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Follow the intergenerational feud between the Joestar Family and various forces of evil, the most prominent of which is Dio Brando and his followers.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2012-10-06

Last Air Date 2023-02-04

Seasons 5

Episodes 190


TMDB 8.6


Kweku Ananse Haki's profile image

kweku_ananse_haki shared a tip "Stop recommending Jojo as people’s first anime! It has “bizarre adventure” in the title for a reason."

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mco shared a tip "We are back with the rest of #stoneocean just in time for the long weekend! 👊"

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mco shared a tip "Dire situations and boundless creativity and imagination is what makes this show a gem."

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jacob_thiessen_4693 shared a tip "Never the same two parts in a row a wild ride."

Lou G's profile image

lou_g shared a tip "If you know, you know"

Shelby Halle's profile image

ImMillo shared a tip "I really love the animation, it’s really fun to watch"

Alex 's profile image

Linklex7 shared a tip "Such an over the top anime, but I love it."

danielle_power_2268 shared a tip "Jojo’s starts off not so unique, but definitely upgrades over time."

alice 's profile image

aliceontop shared a tip "JOJO NO KIMEYOU NA BOUKEN EYES OF HEAVEN"

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KillaQueen shared a tip "SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD ITS A MUST WATCH 👌❤️❤️❤️❤️ #animereccomendation #mustwatch"

Kaitlyn Burger's profile image

kaitlyn_burger shared a tip "Action, comedy, and bulky bros. All mixed with a few interesting concepts that continue throughout the series."

Arjun Dandekar's profile image

arjun_dandekar shared a tip "Too good"

gabriel_stlund shared a tip "It is a trip, a ride worth taking."

Kelly Donovan's profile image

kelly_donovan_1831 shared a tip "Didn’t get into it"

elizabeth_e_1361 shared a tip "I’m obsessed"

Tenz 's profile image

tenzin_woesel shared a tip "The animation is really beautiful but some people don’t like for some reason but i do and the pilot is SO GOOD 🙌"

Levi Nolen's profile image

levi_nolen shared a tip "Great show about ultra giga Chad's getting Supernatural powers"

Vanilla the Cat's profile image

vanilla_the_cat shared a tip "I only liked part 4, the rest kinda drag..."

Osamu Muki Official Page's profile image

osamu_mukiofficial shared a tip "Alright this Anime I will Start! I will choose two more🌸🌸"

rat toes's profile image

rattoes shared a tip "buff homosexuals beat each other up in the name of justice, also music is 10/10"

Moss Martin's profile image

moss_martin shared a tip "Absolutely, although it does have some odd moments"

lillian_author_9458 shared a tip "Can be a little gruesome but trust me it's worth it later on!"

Epic Turtle's profile image

epic_turtle shared a tip "Yare Yare daze"

Kiley Smith's profile image

KileyFayeS shared a tip "JoJo is a bit mature, but the characters are loveable, the story is very fun, and all around it is an enjoyable series!"

Mary Kate Lettis's profile image

mary_kate_lettis shared a tip "Know where all those memes come from."

erik radder's profile image

erik_radder shared a tip "ZA WORLDO"

salma_hijaz shared a tip "mhm"

Addy Brown 's profile image

addy_brown_5552 shared a tip "I think it was!! You really have to get through the first season though, and then I gets better, in my opinion!"

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neon_necromancy shared a tip "Happy Pride Month y'all SHSJSJSHDBDJD"

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bryce_moody shared a tip "its jojo what do you expect its amazing"

Stumpy 's profile image

stumpy shared a tip "Call me the produce isle"

Broccoli 's profile image

broccoli_3101 shared a tip "Where to even begin with this show. I don't know how to explain it other than it's just something you have to watch."

Dex Green's profile image

stardust_dex shared a tip "When I say I’ve become a Jojo’s stand over the course of a month, I mean every word of it! Definitely check this one out!"

Leo Bocock's profile image

leo_bocock shared a tip "Big buff men fight. Sometimes skinny men, or buff women. Very good. Very homoerotic."

Raiden Photos's profile image

raidenphotos shared a tip "Bizzare indeed. Not for everyone but great show"

Lobster Scrappy's profile image

lobster_scrappy shared a tip "Watch it on Crunchyroll or illegal streaming website"

Bird B's profile image

bird_b shared a tip "Its charaters and story"

___ 's profile image

____4200 shared a tip "Not every season is shown on Netflix but I enjoyed this show at ton! The actions amazing and storylines not bad at all!!"

