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More than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the remnants of humanity inhabit a gigantic, perpetually-moving train that circles the globe as class warfare, social injustice and the politics of survival play out.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2020-05-17

Last Air Date 2022-03-28

Seasons 3

Episodes 30


TMDB 7.5


Sonia Barajas ♡'s profile image

sonia_barajas shared a tip "Great series! Movie is awesome as well!"

Daniel Eskenazi's profile image

Daniel.Eskenazi shared a tip "Great dystopian movie, directed by Bong Joon-ho (who directed Parasite too)"

Frankie Francavilla's profile image

frankie_francavilla shared a tip "Very thoughtful piece. Not as action-y as you would expect, so it can feel a bit slow at times."

Alan Sherin's profile image

alan_sherin shared a tip "Brilliant storytelling and set design!"

Brooke LeBar's profile image

brooke_lebar shared a tip "#dystopian #thrillers_and_suspense a great series to watch if you like apocalyptic ,dystopian. Gave me Handsmaid tale vibes"

cat_6870 shared a tip "If snowpiercer didn’t already jump the shark before, they just did with season 3 ep 7."

Ginger K's profile image

ginger_k shared a tip "This show SUCKS. Watch the movie instead"

Tasfia Tahiat's profile image

tasfia_tahiat shared a tip "Excellent dystopian show! Just waiting to binge the next season 😖"

Loida Milian-Gonczarow's profile image

loida_milian-gonczarow shared a tip "So good and so many characters."

Hunteri Heroici's profile image

hunteri_heroici shared a tip "fast paced, suspenseful, plot twists, don't know who's gonna die, might be the new game of thrones (LOVED THE MOVIE)"

Leah Thompson's profile image

leah_thompson_1096 shared a tip "Amazing series"

Tatiana Noval's profile image

tatiana_noval shared a tip "Love it!"

Michael Tran's profile image

michael_tran shared a tip "Really great movie if you want to see class struggle from a symbolic point of view."

kimberly_a_upperman shared a tip "Good suspense, interesting concept"

hunter_3080 shared a tip "The movie is not the tv show unfortunately"

Ruby 's profile image

ruby_1624 shared a tip "This was an interesting story about humanity and survival. I just binged season 1. It definitely has room to grow in season 2"

Don McCaskill's profile image

don_mccaskill shared a tip "Really enjoyed season one."

Janet Burleigh's profile image

janet_burleigh shared a tip "In the SciFi genre, I enjoyed The Expanse, The Madalorian, Witch Hunter, and the new Dune. Wheel of Time was not bad either.,"

Chris Brown's profile image

chris_brown_9102 shared a tip "I thought this was for the movie. I didnt realize it was a show."

Daniel Thomas's profile image

OpenaCanDan shared a tip "I've watched this several times and pick up something new each time. Great sci-fi film that will be a classic."

Julia Lebedeva's profile image

julia_lebedeva shared a tip "Watchable"

Mathieu B-A's profile image

mathieu_b-a shared a tip "Love i!"

Chelcea Carroll's profile image

chelcea_carroll shared a tip "Such an amazing series!!!! Recommend to anyone!!!"

Athena Lopez's profile image

athena_lopez_8647 shared a tip "Super dark but I loved it!"

Nicky Dexter's profile image

nicky_dexter shared a tip "Super exciting. Didn't want to watch anything else till it was over."

Kosmic Kwei's profile image

kosmic_kwei shared a tip "Loved the movie and when this series came out fell in love was nice to have a fresh movie and series idea out there"

Ihsan Basaran's profile image

ihsan_basaran shared a tip "8/10"

Flora Mae Sonneveld's profile image

flora_mae_826 shared a tip "Daveed Diggs is just amazing."

Ronan Conley's profile image

ronan_conley shared a tip "Pretty damn sure this is a sequel to Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory, don’t at me though"

Clint S.'s profile image

clint_s. shared a tip "Very creative"

Nan Winter-Miranda's profile image

nan_winter-miranda shared a tip "Truly unique."

Laria Hicks's profile image

laria_hicks shared a tip "Dystopian drama"

ebony_aelterman shared a tip "A bit gory, but the storyline is insanely good!"

Jene' Williams's profile image

jene_williams shared a tip "A good apocalyptic show. Has action, mystery and Daveed Diggs. So yeah, watch it."

Hunter Williams's profile image

hunter_williams_7925 shared a tip "Good"

Maryse Larocque's profile image

maryse_larocque shared a tip "Awesome!!!"

Jaime Jones's profile image

Hellataz shared a tip "Awesome social commentary"

Melanie Stankovich's profile image

melanie_stankovich shared a tip "Good twist, entertaining, I didn't go into it with high expectations and was pleasantly surprised"

leander Cooper's profile image

leander_cooper shared a tip "Still confused"

Brandi DeAngelo's profile image

brandi_deangelo shared a tip "Oh gosh I didn't realize this was a tv show because I saw the movie haha. I'll have to watch it!"

