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Gifted with a wide assortment of supernatural abilities ranging from telepathy to x-ray vision, Kusuo Saiki finds this so-called blessing to be nothing but a curse. As all the inconveniences his powers cause constantly pile up, all Kusuo aims for is an ordinary, hassle-free life—a life where ignoran

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2016-07-11

Last Air Date 2018-06-27

Seasons 2

Episodes 48


TMDB 8.4


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nardeniz shared a tip "Enjoyed fr"

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oharnela shared a tip "Such a cute and funny show!"

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jxc_cardoso shared a tip "100/10"

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redacted_anonymous shared a tip "I like this show its funny"

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strxberry_kisss shared a tip "Hehehhehehe"

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jw81496 shared a tip "A funny, enjoyable anime. Especially for introverts, who will easily relate to the main character!"

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not_so_splendiferously shared a tip "10"

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gabby_roberts shared a tip "It’s hilarious and a feel-good anime!"

andrew_9149 shared a tip "Okay then"

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lKagome2700 shared a tip "Has three seasons (only season 1 is English dub)"

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chelsea_appiah-kubi shared a tip "Saiki is so freaking funny 😂😭"

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ch3rrybomb shared a tip "The funniest anime out there, change my mind"

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benevolent_fart shared a tip "nice"

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benevolent_fart shared a tip "hair reminds me of double bubble"

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raysofsunshine shared a tip "you should watch The Great Pretender, it’s so good!!"

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hasu_li shared a tip "Fantastic"

cori_3779 shared a tip "7.5/10"

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sarah_hanna_8121 shared a tip "Yes, it’s a good show to relax with and binge watch!! Very colorful and fun."

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morgan_botts shared a tip "If you end up enjoying saiki k I would also suggest ouran high school host club! They’re both so funny"

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allison_sisk shared a tip "I absolutely LOVE this show, it’s funny and is a great show for introverts (like me) to relate to"

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jennax534xdiamond shared a tip "Y e s ."

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stephanym shared a tip "Saiki is an amazing character but I have to go with Kaido and his imagination"

rebeka_caca shared a tip "I love"

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bwch13 shared a tip "a favorite. everyone should watch saiki. absolutely hilarious and so intriguing and awesome. trans rep whoop whoop <33"

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ma1risa shared a tip "Introverted comedy at its finest😘"

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ryvant shared a tip "so dumb and so funny. loved every second"

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annalise_c_4251 shared a tip "Hilarious a.d worth your time."

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donovan_brooks shared a tip "This show is the PEAK of Japanese comedy. It will have you rolling for hours"

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youshra_zara shared a tip "Omg yes!! I really hope you like it! I recommend bunny girl senpai, haikyu!, jujutsu kaisen, sk8 the infinity"

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kazzl1e shared a tip "god this show is so funny, best comedy anime in my opinion"

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sofia_arenas_3054 shared a tip "I know :D"

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Izu shared a tip "loved"

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Izu shared a tip "didn’t like that one guy tho with the racial stereotypes"

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andrew_hodge_5117 shared a tip "Good for a light laugh. Not pushing any barriers, but clean fun."

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queensoso shared a tip "Yes"

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savannah_brown_8663 shared a tip "Highly recommend this if you looking for a comedy"

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i_like_fruit_69 shared a tip "@Likewise"

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your_daily_lazy_person shared a tip "It makes me laugh ! I love it ! I recommend it to others"

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team_ghost_naeast shared a tip "It was more modern and it was funny to"

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cyberpest9117 shared a tip "The mindvoice of the main guy is so toneless and sarcastic... Makes me lol..."

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sarah_kennedy_7017 shared a tip "This show is ridiculous in the best possible way! And it include mind control, what more could you ask for?"

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dautofor shared a tip "High class slice of life. Witty, self-aware, and dang hilarious. Only first season is dubbed -- siigh"

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kaustubh_desai shared a tip "Wtf everything is public gg"

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kaustubh_desai shared a tip "LMAO"

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1shade_tay shared a tip "It was cool for dub 😅😶‍🌫️"

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bzby72 shared a tip "One of my favorite comedy anime!"

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najah_lewis shared a tip "It's so funny and Saiki is a mood."

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dig_old_bicks shared a tip "literally the best show ever, the characters, the dialogue and everything else is just hilarious"

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chloe_surrency shared a tip "Definitely 😁. It's very funny 😀"

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EdwardCocaine shared a tip "mood"

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SlepyK shared a tip "i just started it today, but i legit couldnt stop laughing"

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Lulu_639 shared a tip "Funny"

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meme_sauce_ shared a tip "It funny and kinda realist and it’s easy to get attach to the character"

katherine_9910 shared a tip "I love everything in this show it never gets boring"

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keke_jensen shared a tip "hilarious yet also very compelling storyline. a must watch"

ali_7717 shared a tip "it's such a great anime, i love the characters so much:)"

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jonathan_hernandez_6469 shared a tip "Its good for biguiner anime watchers becuse it explains everything in detail and its just really funnuy"

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alexis_hahn shared a tip "It was fun"

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eislek_danish shared a tip "Everyones dream. Being super over powered. Its a great show with a great story line."

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rie_russell shared a tip "Similar humor to Gintama!"

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poseidon_powder shared a tip "funny great"

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mc_coleman shared a tip "There is a fourth season on netflix"

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lk_k shared a tip "Great show for comedy lovers! 10/10 definitely recommend."

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lk_k shared a tip "Its so funny and relatable definitely underrated"

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_anime._. shared a tip "I like this show because it's my comfort anime and it feels realistic even though it's not #saiki"

natalie_goldsmith shared a tip "Love."

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lordlizard shared a tip "I recently started watching this! It's hilarious. Give it a watch! This show never fails to make me laugh"

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markeeta_condon shared a tip "Yes the first episode is hilarious!! It gets better from there!"

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markeeta_condon shared a tip "Yes the first episode is hilarious! It gets better after that"

carl_jacobs_2443 shared a tip "Funny and entertaining!"

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dinoju shared a tip "I have so many! It depends on what you like."

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ryan_mann_2193 shared a tip "This is an "off-the-wall" that had my life rolling."

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cindy_starangel shared a tip "Funny and unexpected"

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khaices shared a tip "i love thé characters so much"

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loba_kirishima shared a tip "Just saiki that’s is all I have to say 😂"

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gjardin07 shared a tip "it was really good- i finished the whole thing in a matter of a few days 😸"

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noni_lee shared a tip "#Comedy"

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elif_k. shared a tip "comedy gold and theb4th wall breaking is great"

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sophia_v_7323 shared a tip "Ugh yes! At first I was skeptic about it but after watching a couple more episodes, I found that Saiki was super relatable"

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nsgpanda shared a tip "Comedy at its finest."

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Iuzha shared a tip "This is the funniest anime I have ever seen. Basically every single episode had me dying.#anime #comedy"

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kaiserbeams shared a tip "One of the best comedy animes along with One Punch Man, definitely top tier and a recommendation I'd give to new anime watchers."

elysa_caso-mchugh shared a tip "One of my favorites definitely recommend!!"

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alina_vergara shared a tip "On of my favorites it's so funny I recommend it to anyone, I'm sorta sad that there wasn't a dub for season 2"

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Mamato3050 shared a tip "Loved it very funny and fast paced. However, very hard to watch in sub."

paris_ballad shared a tip "I'd say so. I haven't finished it but I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've watched so far."

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