___ 's profile image

____4200 shared a tip "A* :')"

Aidan Drotzur's profile image

aidan_drotzur shared a tip "Probably my favorite show of all time!"

Taytum Rugg's profile image

taytum_rugg shared a tip "it is absolutely a bizarre, over the top adventure"

MrFrostyz 's profile image

mrfrostyz shared a tip "So mid (10/10)"

sydney grant's profile image

sydney_grant_6748 shared a tip "Almost lost me in the beginning but I pulled through. Now it’s top 10 for me for sure."

Della Hargis's profile image

della_hargis shared a tip "Jojos bizzare adventure is a long running anime with 6 seasons. This is a great show with peak fiction plot; I highly recommend!"

karlee 's profile image

SlepyK shared a tip "a wild ride through the entire series,, i genuinely could not predict what would happen next"

Adri Cornflakes's profile image

adri_cornflakes shared a tip "This is the best anime in the whole world"

lawson_baker shared a tip "If you like a adventure and a long lasting battle between the good and bad this is a show for you"

Matyas Gacsadi's profile image

matyas_gacsadi shared a tip "Very good although the first part is a bit boring but all the others are great"

Weeb4L 's profile image

weeb4l shared a tip "Its long but great"

Andrew Millinder's profile image

andrew_millinder shared a tip "The show i just so worth watching"

CCDelvo 's profile image

ccdelvo shared a tip "who was the first anime ever completed and it's still my favorite"

jaysen_rom shared a tip "This anime is really good it shows a family generation through generation as the family fights evil with the power of stands"

kaylee_zhang shared a tip "Amazing backround stories to every single character"

Carlos Ramirez's profile image

carlos_ramirez_4910 shared a tip "Loved 8t great characters, great action and it can be really funny at times. Overall a must watch if you like action anime."

Kathryn Didier's profile image

kathryn_didier shared a tip "This is a beautiful show#anime"

VeQiX 's profile image

veqix shared a tip "I absaloutly recommend this series its so fun. I started back in july of 2020 and im now reading part 7."

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levi_cox_1790 shared a tip "Tales of zesteria the x"

dan dallman's profile image

dan_dallman shared a tip "Yes"

stefanie_smith_5332 shared a tip "Pure nonsensical fun. Love the different powers and the reference points."

Aaaa Hhdhsbns's profile image

aaaa_hhdhsbns shared a tip "Watching this right now and I really like it its a really good show! I recommend it!"

Calikov 's profile image

calikov shared a tip "Haha joj"

mya_rain shared a tip "Definitely a goofy show I loved it, got some good laughs out of it at times"

Loba Kirishima's profile image

loba_kirishima shared a tip "Speedwagon, jojo, the plot 👈🏽 this is why 😂"

Idrees 's profile image

idrees shared a tip "More ridiculous than anime usually is, but I couldn't stop watching it 🤣"

Malachi Smith's profile image

malachi_smith_2693 shared a tip "Depends what type of anime you're into, I'd highly recommend it though the first arc starts kind of slow"

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OTM_Girls shared a tip "Because"

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mibevilla shared a tip "#shonen #humor #action #tearjerker #teen #thriller"

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carlos_de_la_torre_8348 shared a tip "It was amazing"

Casulal _M's profile image

casulal__m shared a tip "Buff men go punch and the lore is exactly like that one meme."

DeadSkull Bro's profile image

deadskull_bro shared a tip "Such a ride to be in."

Elease 's profile image

eeeelease shared a tip "Yes! It’s great"

Riccardo the guinea pig's profile image

riccardo_the_guinea shared a tip "Well it's bizarre in a good way lol"

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crystal_zavala_8096 shared a tip "Hot guys 🔥"

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drakedoesit shared a tip "Diamond is unbreakable"

Molly Alford's profile image

molly_alford shared a tip "Everything I loved everything about it!"

ryon west's profile image

ryon_west shared a tip "The style the plot and the setting"

ari_3653 shared a tip "of course, it's a great anime but people are often put off by the art style."

Aaliyah Payne's profile image

aaliyah_payne_412 shared a tip "It’s funny and can be a tear jerker at times"

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