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Shigeo Kageyama, a.k.a. "Mob," is a boy who has trouble expressing himself, but who happens to be a powerful esper. Mob is determined to live a normal life and keeps his ESP suppressed, but when his emotions surge to a level of 100%, something terrible happens to him! As he's surrounded by false esp

Parental GuideTV-14

Status In Production

First Air Date 2016-07-12

Last Air Date 2019-04-01

Seasons 3

Episodes 26


Faye Pyatt's profile image

inutrasha shared a tip "This show made me cry so many times 🥺 it also made me believe in the anime industry again"

trin 's profile image

ay0nami shared a tip "AHHH. i lobe this show sm. i cant wait for s3"

Alice Baron's profile image

alice_baron shared a tip "My favorite anime by far, better animation than demon slayer dont @ me"

Kenzie Knight's profile image

kenzie_knight_643 shared a tip "This is by far one of the best animes ever."

Damian Comparcola's profile image

damian_comparcola shared a tip "Pretty short but awesome!"

Jackson Griffith's profile image

jackson_griffith shared a tip "Really good character development and over all great pacing!!"

Alex D's profile image

cryptcatz shared a tip "i don’t usually watch anime but this show 😭😭😭 the perfect balance of a comedy, action, heart, and an amazing art style"

La-Rel Easter's profile image

LastNameEaster shared a tip "What. A. Show. Shimazaki is my favorite character. #SelfDefenseRush"

Izuku 's profile image

Izu shared a tip "cool"

Breeze 's profile image

breeze_9837 shared a tip "Awesome sauce"

Lobster Scrappy's profile image

lobster_scrappy shared a tip "Good art, crazy ass animation, and a good story."

Ultimate Gamer Weeb's profile image

ultimate_gamer_weeb shared a tip "It cool"

Emmanuel Kebede's profile image

emmanuel_kebede shared a tip "Hilarious, killer animation, and lovable characters. Go sub here."

Iconic Hero's profile image

iconic_hero shared a tip "Great story following an unpopular and unsocial middleschool kid, who doesn't see the powers he was gifted with to be special."

Funtime Swagginz's profile image

bunnyy shared a tip "beautiful"

Cynthia Dawn's profile image

cynthia_dawn_5602 shared a tip "My favorite Bones anime. Nothing has been able to get me so hyped as well as laugh and sob. Top tier anime."

awesome_user_285132 shared a tip "Ok"

awesome_user_285132 shared a tip "Ok"

Ocean Tshimbalanga's profile image

ocean_tshimbalanga shared a tip "Its unexpected, funny and relatable. A must watch"

simplyfine___ 's profile image

simplyfine___ shared a tip "Hela funny and op mc"

Rogelio Gamboa's profile image

rogelio_gamboa shared a tip "Has great animation and action. But also has a heartfelt and engaging story. This is a must watch anime dubbed or subbed."

Faisal AlRahmani's profile image

faisal_alrahmani shared a tip "The protagonist is the ideal hero."

Glue 's profile image

glue shared a tip "funny"

Noah Strecker's profile image

noah_strecker shared a tip "A great show with varying animation styles and plenty of hilarious jokes."

kt_9929 shared a tip "Absolutely. Hilarious and actually a very heartwarming message, also a unique art style"

whiskey kitsune's profile image

whiskey_kitsune shared a tip "the character development of mob had me in tears some episodes. a nearly perfect anime with a wonderful dash of ESP funkiness."

Alina Vergara's profile image

alina_vergara shared a tip "It's funny and I'm interesting I would recommend to people that like supernatural"

Ryan Wood's profile image

ryan_wood_5917 shared a tip "Made by the creator of one punch man and will make you laugh your ass off while providing a story that is 10/10"

Victoria Martinez's profile image

victoria_martinez_2023 shared a tip "The graphics in this? The music? The entirety of this anime 2 seasons was just *chefs kiss* !!!"

Z. 's profile image

armadaaa_ship shared a tip "Best anime ever."

a Rat Person's profile image

aRatPerson shared a tip "Super good! Really funny, if you liked Saikik you’d definitely like this."

Teresa Xu's profile image

teresa_xu shared a tip "god tier animation"

Lau 's profile image

lauthebear shared a tip "I love Mob so much and his mentor is so funny! The overall story is amazing and the main character is relatable."

toby_3852 shared a tip "reigen arataka <3"

Antonio Gudino's profile image

antonio_gudino shared a tip "Unique and beautiful animation. Great comedy. 10/10"

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