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A show of heroic deeds and epic battles with a thematic depth that embraces politics, religion, warfare, courage, love, loyalty and our universal search for identity. Combining real historical figures and events with fictional characters, it is the story of how a people combined their strength under

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2015-10-10

Last Air Date 2020-04-26

Seasons 4

Episodes 36


TMDB 8.2


Salim Hemdani's profile image

shemdani shared a tip "Don’t know when Uthered will actually get to Bebunnburg! love the show."

Rico Dinero's profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "It's not Game of Thrones but it's a good show if your missing that type of craving."

Amina Qureshi's profile image

amina_qureshi shared a tip "Such an amazing show. Great character and story development! Maybe better than GOT!"

Melanie's Muses's profile image

melanies_muses shared a tip "Uhtred son of Uhtred - I’m so excited for the final season! Hope we get a date soon!!"

SLACKZ CUTTER's profile image

slackz_cutter shared a tip "Favorite tv show"

Nick Tassone's profile image

ntassoni shared a tip "Love it."

gerald dori's profile image

gerald_dori shared a tip "Great viking adventure."

Tulio Martinez's profile image

tulio_martinez shared a tip "I love this show I have watched 3 times all the seasons, I love how the took characters from history and created these stories."

Steven Tilley's profile image

steven_tilley shared a tip "Brilliant and addicting... well done!"

bri bli's profile image

bri_bli shared a tip "9th century"

Gloria Beckwith's profile image

gloria_beckwith shared a tip "I enjoy movies about this time error"

Martha Jackson's profile image

martha_jackson shared a tip "Perfect to binge watch and love love love the characters"

Merle Drayton's profile image

merle_drayton shared a tip "Just finished watching Season4! Loved all of it!"

Ashley Olivas's profile image

ashley_olivas shared a tip "Recently watched The Witcher and Shadow and Bone..both were pretty good!"

Elizabeth 's profile image

Msenglish shared a tip "Yes!! Such a great series, I love it!"

Tonya Howell's profile image

tonya_howell_4108 shared a tip "Alexander Draymon. The end."

Louise Green's profile image

louise_green shared a tip "A great show, pretty addictive 👍"

Mandy Rinlee's profile image

mandy_rinlee shared a tip "Why didn't I watch this sooner? It's amazing and I am sorely tempted to stay up all night watching it!"

mandy_roberts shared a tip "I would have never watched this show on my own, my husband started watching it and I was hooked - a must watch"

Aziz Hanifa's profile image

aziz_hanifa shared a tip "Beautifully done! Reminds me of Vikings. Can't wait for more like this."

Rob Hooper's profile image

rob_hooper_2272 shared a tip "Great books"

Kate Shurety's profile image

kate_shurety shared a tip "Fantastic !"

priscila_4708 shared a tip "@jammyn"

Trevor Bailey 's profile image

trevor_bailey shared a tip "An epic drama with alot of heart and soul."

Haley Roberson's profile image

hcroberson shared a tip "Absolutely love this show!! It can be slow to start but so worth it!!!!!"

Jake Beagle's profile image

jake_beagle_4741 shared a tip "Another really good show from netflix!"

lexie_988 shared a tip "has a lot of the same actors from game of thrones with a cool viking twist. really entertaining, definitely good to binge watch!"

mary helton's profile image

mary_helton_2085 shared a tip "Love it gave me something to watch when vikings was over"

Alyssa Polivka's profile image

alyssa_polivka shared a tip "This is like the best show I've watched and trust me I've watched a lot of stuff."

Heather Fillmore's profile image

heather_fillmore shared a tip "Absolutely! If you liked Game of Thrones or Vikings you’ll love it"

cynthia_hrubenak shared a tip "Yes, I never wanted it to end."

brenda_nance shared a tip "Great show"

Autumn Nicole's profile image

autumn_nicole shared a tip "April 26th. I'm so excited!"

Cody Dash's profile image

codydash shared a tip "Love it"

Eloisa Magdaluyo's profile image

eloisa_magdaluyo shared a tip "Another one of those shows you can’t stop watching after one episode and of course Uthred!"

