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Looking down on her friends and family isn't a way of life for Mary Alice Young... it's a way of death. One day, in her perfect house, in the loveliest of suburbs, Mary Alice ended it all. Now she's taking us into the lives of her family, friends and neighbors, commenting from her elevated P.O.V.

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2004-10-03

Last Air Date 2012-05-13

Seasons 8

Episodes 179


TMDB 7.94


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Love this show, such a fun throwback with a good dose of drama!"

Kylie Fansler's profile image

kylie_fansler shared a tip "It’s so dramatic and fun to binge!!"

Kerry Rice's profile image

kerry_rice shared a tip "I’ve seen all 8 seasons 10 times through. Forever my favorite show"

Teine Mapa's profile image

teine_mapa shared a tip "Very underrated."

Rachel 's profile image

reychull shared a tip "This is my all-time comfort show. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve watched the whole series over and over."

Lauren Roberts's profile image

shorti326 shared a tip "I had forgotten how FUN this show is!!"

Susan DiPane's profile image

susan_dipane shared a tip "It's a great escape from reality!"

Debbie Shepherd's profile image

debbie_shepherd shared a tip "followed it from day one"

M E's profile image

m_e_4361 shared a tip "Great binge drama series"

Michelle McGuckin's profile image

shellym shared a tip "My favorite show of all time."

Kelley Chinappi's profile image

kelley_chinappi shared a tip "This show is absolutely ridiculous. And I love it. #guiltypleasure #bingeworthy"

billie_butterfield shared a tip "The drama, the comedy, the mystery! Thrilling."

JOCQUENELLE Vintell's profile image

jocquenelle_vintell shared a tip "Honestly I got sucked in for the humor and stayed to watch the show more and loved it more."

Carol Hudson's profile image

carol_hudson shared a tip "A fun night time soap opera"

Jorge H's profile image

jorge_h shared a tip "Worth a try!"

Alexia St-Laurent's profile image

alexia_st-laurent shared a tip "#mystery #friendship"

cynthia_pantoja shared a tip "@debra_wolf yes I hope they do a comeback like all the other shows"

c hiller 's profile image

c_hiller shared a tip "Did you watch the show Revenge? It was great the first season and then not as great but I still liked it."

Kim Donohoe's profile image

kim_donohoe shared a tip "Me too! And I don't even remember the seasons, I'm probably going to watch it again because it's been so long"

monique bourque's profile image

monique_bourque shared a tip "Lanette for sure!"

Pamela Cardwell's profile image

pamela_cardwell shared a tip "#bingeworthy love this show watched all the episodes in 2 weeks lol!!"

Courtney Austin's profile image

courtney_austin_5079 shared a tip "Yes!!"

Brynne Spurgin's profile image

brynne_spurgin shared a tip "I’d have to say Mike, or Susan out of the women! Susan is kind and reminds me of my mom and Mike is so sweet and handsome."

jamilett_urzua shared a tip "Omg watch it!!!"

Brooke Larsen's profile image

brooke_larsen_9384 shared a tip "Drama and humor"

martha_b_6687 shared a tip "It’s the perfect #comfortshow show to #binge watch. 10/10"

Kimberly Perez's profile image

kimberly_perez_1625 shared a tip "Yes definitely.It’s definitely full of drama but it’s still funny I definitely recommend"

Darian Collina's profile image

darian_collina shared a tip "Yes I loved it !"

Audra Simpson's profile image

audra_simpson shared a tip "Best dramedy ever. I've rewatched the entire series at least 20 times."

Kaleah Young's profile image

kaleah_young shared a tip "Always watched with my mom when it was on tv"

Michelle Havens's profile image

michelle_havens shared a tip "I love this show!!! Watched it to the very end. I wish they’d have a reboot."

katrina_sim shared a tip "Bingeworthy"

Astrid Donis's profile image

astrid_donis shared a tip "One of my favorites shows"

Hannah Lucas's profile image

hannah_lucas_4191 shared a tip "Some what predictable, but still really good."

Amanda Adams's profile image

amanda_adams_8828 shared a tip "Just rewatched entire show and it was even better then I remembered!"

Melissa Stroud's profile image

melissa_stroud_6687 shared a tip "Great series."

sharice shared a tip "Fun! Bingeable!"

anne_putney shared a tip "Loved it. Seen the whole series 2x."

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