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Set in a ruined medieval city called Dreamland, Disenchantment follows the grubby adventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf companion and her personal demon.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2018-08-17

Last Air Date 2022-02-09

Seasons 2

Episodes 40


TMDB 7.5


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Yolken shared a tip "This one's just not for me and as much as I love Lucy, he can't carry the whole thing."

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shannon_grigsby shared a tip "My favorite cartoon of all time! I hope more is soon to come 😭😭"

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molly_kaufmann shared a tip "Dark and gay and character development"

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october_9731 shared a tip "Funny, inclusive, great animation. All the characters are likeable and it keeps you laughing and surprised."

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max_lawliet shared a tip "From the creator of the simpsons. Has it’s own appeal and comedy"

Spance 's profile image

showsbooksandmoviesarefun shared a tip "It was absolutely amazing! Love the trio of Luci, Elfo and Bean."

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simon_oakes shared a tip "Same hilarity different century."

Tessa 's profile image

tessa_baldwin_944 shared a tip "It's okay. Not my first pick though"

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ali_nicole_4952 shared a tip "Love it"

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shallyface shared a tip "Obsessed with Luci 🥰 (also it’s just really cool, like if Futurama was fantasy vibes)"

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zameera_abbe shared a tip "I never watched it"

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jacob_parker_9860 shared a tip "Cool cartoon!"

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allegra_lief shared a tip "Probably The promise of never land though I’m watching attack of the titan now and It’s pretty good"

Allegra Lief's profile image

allegra_lief shared a tip "What about you"

johnny_gonzalez_1553 shared a tip "It finished now I don’t know what to watch."

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memphis_rose_reed shared a tip "Disenchantment is my favourite cartoon! I hope they are going to have more seasons. I would love to watch it again"

Lexie G's profile image

lexie_g shared a tip "i think it was a pretty good show"

aaliyah_violeta_meza shared a tip "To funny!!! One of my favs"

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its_SlothMode7 shared a tip "This show is my bread and butter! Bean is a mess, Elfo is a mess, Luci is a lovable mess, Dreamland is a mess…need I go on? 😂❤️"

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helpmeouthere shared a tip "always laughing or crying cuz i’m laughing too hard"

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "lgbt af if you really think about it. canon."

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andraia_peerce shared a tip "It is so good a it was the best thing 🥳😁😆"

Tanmart Selby's profile image

tanmart_selby shared a tip "I love it! It’s like Futurama in the Middle Ages and with British accents."

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christopher_theriault shared a tip "Love futurama? You'll love this"

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caitlin_hill_135 shared a tip "Loved this show!"

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ashley_trager shared a tip "If you are a fan of futurama this is definitely winner!"

Jordan Gulledge's profile image

jordan_gulledge shared a tip "If you're into the Simpson's or Futurama, you'll be into this!"

Alicia Corts's profile image

alicia_corts shared a tip "Fun, cynical ride with every episode"

Chantal Larsen's profile image

shaunts shared a tip "Matt Groening gets tired of drawing Bart & Lisa."

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hannah_selden shared a tip "Ooh... Probably luci"

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josh_wheat shared a tip "It's not a new show I don't know much of the community but if you like the type of art from the simpsons and if y"

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erica_johnson_8981 shared a tip "Funny and entertaining. #adult_cartoon #comedy"

leila_9083 shared a tip "New season out today! :)"

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savanah_moorer shared a tip "Such a good show"

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savanah_moorer shared a tip "They are all really good just started the new season and its really funny"

Asia Battle's profile image

asia_battle shared a tip "I'm on 3 seasons so yeah it good"

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ben_bosstick shared a tip "It’s the perfect binge watching show"

Shirley Johnson's profile image

shirley_johnson_5616 shared a tip "If you liked simpsons i enjoy this more"

Brielle Nielson's profile image

brielle_nielson shared a tip "Very witty and fast paced"

sarah brillante's profile image

sarah_brillante shared a tip "Love me some Abbi Jacobson in animated form"

kadyy 's profile image

kady_palmer shared a tip "so underrated"

Tristahx 's profile image

tristahx shared a tip "Totally! I wish they'd make more seasons!"