Marchell Ullmer's profile image

marchell_ullmer shared a tip "I was trying to fill my GOT void and this is kind of helping me out, so far seems pretty good, but I'm only in 5 episodes"

theresa_bryant shared a tip "If you like shows of this time period, you may also like to watch Vikings."

Patricia Alston's profile image

patricia_alston_5707 shared a tip "Love this show!! Can't wait for the next season!"

Book Lady Monique 's profile image

BookLadyMonique shared a tip "Binge worthy for me and my hubby!"

Samantha Donis's profile image

samantha_donis shared a tip "I just love it raw sexy war history"

Brayden Epp's profile image

brayden_epp shared a tip "Love this show!!!"

Jon D'Alessandro's profile image

jon_dalessandro shared a tip "Epic"

Steve Oliver's profile image

steve_oliver_891 shared a tip "One of my favorite shows of ALL TIME."

ellia_ruggiero shared a tip "I freaking love this show"

Jessica Brown's profile image

jessica_brown_4777 shared a tip "So goooood. Has more a game of thrones and reign feel than outlander and poldark"

Jeff Cox's profile image

jeff_cox_1240 shared a tip "Slow start. Great story. Greater finish."

Matt Harris's profile image

matt_harris_7679 shared a tip "Absolutely, you'll thank me."

louise_bowman shared a tip "Good show - gory but…"

BabySpinach 's profile image

babyspinach08 shared a tip "♥️"

Michelle 's profile image

michelle_2714 shared a tip "Outlander"

Terri Lorrain's profile image

terri_lorrain shared a tip "Loved it! (Better than Vikings 🤭)"

Ann Gervais's profile image

ann_gervais shared a tip "It is really good, but I've pretty much always loved shows like this."

Crystal Zavala's profile image

crystal_zavala_8096 shared a tip "Drama, action, and romance 🖤"

Ashley Hayes's profile image

ashley_hayes_7469 shared a tip "Great for period drama lovers, historical fiction fanatics or admirers of the male form🤤"

Jessica Autry's profile image

jessica_autry shared a tip "Love this series!!"

otto_folin shared a tip "Read the book. Loved it. Liked the series"

Teresa O'Donnell's profile image

teresa_odonnell shared a tip "Epic storytelling in a very fragile period in English History."

Bilal Tabbara's profile image

bilooking shared a tip "One of my favorite series everrr"

J gone's profile image

j_gone shared a tip "One of the best series on Netflix. I love it. Check it out."

Jennifer Allee's profile image

jennifer_allee shared a tip "Pretty good show"

Mike Wilson's profile image

mike_wilson_436 shared a tip "I believe it just came out a few days ago"

Keyla Gomez's profile image

keyla_gomez shared a tip "❤️ this show"

Harley Mikey's profile image

harley_mikey shared a tip "good show"

Christian Mangold's profile image

christian_mangold shared a tip "Great show"

Zach Culp's profile image

zach_culp shared a tip "Best historical fiction in my opinion!"

deborah_hill shared a tip "Highly recommend!"

gael_wallace shared a tip "So much to learn from this show I hope you will like it as much as I do."

Erica Crisco's profile image

erica_crisco shared a tip "Love love love"

kate_9704 shared a tip "Somewhere between GoT and Vikings. Can't wait for the next season."

Jennifer Melinski's profile image

jennifer_melinski shared a tip "I'm not normally into mid evil war shows but this one was good and the main character is hotttttt!!!!"

Kelly Wilson-Jones's profile image

KellsWay55 shared a tip "Love it!!"

Nicole DeGeorge's profile image

nicole_degeorge shared a tip "Story is absolutely compelling and Alexander Dreymon is absolutely gorgeous!"

'tori Christensen's profile image

dautofor shared a tip "So good! Yes yes yes! Def a new fav of mine"

Eman Ahmed's profile image

eman_ahmed shared a tip "♥️"

Jampel 's profile image

jampel shared a tip "It’s fast paced and well-written. Excellent acting!"

