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FBI agent Audrey Parker arrives in the small town of Haven, Maine to solve a murder and soon discovers the town's many secrets—which also hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her lost past.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2010-07-09

Last Air Date 2015-12-17

Seasons 5

Episodes 78


TMDB 7.6


Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_arney shared a tip "Awesome tv show!!! I watched it three times now all episodes 😂 If you like syfy this is a MUST SEE for you!"

Regina Simmons's profile image

regina_simmons shared a tip "“You are nothing but tech. I would be ten times what you are if I had that tech in my head.”"

Adam 's profile image

adam_schmadam shared a tip "Like Eureka, but serious and with dumb people"

Patrick Jamyr's profile image

StarBolt shared a tip "Season 1 sucks until like episode 9 or 10. Afterwards, it's pretty good."

Samantha Nicole's profile image

samantha_nicole_7044 shared a tip "Loved it"

liz_4338 shared a tip "Enjoy this show very much- but it got complicated in later seasons Nathan + Audrey ❤️"

Jamie Cohen's profile image

jamie_cohen shared a tip "Love it! Has a grown up Buffy feel to it. Supernatural vibes but love story etc etc"

alyhope232 's profile image

alyhope232 shared a tip "Loved it!!!"

Maria 's profile image

maria_gallifrey shared a tip "(Audrey and Nathan)"

kim_hasty shared a tip "Of course i liked this show, it's weird."

Brandi Knott's profile image

brandi_knott shared a tip "Watched all of it twice! Really well made!"

Reena Suion's profile image

reena_suion shared a tip "Perfect amount of mystery, fantasy, and romance"

allie_henegan shared a tip "Interesting concept. Kept me interested."

Jersey Maine's profile image

jersey_maine shared a tip "You have to watch this show!! Must see!"

Jersey Maine's profile image

jersey_maine shared a tip "Absolutely!!! You won't regret it"

Jennifer Emery's profile image

jennifer_emery shared a tip "Was sad to say goodbye to this series."

Linda Hinojosa's profile image

linda_hinojosa shared a tip "Good sci-fi show"

Chelsea Norfleet's profile image

chelsea_norfleet shared a tip "This show is one of my absolute favorites!"

Marissa Council's profile image

marissa_council shared a tip "Really good recommend"

Marissa Council's profile image

marissa_council shared a tip "Really good recommend"

Lea T's profile image

lea_t shared a tip "If you're into paranormal with mystery entwined, you'll love this show. All time favorite!"

Molly F's profile image

molly_f_4008 shared a tip "Very much so. Theres a little cheesiness though. But worth it."

Stephanie Rowe's profile image

stephanie_rowe_5338 shared a tip "I really loved this show!"

haydee_aguilera shared a tip "Love the show seen it and has a good ending #cool"

Ash Cooper's profile image

ash_cooper_5404 shared a tip "One of favorite shows ever."

jennifer_egrie shared a tip "It was slow to start but it really does pick up if you continue watching it."

York Girl06 Channel's profile image

lindsey_206 shared a tip "Best show ever"

threadbookandsoil 's profile image

threadbookandsoil shared a tip "https://youtu.be/YB4v6fRVjf0"

rea_no shared a tip "Really enjoyed the characters and weaving in of some mild Stephen Kimg-ness"

Renee Ott's profile image

renee_ott shared a tip "They strayed a lot from the point which was finding their son but ....."

Branden Davis's profile image

branden_davis shared a tip "This is an amazing show"

Cindy Glazier's profile image

cindy_glazier shared a tip "Not any specific one I can think of. I just enjoyed the whole show."

Michael Shipley's profile image

michael_shipley shared a tip "There all pretty good but I like the one wheee they are apparently trapped in a snow globe"

kaylen_wilkins shared a tip "Soooooo good to me"

Brittany Scheele's profile image

brittany_scheele shared a tip "Always something different in every episode! Things i have never seen done"

david_broderick shared a tip "Lived it even the ending though dissapointing"

rhylie mckinnis's profile image

rhylie_mckinnis shared a tip "love it !!!"

Isabella Longfellow's profile image

isabella_longfellow shared a tip "it’s one of my favorite shows ever!! definitely recommend🖤"

Nathaniel Gardner's profile image

nathaniel_gardner_8420 shared a tip "My guy"

Roberta Cumberland's profile image

roberta_cumberland shared a tip "Enjoyable escape"

terry_gordon shared a tip "Excellent show. Never gets boring, with lots of new characters throughout the seasons."

Amy Hardy's profile image

amy_hardy_3548 shared a tip "Definitely Audrey or duke"

Brittany Leech's profile image

brittany_leech shared a tip "Kept you in suspense and waiting to know what happens next"

Diana Randall's profile image

diana_randall shared a tip "Binge-worthy. Lots of twists and turns. Gets better after a few episodes."

Brook Breeden's profile image

brook_breeden shared a tip "Yes! It's definitely a sci-fi show, but we loved it!"

Kylee Dougherty's profile image

kylee_dougherty shared a tip "Favorite show ever"

Kessie Litchford's profile image

kessie_litchford shared a tip "The order is one I am watching now and the Shannara chronicles I am rewatching. Both are on Netflix."

Misty Delacruz's profile image

misty_delacruz shared a tip "O love it so much."

Elizabeth Villatoro's profile image

elizabeth_villatoro shared a tip "Absolutely LOVED this 😍"

karla_galarza shared a tip "It was really great because it had a lot of different supernatural elements"

Teresa Marine's profile image

teresa_marine shared a tip "I LOVED IT, CLASSIC GOOD VS EVIL."

Random Person's profile image

random_person_1157 shared a tip "I hate it so much I love it. It's awful. I miss it."

Deborah Kay Martinez's profile image

deborah_kay_martinez shared a tip "This is an interesting movie series. Had twists and turns."

sabrina_yost shared a tip "Small town, interesting supernatural powers"

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