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Nick and Vanessa Lachey host this social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-02-13

Last Air Date 2022-03-04

Seasons 2

Episodes 25


TMDB 7.629


Kendall Iverson's profile image

Kendall.Iverson shared a tip "What did you think?"

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gypsy_rose_4528 shared a tip "Really? How many times are people going to make “Tv” shows like this with the same baseline?? I hate this."

christina_paz shared a tip "Just finished watching episode 11 from season two can’t wait for March 4 for the reunion so Excited"

christina_paz shared a tip "I just finished the reunion episode which was episode 11 of season two and all I can say is it was crazy"

Lexy Writes's profile image

lexy_writes shared a tip "Season 1 was pretty good"

Caleigh Knight's profile image

caleigh_knight shared a tip "Distracted me during quarantine"

Amy Santi's profile image

amy_santi shared a tip "Interesting Fresh Twist Which Actually Worked On Some Cases"

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_norm shared a tip "Man this show is too entertaining. Second season is off to a great start🔥🔥"

iva_earl shared a tip "Really surprised how much I liked this show"

Emily Power's profile image

emily_power_4826 shared a tip "A fun easy watch, I love to watch while I do laundry:-)"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Best dating show ever wish it was an app"

awesome_user_707426 shared a tip "My guilty pleasure"

Eli 's profile image

elithealien shared a tip "Some contestants you’ll love, others you’ll love to hate!"

sarah_mcallister_7201 shared a tip "All caught up on season this show is a train wreck I can't look away from😂"

Karlie 's profile image

kcmarckx shared a tip "Loved season 1, absolutely hated season 2."

DNasa Jones's profile image

dnasa_jones shared a tip "What a neat experiment!"

Kam Sanders's profile image

kam_sanders shared a tip "Train wrecks, revealing info, and a perfect show for a drinking game!"

Allie Nikole's profile image

allienikole shared a tip "The drama makes this worth it"

Rachel Williams's profile image

rae_of_fashion shared a tip "The first season was super cute. The second season was an absolute train wreck."

BadBummy 's profile image

badbummy shared a tip "I would have loved to seen new people in season two, but it was alright. Love is Blind Japan is more my favorite."

Carrie Jennings's profile image

lucyboop shared a tip "So cheesy but super addictive lol"

hatice_eren shared a tip "It was funny"

Arrow Girl3244's profile image

arrow_girl3244 shared a tip "The American version is okay. Definitely watch the other versions also."

jamiela shared a tip "Please watch this cluster^*%#. So good. And “too hot too handle”too."

angelina_burkitt shared a tip "The drama was crazyyy!!"

Htbeany 's profile image

htbeany shared a tip "Most binge worthy show ever!"

Lisa Ross's profile image

lisa_ross_7616 shared a tip "So do I:)"

Giovanna kelker's profile image

giovanna_kelker shared a tip "It is a really good show, but there is SO MUCH DRAMA!!"

Tawnya Pedro's profile image

tawnya_pedro shared a tip "Just started watching. Not sure yet, but the concept is definitely interesting."

Renae 's profile image

renae_8373 shared a tip "So. Much. Drama"

taylor_weakley shared a tip "Why the actual **** am I watching this. But it's so addicting."

Buckeye_Unicorn shared a tip "Jessica sucks, Kenny 💜"

Shaeleigh Beaudry's profile image

shaeleigh_beaudry shared a tip "Oh man what a rollercoaster!!"

Seph Luke's profile image

seph_luke shared a tip "Drama filled, love this show!!"

zoe_6697 shared a tip "If you like reality shows this is a really good one to watch 10/10"

josephine nouganou's profile image

josephine_nouganou shared a tip "Yes can you believe they broke up"

Daniel Walker's profile image

daniel_walker_774 shared a tip "Good movie"

Roe Lundgren's profile image

roe_lundgren shared a tip "This show is good. Crazy how people can feel a connection so fast when only being able to talk to them."

Courtney Younghans's profile image

courtney_younghans shared a tip "Cannot wait for season two"

brittany_rednower shared a tip "A guilty pleasure that is a mess but interesting."

Portia Pitts's profile image

portia_pitts shared a tip "Love reality? Love drama? Love a plot twist? Watch it!"

ren_1695 shared a tip "Reality show that's fun the binge"

Maria Cal's profile image

mariamaria shared a tip "Garbage TV at its finest."

Marcus Blount's profile image

marcus_blount shared a tip "Guilty pleasure"

jada 's profile image

jadaadams shared a tip "the way this show gives people a reason to not depend on looks and really have faith on personality"

Gina Marie's profile image

gina_marie94 shared a tip "#cringe yet #binge"

idali_corona shared a tip "good"

Theresa Larson's profile image

theresa_larson shared a tip "Hate to love this show, but HAVE to watch! So addictive!"

nachiket bhatia's profile image

nachiket_bhatia shared a tip "It’s such a dumb idea but it’s so good. Unlike most other reality tv shows - this one is less catty but just friggin hilarious"

autriel_galloway shared a tip "I thought it was an interesting concept and dramatic (sometimes, unnecessarily). It is a good watch, nevertheless."

george_bradbury shared a tip "Guilty Pleasure. So bad it’s good. Binge worthy."

kara_yurish shared a tip "Episode 3"

william_pope shared a tip "Yes"

Shelley Feldheim's profile image

shelley_feldheim shared a tip "Loved it!"

casey_heenan_spino shared a tip "I’m not one for reality tv but was hooked on this!!!"