NinjaBekah shared a tip "One of the best series I have ever watched. I couldn’t turn it off!"

Courtney Young's profile image

courtney_young_2619 shared a tip "Everything"

chels. shared a tip "I love this show & I cannot wait for the last season."

abel chavez's profile image

abel_chavez shared a tip "First"

Arthur Rimbold's profile image

arthur_rimbold shared a tip "Great series, can’t wait until the next season"

hannah s's profile image

hannah_s_2146 shared a tip "Kind of like the Netflix version of GOT with dialed down Vulgarity but just as bloody"

Andrew R's profile image

andrew_r_1719 shared a tip "Already out on netflix!"

calvin_churchill shared a tip "I enjoy this more than Vikings."

lori_1845 shared a tip "Love it!!"

Joy Mayhugh's profile image

joy_mayhugh shared a tip "If you like Vikings!"

Leslie Orellana's profile image

leslie_orellana shared a tip "This was really good. I didn’t think I was going to like it."

kristi_smith_6770 shared a tip "I'm not enjoying it as much as the first"

Dennis Friesen's profile image

dennis_friesen shared a tip "Good historical based drama with great characters. You were meant to watch this. “Destiny is all”"

Mariah Felty's profile image

mariah_felty shared a tip "Watch with the subtitles!"

ted_johnson_9935 shared a tip "Good historical series."

ted_johnson_9935 shared a tip "Good Historical series."

heidi_roberts shared a tip "Love the historical aspect and the character build up. Great action and romance."

Susy Phillips's profile image

susy_phillips shared a tip "I love this show! Must watch!!!"

Sharyn Pertnoy-Schmidt's profile image

sharyn_pertnoy-schmidt shared a tip "You really get to know these characters. So entertaining. Better than Game of Thrones. Can’t wait for the next season."

Syeira Weber's profile image

syeira_weber shared a tip "Highly entertaining."

Coen banko's profile image

coen_banko shared a tip "It sucked after season 1 but it was very giod at the start"

Michelle Mendenhall's profile image

michelle_mendenhall_4444 shared a tip "absolutely loved this one for sure a must watch if your into these"

jacqueline miletto's profile image

jacqueline_miletto shared a tip "Love this series!"

Deleted User Deleted User's profile image

deleted_user_1610769690127 shared a tip "My favorite tv show right now 🖤🖤🖤🖤"

Staci Reed's profile image

staci_reed shared a tip "Amazing medieval drama. Full of action and a great story line."

Becky Buchanan's profile image

becky_buchanan_3650 shared a tip "Witty, action, great time peace and good characters and story. Finished all 4 seasons in a week after work..."

Hannah Brunner's profile image

hannah_brunner_4929 shared a tip "Outlander!"

stephanie_crnovich shared a tip "Great series!"

Michelle Heitman-Forbes's profile image

JinxedLupiePrincess shared a tip "Waiting... waiting... waiting😜"

Tenaya Humphrey's profile image

tenaya_humphrey shared a tip "Not really! Trying to catch up on my nightly shows! Do you have any suggestions for a new series?"

Abigail Grigsby's profile image

abigail_grigsby shared a tip "If you liked GOT, you will love this show."

nicole_hidalgo shared a tip "Love this show. Spent a long week and binge watching the whole thing"

alison_5384 shared a tip "Best show"

Kristyne Preston's profile image

landofmunchkins shared a tip "After finishing Vikings, this is an awesome binge watch."

walter_l_davis shared a tip "Amazing"

Cable Smith's profile image

cable_smith shared a tip "Awesome story, with some touches of real history. Great fight scenes and battles!"

Fernando Chapa's profile image

fernando_chapa shared a tip "Like Game of Thrones, but without dragons and magic. Engaging plot and character development."

Tamara Montgomery's profile image

tamara_montgomery_4752 shared a tip "Amazing show!! I rewatch it all with every new season."

teresa_lommel shared a tip "Very interesting to watch how politics has been alive and well for thousands of years."

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