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Hyakkaou Private Academy. An institution for the privileged with a very peculiar curriculum. You see, when you're the sons and daughters of the wealthiest of the wealthy, it's not athletic prowess or book smarts that keep you ahead. It's reading your opponent, the art of the deal. What better way to

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2017-07-01

Last Air Date 2019-03-27

Seasons 2

Episodes 24


TMDB 8.3


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Pitapockets shared a tip "Why is it listed as similar to YBC tho-"

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Northstar shared a tip "I wouldn’t call this an objectively good show but I sure do love to watch it"

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kat_mcelhenie shared a tip "SOOO GOOD BUT NOT FOR KIDS"

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alex_scanlan shared a tip "What are ur thoughts"

mmmmmaaax shared a tip "Binge-Worthy😌 Its all risk taking and plots"

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rose_9156 shared a tip "It’s the best anime I’ve watched so far but it’s only for mutcher people"

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Oikiwa_Simp shared a tip "Its pretty good and most people have probably seen it already"

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alien_2723 shared a tip "This was pretty cool! I hated the boy mc but all the girls were ******* amazing!!!! All the dynamics are so cool to watch"

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bwch13 shared a tip "did someone say lesbian gambling anime"

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malosry shared a tip "an amazing anime!"

tayler_brodie shared a tip "I’m not a big anime fan but this show is so goodd I recommend this for 13+ thought."

gisselle_8895 shared a tip "I liked the um anime"

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madison_5165 shared a tip "I recommend you watch this alone, but besides that this is one of my favorite animes!"

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kaylea_powell shared a tip "One of my favorite animes! The concept is really cool"

briannie_melendez shared a tip "it’s a gambling anime with a bit of gore it’s mezmerizing watching the characters gamble and how they do things at their school"

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____4200 shared a tip "Aggressive gambling"

cassie_macaluso shared a tip "I hated this one if you like lesbians and hentai this is for you"

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dehydratedraccoon shared a tip "LESBIAN GAMBLING ANIME 😩😩😩😩"

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misses_puff shared a tip "Perfect for anime lovers and it’s on Netflix. This was such a great anime series and I hope they make another season!"

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anahit_mkrtchyan shared a tip "If you are just getting into anime I suggest this for a starter one 😁"

willow_ivy shared a tip "amazing, i give this a 1000000000/10. it is absolutely breathtaking haha. i watched this in a week."

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mars_lopez shared a tip "This is A good show! wouldn't recommend for kids tho"

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gabriel_5767 shared a tip "If you like strategy anime I recommend it"

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kalyn_waddell-peopl shared a tip "One of the Best anime ever🕺🏽 BUT DO NOT WAT H IT AROUND PARENTS OR SMALL CHILDREN 😭"

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ashly_pierre shared a tip "Its a good show i loved it"

lola_lola_831 shared a tip "Its a cool anime :)"

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kyley_tate shared a tip "Currently watching and im almost done with the first season.. it's sooo good I really love ittt"

alexandria_lewis_9652 shared a tip "It's the perfect drama filled anime."

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kolton_leech shared a tip "Its one of my favorites!!"

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kolton_leech shared a tip "It was amazing I never seen a anime like this"

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jarico_stevenson shared a tip "Its just all out the best gambling anime ive seen i espesialy like how reckless she is."

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robin_4609 shared a tip "Mary saotome😤😡😭🥵🤧😳💖"

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alanna_mar shared a tip "It’s basically lesbians gambling"

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sharon_machuca shared a tip "Weird but fun"

madison-elise_eyre_ shared a tip "This is one of my all time fave anime’s"

nicholas_gall shared a tip "I actually just finished watching Kaguya-Sama: Love is Way? and I absolutely loved it."

jakorey_young shared a tip "You’ll get hooked pretty fast"

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alaena_coon shared a tip "I absolutely adore the show, in love with yumeko and mary’s development"

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keasha shared a tip "dark"

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cali_3672 shared a tip "very interesting and over all well made!! never got bored, and lovely cast:))"

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addisyn_5879 shared a tip "Right now I'm rewatching Blue Exorcist, but Parasyte is the current "new show" I'm watching"

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maybreesims32 shared a tip "Love"

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kieran_790 shared a tip "This one just wasn't for me. But if you're into gambling and fan service, absolutely check it out!"

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brown_mm shared a tip "Its INTRESTING"

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j._c._9602 shared a tip "It's a show that's over the top and intentionally disturbing. I like it."

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elenaevans444 shared a tip "First anime"

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leo_b_165 shared a tip "Hot babes that's it. Well also poker."

damia_lastere shared a tip "7.5/10"

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