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After her mother dies in a fire, Cassie Blake moves in with her grandmother in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington. As she gets to know her high school classmates, strange and frightening things begin to happen. They are all descended from powerful witches, and they've been waiting for Cassi

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2011-09-15

Last Air Date 2012-05-10

Seasons 1

Episodes 22


TMDB 7.5


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "I really liked this series filled with witchcraft & supernatural suspense. Disappointed only one season was made."

Sherri Arney's profile image

sherri_arney shared a tip "Love ❤️❤️ this tv show! Wish they would bring it back."

sewerslidedoll 's profile image

latinaliveblogging shared a tip "SAD THIS ENDED TOO"

Claudia Larsen's profile image

claudia_larsen shared a tip "It was criminal that they canceled this 😭"

Lyn 's profile image

Velinda.So shared a tip "This show is so good! But sad that it has ended!! :("

Tamera Allen's profile image

tamera_allen shared a tip "Another great show that was canceled before it’s time."

Jolena Owens's profile image

jolena967 shared a tip "Wish there was more than 1 season"

Pat F's profile image

pat_f shared a tip "Good show but cliffhnager"

Melissa Kirkbride's profile image

melissa_kirkbride shared a tip "I was obsessed with the show! I wanted more then one season so bad!!"

Mckenzie England's profile image

mckenzie_england shared a tip "Its such a good show and would watch again and wish they would bring it back.I was so unhappy when they canceled it."

Megan Drew's profile image

megapuff97 shared a tip "This was such a understated tv show!! I was so disappointed when it was canceled and I rewatch very often!"

Mary S's profile image

mary_s_4213 shared a tip "it was a shame is ended so quickly."

bw 's profile image

bwch13 shared a tip "I was obsessed as a 13 y/o"

Subria Burkhalter's profile image

subria_burkhalter shared a tip "Absolutely love this show. Must bring back 🥺❤️"

Ac Lampson's profile image

ac_lampson shared a tip "It’s amazing, 10/10 hours need to watch!"

Lisy 's profile image

dreamlisy shared a tip "Open ended! But still so wonderful! I think it may have even been connected to the Vampire Diaries World."

Lisy 's profile image

dreamlisy shared a tip "Honestly, if you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries World, you’ll love this exploration of the world of witches."

Leslie Whaley's profile image

leslie_whaley shared a tip "I wish there were more seasons."

lila_j shared a tip "For fans of witches coming into their powers while navigating high school, family, and shadowy forces, this may be for you!"

Christopher Parow's profile image

christopher_parow shared a tip "A really good show really deserved a second season.."

Chelsea Norfleet's profile image

chelsea_norfleet shared a tip "Loved this show, just wish it hadn’t been canceled after one season."

Aaryn Clarida's profile image

aaryn_clarida shared a tip "Many people want a season two please I'll even star in it if u want 😂👍 but seriously"

Jessica Cardinal's profile image

jessica_cardinal_403 shared a tip "Liked it until it got canceled"

Mooka shared a tip "All of them"

Emily Smith's profile image

emily_smith_5916 shared a tip "where can I watch this?"

tiff_100 shared a tip "Such a good show. Definitely deserved more seasons but worth a watch"

faithsoboleski shared a tip "i love shows about magic"

J Wood's profile image

j_wood shared a tip "Needed more but only one season"

Bobbi Mabb's profile image

bobbi_mabb_1809 shared a tip "This was a great series. This could definitely do well with a reboot."

Carolanne Néron's profile image

carolanne_nron shared a tip "My only complain is the series was cut too short"

Alexus 's profile image

alxvs shared a tip "You can watch this show on the CW seed app!"

Brianna Kirkland's profile image

brianna_kirkland shared a tip "It needed at least 2 more seasons. So good of CW"

YouTube Zizz's profile image

youtube_zizz shared a tip "It was so fire I wish they came out with another season "

Riley Mat's profile image

rimorgan shared a tip "One of my all-time favorite shows still sad that it got canceled after only one season 😭😭"

andrewmiller1995yah shared a tip "Witcher or wheel of Time!"

Sandy 's profile image

sandy_beauzile shared a tip "This show was so good, with so many twist and turns. My only wish was that it never got cancelled."

Rowan Crossman's profile image

rowan_crossman shared a tip "Faye and Jake are endgame honestly"

Kaity Plude's profile image

kaity_plude shared a tip "Wish it would have continued seemed to have a great plot"

Its_her🙃 's profile image

zoie_collier shared a tip "Haven’t watched it yet but will"

Jaz 's profile image

Jaznn505 shared a tip "It is really too bad they cancelled it. Still in hope they bring it back. Still a good series to watch."

kimberly_cadena shared a tip "I love this show i want there to be more seasons 😩"

Kenzi -'s profile image

kenzi_- shared a tip "REALLY good show, I wish I could rewatch it, and I wish it wasn't canceled."

Rhonda Hitchcock's profile image

rhonda_hitchcock shared a tip "Great"

Savannah Hudson's profile image

savannah_hudson shared a tip "Loved this when it came out!!! Im really sad that they only made one season."

Kristle Davenport's profile image

kristle_davenport shared a tip "I havent watched it in a while!"

Maya Vitatoe's profile image

maya_vitatoe shared a tip "Loved this show, wish I could rewatch it somewhere"

Julia Dillon's profile image

julia_dillon_2988 shared a tip "It was a typical teen witch series, but it was fun to watch...sad they stopped after one season."

Samantha O'Connor's profile image

samantha_oconnor_8036 shared a tip "This was awesome! I just wish the kept it going"

Shoshana Lynn's profile image

shoshana_lynn shared a tip "I think Diana would be my favorite."

eyimofe_merogun shared a tip "One of the best shows that has gotten cancelled.. still mad about it"

Nicole Farmer's profile image

nicole_farmer shared a tip "Sad it didn't have more seasons. Such a good show."

brianna_holmes_996 shared a tip "It was really good but they discontinued it :("

Elise Lugo's profile image

ellie300 shared a tip "I was so obsessed with this show."

daniel_leviton shared a tip "I like the magic because I love magical shows and books#science_fiction #fantasy"

Colleen Biri's profile image

colleen_biri shared a tip "Love this show!!"

kimberly_albring shared a tip "Loved this. I think it was ahead of it's time."

Virginia Montes's profile image

vrg_mntz shared a tip "I loved this show!! I wish they wouldn't have cancelled it 😭"

Shemiah Walker's profile image

shemiah_walker shared a tip "My question is why did they cancel it?"

Brionna Ingraham's profile image

brionna_ingraham shared a tip "If you’re like me and hate shows that just end because they got cancelled don’t start this one"

tristen_freitad shared a tip "Read the books and loved the show though it did deviate from the books. 🤍"

Tiffani McCauley's profile image

tiffani_mccauley shared a tip "It was okay, didn’t hate it but lacked more substance for me."

beverly_morlock shared a tip "Very good but cancelled. I was disappointed that they didn't finish this show out."

Madea Stortz's profile image

madea_stortz shared a tip "Has anyone seen this show? I loved it and wish there was more than one season."

Cat 's profile image

Kittycatxoxo101 shared a tip "I’m so sad this show left us on such a cliff hanger, wish there was more."

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