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This British television baking competition selects from amongst its competitors the best amateur baker. The series is credited with reinvigorating interest in baking throughout the UK, and many of its participants, including winners, have gone on to start a career based on baking.

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Status Canceled

First Air Date 2010-08-17

Last Air Date 2016-10-27

Seasons 7

Episodes 89


TMDB 7.6


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Likewise shared a tip "'Holidays' S1 & S2"

Avery Bell's profile image

averybell shared a tip "A completely non-stressful reality show with delicious desserts."

Ruby 's profile image

rurubyby shared a tip "Wholesome, funny, relaxing. 10/10"

Nona Lisa's profile image

nona_lisa_69 shared a tip "I really loved The Big Flower Fight!"

Avidan Baral's profile image

avidan shared a tip "should I be this invested in whether or not Nancy from Lincolnshire is burning her soufflé?"

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avidan shared a tip "This is the most relaxing show on Netflix and I endorse the first 4 seasons. However, WHERE IS MARY BERRY IN SEASON 5? #freemary"

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aaron_7939 shared a tip "My sweet-tooth is the stuff of legends. This show was an easy watch for me.""

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jessica_johnson_7555 shared a tip "GBBO is perhaps the most heartwarming and soothing reality shows."

Carla Craddock's profile image

carla_craddock shared a tip "I don’t see a lot of substance attached to this show, or offense avoidance ."

Hillary Hayes's profile image

hmhayes000 shared a tip "This is definitely a comfort show for me. I learn so much, and the judging is set up nicely."

Emma Torp's profile image

emma_torp shared a tip "Noel Fielding and Matt lucus’s antics are hilarious and all the baking challenges are so fun to watch. Superb show!"

Steven Kaiser's profile image

steven_kaiser shared a tip "A great light show to pass the time!"

geneva_moss shared a tip "I can watch this over and over. It's so good."

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megan_green_9650 shared a tip "Such a good comfort show!"

Parul Desai's profile image

parul_desai shared a tip "Gotta love these talented bakers and the British humor thrown in."

christin_pinto shared a tip "Love this show! Kind, funny, informative"

Bianca Marie's profile image

bianca_marie_967 shared a tip "Such a feel-good and inspirational show!"

Dawn Moore's profile image

dawn_moore_4723 shared a tip "I love this show! They are so nice to each other and the hosts are hilarious!"

Alexis C's profile image

alexis_c_4798 shared a tip "The best show to just relax and disconnect."

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brian_zumsteg shared a tip "A great example of what America should be doing."

Kathy Lovingshimer's profile image

kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "I love this show"

Kathy Lovingshimer's profile image

kathy_lovingshimer shared a tip "❤ this show"

venetia_winford shared a tip "I am obsessed with this show like 10 out of 10 for me"

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strayberrie shared a tip "I really enjoy watching the way most of the dishes are made."

Cara 's profile image

cara. shared a tip "Seasons 1-4 are the best! :)"

Courtney Smith's profile image

courtney_smith_7377 shared a tip "This is so funny and informative. Super easy to watch."

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lakeway07 shared a tip "Love this show because it’s totally different than the other cooking/baking shows."

judith_cayton shared a tip "Makes me feel good and crave sweets"

Sarah Halcomb-Clark's profile image

arahsay shared a tip "Give us a new season!"

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brittany_cruz shared a tip "Such a feel good show! I hope they add all of the seasons!"

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katie_collins_5208 shared a tip "Baking! Food! Yes!"

ra_4701 shared a tip "It is calming."

Leo Sacks's profile image

leo_sacks shared a tip "A great show to make you hungry!"

Bonnie Dalager's profile image

bonnie_dalager shared a tip "One of the few shows I refuse to multi-task while watching. Love the atmosphere, the support the contestants give one another."

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joslyn_rose shared a tip "All time favorite. Perfect for any mood."

skim mylk's profile image

skimmylk shared a tip "one of my favorite shows! definitely cozy"

Roobee Lester's profile image

roobee_lester shared a tip "The first seasons are just wonderful and surprisingly entertaining."

star_reynolds_couch shared a tip "Soothing and lovely. I wish the tent was in my backyard!!"

