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They're ordinary husband and wife realtors until she undergoes a dramatic change that sends them down a road of death and destruction. In a good way.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2017-02-03

Last Air Date 2019-03-29

Seasons 3

Episodes 30


TMDB 7.5


Heaven 's profile image

tvandmoviefanatic shared a tip "Finally finished watching this Show! #NetflixOriginal"

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "One of my top favorites. Hilarious! Prepare to LOL the whole time."

Faith Shaffer's profile image

beadzombie shared a tip "Why did it have to end?!!!? THE #1 top show I would want to come back."

Jonnie Glasgow's profile image

jonnie shared a tip "Not new but new season"

Pj Donald's profile image

Tante143 shared a tip "AM DISTRAUGHT that Netflix cancelled this Fave Show of mine !!!"

Maria 's profile image

maria_gallifrey shared a tip "(Joel and Shiela... they're already together but they're so wonderful I had to include them)"

Rico Sosa's profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "Pretty Good Show"

johnna_m shared a tip "I know me too it was a good show"

Misti Keeton's profile image

misti_keeton shared a tip "Bloody funny"

Jessi Keough's profile image

jessi_keough shared a tip "I loved it but am ****** Netflix canceled it. They need to bring it back and give us closure."

James 's profile image

james_9089 shared a tip "Wish they’d bring this one back"

The BC- Film Reviews and More's profile image

the_bc-_film_reviews_and_more shared a tip "Don't watch if you can't handle gore, even if it's comedic."

Rachael Haft's profile image

rachael_haft shared a tip "Faborite Drew Barrymore performance of all time. The physical comedy is Top Notch! Also, sneakily wise. Not just a zombie show."

Eryn Barnes's profile image

e_bar shared a tip "Netflix discontinued it!!"

Jason Rush's profile image

jason_rush shared a tip "One of the funniest zombie TV shows I've ever seen. A very well done zombie show."

samantha_3357 shared a tip "Funny!"

Justin Taillon's profile image

justin_taillon shared a tip "Binge this show and get mad like the rest of the fans that they cancelled on."

Robin hartloff's profile image

robin_hartloff shared a tip "Extremely bingeable... once you start, you won't want to stop!"

Miranda Brewer's profile image

miranda_brewer shared a tip "Eric"

Tricky and Trendy's profile image

tricky_and_trendy shared a tip "This show was written so well!"

Paulie Lapierre's profile image

paulie_lapierre shared a tip "It's perfect to binge watch, on the lighter side....not everything has to be serious"

Gabriel Goldman's profile image

gabriel_goldman shared a tip "It was good"

Samantha Anderson's profile image

samantha_anderson_5207 shared a tip "Very funny!"

Neil Tochor's profile image

neil_tochor shared a tip "I need more of this show available, STAT!"

daisy_8077 shared a tip "Season 2 episode 10"

Bryanna Baskin's profile image

bryanna_baskin shared a tip "Now this show is awesome and wrird at the same time but i like how they get away with so many murders"

Annette Shoemaker's profile image

annette_shoemaker shared a tip "So funny and well done"

t_r_2143 shared a tip "The humor is perfert. Their delivery and chemistry is 👌🏽"

Allie Barden's profile image

allie_barden shared a tip "Should not have been cancelled."

Colby Montigue's profile image

colby_montigue shared a tip "Sad to see it cancelled on a cliffhanger. #toosoon"

David Gilleand's profile image

iamdwg shared a tip "Hilarious show. Can't get enough of it"

lisa_smith_4286 shared a tip "Drew Barrymore is so good in this show - ridiculously awesome and even more fun if you are from California and know the valley"

bloop_7993 shared a tip "This sho was amazing and funny it was sad to see it go."

Lisa Lapham's profile image

lisa_lapham shared a tip "Oh my gosh...make sure to watch the first episode...if you dare.🤣😂🤣"

Jacob Millson's profile image

jacob_millson shared a tip "Great show"

payton_848 shared a tip "very nice show"

Siera Nearhoff's profile image

siera_nearhoff shared a tip "Love it"

Yajahira Ruiz's profile image

yajahira_ruiz shared a tip "Perfect show to binge watch !"

Tom Dwyer's profile image

tom_dwyer shared a tip "Hilarious zombie realator Drew Barrymore And her husband are an absolute delight"

abril s's profile image

abril_salgado shared a tip "the only bad thing about this dark comedy is the inevitable sadness you will feel when you realize it was canceled."

Jo Tiblanc's profile image

jo_tiblanc shared a tip "The last one"

Jade Jones's profile image

jade_jones_5623 shared a tip "Love Drew and the comedy they make being the undead looks fun and fab but also scary and uneasy"

Dillon Alvarado's profile image

dillon_alvarado shared a tip "It was really good and interesting maybe a little cheesy"

kai_hall shared a tip "Everyone should watch this is the best"

Jaclyn Townsend's profile image

jaclyn_townsend shared a tip "Good show"

Jamison Daniels's profile image

jamison_daniels shared a tip "Great story. Great acting. Fun premise."

Kallyn Lutz's profile image

kallyn_lutz shared a tip "Dark humor, mystery"

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