Eunice Hightower's profile image

eunice_hightower shared a tip "I definitely liked the episode that had the bachelorette party. Jessica and Amber conversation"

ananas shared a tip "it was kinda boring that people weren’t always truthful to their fiancé but i still enjoyed it"

Lashema Allen's profile image

lashema_allen shared a tip "Happy I watched cause I discovered Lauren and Cameron."

cheyenne_berryhill shared a tip "my fav reality show. love how sweet most of the people were. not a fan of the last episode a yr later though, kinda boring. 5/5"

Autumn Rose's profile image

autumn_rose_9977 shared a tip "Love it and so excited to finish season 2!"

Rae Norris's profile image

rae_norris shared a tip "If you want predictable trash tv this is perfect."

Ann Mayes's profile image

ann_mayes shared a tip "Season 1 is better than season 2."

Junior Bastien's profile image

junior_bastien shared a tip "Okay the people on here are crazy. Falling in love so fast! ..... great TV. I like little social love experiments like this."

Shannon Light's profile image

shannon_light shared a tip "A perfect train wreck of a show"

kristy_chang shared a tip "get popcorn and soda! You’ll be watching the whole thing in one sitting!"

Ana Talbot's profile image

SherwoodViking shared a tip "This show is so dumb that it's hard to stop watching, lol."

Lauren Underwood Tauzin's profile image

lauren_underwood_tauzin shared a tip "Guilty pleasure :)"

lisa_tanner shared a tip "Easily singable in a weekend. Hate to love it."

Reena Dhaliwal-Mann's profile image

reena_dhaliwal-mann shared a tip "Lauren & Cameron"

Jasleen Randhawa's profile image

jasleen_randhawa shared a tip "Addicting just by how ridiculous some cast members are. Totally bingeable in a day!"

Katie Snyder's profile image

katie_snyder_752 shared a tip "The garbage we all deserve to watch right now"

Hadi Ceesay's profile image

hadi_ceesay shared a tip "Yess!"

Skyler Josh's profile image

skyler_josh shared a tip "Oops I meant yes I love all"

Rachel Bass's profile image

rachel_bass_4611 shared a tip "truly the only reality tv show I'd watch. an interesting hypothesis that is carried out in an accessible way. fun binge"

omolattay music's profile image

omolattay_music shared a tip "Interesting."

dakyla_baker shared a tip "Lauren and camron ❤️"

nikki_5042 shared a tip "because it shows how having a emotionial connection is beyond better than a physical one, just like a ldr"

Johnny_Sinclair shared a tip "Mind numbing dumb dating shows are what this nation was built on"

Kimbre Thompson O'Neil's profile image

kimbre_thompson_one shared a tip "It was so raw!! Loved Lauren and Camron ."

tabitha_english_1532 shared a tip "Mindless but fun"

monique_coatney shared a tip "Best garbage tv ive seen in a long time."

Ricci Hagler-Crawley's profile image

ricci_hagler-crawley shared a tip "Its the perfect show to binge watch!"

tiff_cooper shared a tip "Very Interesting"

Anngélie Riel's profile image

anngelie_riel shared a tip "I love that no one can see each other before they got engaged. It's really an emotional connection. Interesting..."

alyson_obrien_922 shared a tip "Great trashy TV. Makes you think why the heck would anyone want to be on this show, but you also think...when is the next season!"

gianna_buchanan shared a tip "I got my husband hooked on this as well as my sister #mustwatch"

toni_4717 shared a tip "Loved it"

Alysha 's profile image

gucchilife shared a tip "Love, is not blind."

Mary Grace Hilliard's profile image

mary_grace_hilliard shared a tip "It's trashy in the best way. Better than The Bachelor, and some of the couples have actually lasted"

briona_evans shared a tip "I’m loving Ginny & Georgia on Netflix right now! So good!"

Haley Nash's profile image

haleyynashh shared a tip "new girl! finished it recently and don’t know what to do with myself now. what’s yours? @harperbrownca"

Jayne Cockburn's profile image

jayne_cockburn_7096 shared a tip "I loved it and can't wait to see it."

Shan-Noy 's profile image

Shanqueenie shared a tip "Ugh I think my fav anime is Kuroko’s Basketball. But I really like attack on Titan! I should probably rewatch tho 💀"

Ty Best's profile image

tybest shared a tip "I need to find my own Cameron! 🥲"

fernanda_antoine shared a tip "Yes it’s one of those corny love shows but the drama is just so good!"

Michelle Hudlin's profile image

michelle_hudlin shared a tip "Addictive"

Heather Price's profile image

heather_price_8873 shared a tip "Love. It. Guilty pleasure! But… shake and deeps are killing me softly."

camila_kanashiro shared a tip "Yaaaas! have you seen s2?"

Jessica Bozek's profile image

jessica_bozek shared a tip "Definitely worth the watch. Binged every season so far"

Christine Mathews's profile image

christine_mathews_7404 shared a tip "I usually don't watch reality shows, but this is strangly addicting & interesting...and funny sometimes"

Leilani Godoy's profile image

leilani_godoy shared a tip "Binge-worthy"

Katelyn Lamb's profile image

katelyn_lamb shared a tip "I’ve never disliked an person I have never met more than…."

Catherine Sult's profile image

catherine_sult shared a tip "Interesting premise"

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