Darci Bartlett's profile image

darci_bartlett shared a tip "It is hands down the best baking competition show on the air!!"

farhan_kathawala shared a tip "Yeah! It's family-friendly, competitive, polite, about cooking. Ticks all my boxes :)"

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perky shared a tip "Got my husband into baking!"

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v_fulton shared a tip "You'll find yourself rooting for your favorite! Love that the contestants support each other, too"

marianne_hansen shared a tip "I love both renditions. I’m accepting of change."

chels. shared a tip "I love this show. Especially the Derry Girls Christmas Special."

Mindy Lindquist's profile image

mindy_lindquist shared a tip "I love watching the amateur bakers try to make the best food they can for the judges."

Danielle Hicks's profile image

danielle_hicks_3182 shared a tip "Delightful hosts, comfort watch"

darcy_raphael_3385 shared a tip "Amazing home bakers that make incredible baked goods. Plus watching Paul Hollywood is not a hard thing to do. Yummy."

Martha G's profile image

martha_g shared a tip "I love this show they teach me so many new baking techniques and it’s a good show to have in the background."

leslie treat's profile image

leslie_treat shared a tip "This show is not cancelled!"

tim_storck shared a tip "Prefer the earlier seasons with Mel and Sue"

Heather Harris's profile image

heather_harris_8135 shared a tip "Why do i love this show so much? I can watch a whole season before i even realize it!"

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robin_osborn shared a tip "It's inspiring--- and so British:)"

vandita_rastogi shared a tip "I LOVE THIS SHOW! I like getting inspiration for things to bake and all the people on it are hilarious"

alexis_butcher shared a tip "Very calming and fun creations."

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mistie_radak shared a tip "Just gives you a good feeling."

gabi r's profile image

gabi_r shared a tip "@sarahlong21 my favorite show is my hero academia"

g_v shared a tip "Easy to watch, funny"

laura_2512 shared a tip "Relaxing. Not screaming loud music reality show."

jennifer_rittall shared a tip "British and baking!"

rowan_abbott shared a tip "So comforting hahah"

jack_graffeo shared a tip "Yes, I loved it. Watch the earlier seasons with Mery Berry though."

isabel_3608 shared a tip "i love it! entertaining but somewhat mindless and light :)"

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sue_warchall shared a tip "Love watching people who are actually nice to each other"

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kim_barcelos shared a tip "Addicted!"

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gretchen_kimmes shared a tip "Definitely!"

Alejandra Jurado Londoño's profile image

alejandra_jurado_lo shared a tip "Yeah, it’s nice. But after a couple of seasons it’s like you’re watching the same thing over and over again."

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matthew_nelson_6218 shared a tip "Fun, competitive, but not mean spirited."

Kristen Broyles's profile image

kristen_broyles shared a tip "Sure! If you like the reality competition shows I would go with great pottery throw down on hbo max"

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kai_sims shared a tip "It's a great show up until the point they switch from miss Mary berry and Sue and Mel."

Sydney Meler's profile image

sydney_meler shared a tip "Yes, it has light comedy and is overall soothing!"

Naomi Widdison's profile image

naomi_widdison shared a tip "It's a fun, easy watch. Great to have on in the background while I'm doing other things. Just don't watch hungry 😉"

Teresa Gonzales's profile image

teresa_gonzales_5596 shared a tip "This is an addicting reality competition show."

leah_sherven shared a tip "It’s my favorite this time of year"

Allie H's profile image

allie_h_2334 shared a tip "It's a great show! They're all so talented!"

Lori Mitchell's profile image

lori_mitchell_3582 shared a tip "Always! My comfort viewing"

Nina Fuentes's profile image

nina_fuentes_9950 shared a tip "No drama great foods and relaxing and makes you want to try it yourself"

FLEX LUTHOR's profile image

flex_luthor shared a tip "Relaxing, entertaining and Mary Berry is a global treasure"

JD Mesquita Piquard's profile image

jd_mesquita_piquard shared a tip "Just makes you feel great"

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lauren_hall_5524 shared a tip "Quality of show, baking, competition"

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deceptive_lizard shared a tip "British"

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michaela_weller shared a tip "So good. Didn't know how connected I could get to contestants...or cakes..."

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