Loreal Costa 's profile image

loreal_costa shared a tip "refreshed on the witcher and mandalorian. old school Simpson and furturamma"

Arys Scott's profile image

arys_scott shared a tip "it’s an all time favorite show of mine i can’t get enough of eric andre as luci in particular but the whole cast is so great"

jailynn_shelly shared a tip "Really good show highly recommend"

Zoe Elizabeth's profile image

zoe_elizabeth_2038 shared a tip "Absolutely lived it I hope it gets renewed for another season"

Sydney Stofferahn's profile image

sydney_stofferahn shared a tip "If you love futurama then this is a show you would love!!"

Nico CH's profile image

nico_ch shared a tip "Awesome story!!!"

Nestor Sobotie's profile image

nestor_sobotie shared a tip "Been a minute since I watched it but it had to be the demon because he represented enjoying life and having fun."

ethan_febus shared a tip "nope they are all good"

Z’Choya Haley's profile image

zchoya_haley shared a tip "Because she is adventurous"

James Gauthier's profile image

james_gauthier_3425 shared a tip "The hilarious humor of it mixed with medieval setting. Definitely the best "adult" show they have put out"

Kristena Becerra's profile image

kristena_becerra shared a tip "Perfect"

Alayna Foster's profile image

alayna_foster_8612 shared a tip "A perfect combination of Simpson animation and family guy raunchy #comedy"

jordan_macpherson shared a tip "#soooogoood #sofunny"

Katrina Sarles's profile image

katrina_sarles shared a tip "So interstibg has me on my toes"

kayla_munro shared a tip "Funny series"

Blake Hogeland's profile image

blake_hogeland shared a tip "Has the comedy of Futurama and a gteat story with an interesting twist if your into that sort of thing i would give this a try."

Courtney Bates's profile image

courtney_bates_9252 shared a tip "The first season is really good. It's been ok since."

Sarah 's profile image

sarah_1256 shared a tip "I dig it. It keeps me entertained and is easy to watch / browse your phone while watching"

jack earls's profile image

jack_earls shared a tip "Super funny"

Eris the fallen Angel 's profile image

eris_the_fallen_ang shared a tip "New season ending made me yell. Still a 10/10 recommend"

juno_baumgardner shared a tip "So funny, and the story is phenomenal."

Kayshante Matthews's profile image

kayshante_matthews shared a tip "Wonder if there will be a season 4?"

Cadence Fleischer's profile image

cadence_fleischer shared a tip "This is a hilarious show with a dark side and I loved every minute of it!"

sam_jones_1258 shared a tip "It’s funny"

Vreeland Holt's profile image

vreeland_holt shared a tip "It's fun and quirky."

Kenzie ink's profile image

kenzie_ink shared a tip "One of my favorites."

lindsey_rikard shared a tip "#funny #darkhumour"

Skylar Schineller's profile image

skylar_schineller shared a tip "I love lucy so much"

Andrea Yanke's profile image

andrea_yanke shared a tip "Funny"

I'sha Poseidohn-Falayāhadìn's profile image

isha_poseidohn-fala shared a tip "In a lot of ways I can relate to tiabeanie and I love luci"

Andrew Krall's profile image

andrew_krall shared a tip "Not sure, there's so many. I think The Witcher is probably my favorite"

Brooklyn Lofton's profile image

brooklyn_lofton shared a tip "This show is so addictive and funny. I’ve watched it like 3 times"

Joy Lanham 's profile image

joy_lanham shared a tip "absolutely loved it, it was a great binge"

trinity_zachery shared a tip "Srry I dont look on here often but my fav show would be umbrella academy."

