Most of the marvel shows are great. At the moment I am waiting for Moon Knight to come out. It looks like a trip."

blurry baby's profile image

blurry_baby shared a tip "Everyone is so hot, the character development is so great"

eliza. .skinn's profile image

eliza._.skinn shared a tip "Genuinely the best piece of media to come from Marvel."

Archie DePietro's profile image

archie_depietro shared a tip "Hands down the best gritty , dark, action packed, super hero genre related show."

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