Ashley Price's profile image

Broke_Traveler87 shared a tip "Died laughing"

Kara S's profile image

kara_s_2697 shared a tip "Favorite show if all time? It's a tossup between The Office and Hannibal."

Cathy Raboldt's profile image

cathy_raboldt shared a tip "At first I didn't think so, but my husband & I thought it was funny. So yes worth it."

Talynn Cooper's profile image

talynn_cooper shared a tip "Yes I loved it! If you like shows like family guy and the Simpsons you would love it<3"

lacrimae shared a tip "It’s the perfect length to binge watch and is super funny. Has a thick plot that isn’t tiring to watch."

Howl What's profile image

howl_what shared a tip "I think so. It's funny"

Tess Longmire's profile image

tess_longmire shared a tip "I watched the first season and it was good, but never finished the rest of it!"

Ryan Bonds's profile image

ryan_bonds_1947 shared a tip "Yeah it's really funny xD I may actually watch it again lol."

corrina_simpson_3388 shared a tip "It was good, my partner suggested it"

Tom Atkisson's profile image

tom_atkisson shared a tip "If you like things like Futurama and The Simpsons you will like this."

Kelsey Bouchard's profile image

kelsey_bouchard shared a tip "Yes! So funny"

Ahimsa !'s profile image

ahimsa_ shared a tip "So many! What are you into?"

Dominic Drapers's profile image

dominic_drapers shared a tip "I never knew there was a remake"

brady_naquin shared a tip "Probably part 2 ep 2 or part 3 ep 1 🦍"

rachel reathiford's profile image

rachel_reathiford shared a tip "Its one of my favorite animated series"

Raven Wrayne's profile image

raven_wrayne shared a tip "It depends on your sense of humor. I enjoy darker humor"

Vengeful Angel's profile image

vengeful_angel shared a tip "The midnight gospel 🤷🏼‍♀️"

Leah Cavender's profile image

leah_cavender shared a tip "I love this show, it’s the perfect casual watching show. a super hidden gem on netflix. great for fans of bojack horseman."

rikki_bailey shared a tip "I love Disenchantment! I love Luci & Elfo the dynamic duo of sidekicks I never could have imagined I needed. 🖤"

Meghan Burns's profile image

meghan_burns_9966 shared a tip "Incredible. I related to the prompts and jokes more than Futurama (and I loved that show too)."

Jessica Ramos Ramirez's profile image

jessica_ramos_ramir shared a tip "It's really good, the whole show is funny and really good. It keeps me waiting for the next season every time."

August 's profile image

auggiebee shared a tip "Im catching up on She-Ra on Netflix"

Regina Moreno Vera's profile image

regina_moreno_vera shared a tip "If you have watched Rick and Morty (or even if you haven’t) Solar Pairs is really good."

Brooke L.'s profile image

brooke_l. shared a tip "Right it is The Goldbergs"

zsanetta_horde shared a tip "@serenabaker it’s so good, a little out there but super funny. I’ve watched it twice lol, have you started it ?"

nevaeha_mcguffey shared a tip "Yes"

brione_daniels shared a tip "The second season is the best imho but their all worth watching."

margaret_schrameck shared a tip "It’s pretty good, story is good and characters are interesting"

Jazmine 's profile image

alices_leoluvr shared a tip "If you’re looking for adult animation bojack horseman is really good but I would also recommend a sitcom called community"

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Tiera Coleman's profile image

tiera_coleman shared a tip "Working Moms, Kim’s Convenience"

Leo B's profile image

leo_b_165 shared a tip "Good"

samantha hilleary's profile image

samantha_hilleary shared a tip "Adventure time if you haven't already seen it. It's my go to show when I don't know what else to watch. Although it is on hulu"

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jesse_granados shared a tip "Yea you should watch #animation or #comedy"

SmaugBaggins 's profile image

smaugbaggins shared a tip "Really fun and enjoyable fantasy comedy"

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adelaltz shared a tip "Just finished pt4 it wasnt as good as any of the previous parts but it set up a good next season ig"

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