Johnny Peters's profile image

johnny_peters_3490 shared a tip "Really good show im loving this series, has alot of characters and power struggles the movie left out. Great watch"

Jemma Frost's profile image

jemma_frost shared a tip "So much better than the movie!"

Sa'ad Dawud's profile image

saad_dawud shared a tip "Intense and invigorating"

joanne_garside shared a tip "Great remake! Better than the original. Stellar cast."

ephraim_mallery shared a tip "Dark and gritty"

mucki_wright shared a tip "Loved bothe seasons"

Debby Gensamer's profile image

debby_gensamer shared a tip "Exciting"

Maisa B's profile image

maisa_b shared a tip "Eager to finish the season!"

William Swisher's profile image

william_swisher shared a tip "Seen 6 episodes so fa re and its wonderful."

ben_center shared a tip "I need to check out the series"

arianna_parker_9026 shared a tip "amazing storyline, binge worthy, leaves you on the edge of your seat"

Courtney Whalen's profile image

courtney_whalen shared a tip "Only watch if you can handle captain America talk about eating babies. Super creepy!"

Carrie Parkinson's profile image

carrie_parkinson shared a tip "Think of it as legacy of Willie Wonka as Charlie Bucket engineer the train to save man kind. Makes it a darker movie."

galvin_mayers shared a tip "This is a great show. But it's seriously underrated"

Michael Riley's profile image

michael_riley_2973 shared a tip "It was a look from a fantasy aspect on how society actually works. Very neat."

Ange Bauzer's profile image

ange_bauzer shared a tip "The show is wwaaayyyy better than the movie. Very suspenseful and exciting."

Lucinda Haywood's profile image

lucinda_haywood shared a tip "It was a good movie"

Nate Jimenez's profile image

nate_jimenez shared a tip "AMAZING"

Danielle Price's profile image

danielleprice shared a tip "Im totally hooked on this show. Cant wait until season 2! #watchit"

AJ Kader's profile image

aj_kader shared a tip "It was suspenseful"

Jim McIntyre's profile image

jim_mcintyre shared a tip "I just watched the movie."

kendra_lyons shared a tip "A move away from the traditional. Very interesting story line"

Teal 's profile image

tealdam shared a tip "love these type of end of the world shows"

Samyra Craven's profile image

samyra_craven shared a tip "Tanya, Edgar, and Namgoong Minsu"

grecia_benitez shared a tip "I’m really digging this show! Lots of drama, it’s right up my alley😊"

Stephanie Helgeson's profile image

stephanie_helgeson shared a tip "This is a great ******* movie! Watch it right now"

patricia_adler shared a tip "Different and thought provoking #drama"

CornKilla 's profile image

cornkilla shared a tip "This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire time"

Tiff Bruhn's profile image

tiff_bruhn shared a tip "Great Story line"

rob_stafford shared a tip "Intriguing"

abby_brightwell shared a tip "amazing. plot twisting. thriller/suspense. love it"

chelsey_shumaker shared a tip "It’s a weird post apocalyptic movie but I feel like everybody needs to see it but it’s not great great if that makes sense"

Stephen Born's profile image

stephen_born shared a tip "Politics, multiple characters, dystopian world, good character development, and intrigue with good plot development"

Taylor Stafford's profile image

taylor.stafford shared a tip "The second season is better than the first."

Tamara Nagy's profile image

tamara_nagy shared a tip "Unusual premise"

Sarah Schroeder's profile image

sarah_schroeder_5391 shared a tip "I love how they make the most of the fact that everyone is on a train. The imagery is amazing too, and the actors are perfect!"

Caitlin Forseth's profile image

caitlin_forseth shared a tip "The movie was better"

Brittlaura Demps's profile image

brittlaura_demps shared a tip "Amazing movie has really good moments and a lot of killing"

Sara Ann's profile image

sara_ann_7665 shared a tip "Loves this show! I can't wait for every episode!"

Brittany Leeanne's profile image

SeriousAvocado shared a tip "I think the movie was better but it also left me wanting a sequel so this works."

Cristina Solonenco's profile image

cristina_solonenco shared a tip "Interesting concept on survival."

John Stacy Denham's profile image

john_stacy_denham shared a tip "It was completely unexpected."

Elizabeth Basham's profile image

elizabeth_basham shared a tip "Good action and twisting plot"

jennijean shared a tip "Yes! Definitely!"

jennifer baxter's profile image

jennifer_baxter shared a tip "So good!"

sarah_6042 shared a tip "One of the best tv shows I’ve watched in a long time. So freaking good."

Johnathon Rick's profile image

johnathon_rick shared a tip "Well thought out very creative"

Juliane Lacerda's profile image

juliane_lacerda shared a tip "Addictive"

Elise Mackie's profile image

elise_mackie shared a tip "Interesting concept!"

anna_hoang_2399 shared a tip "Creative, thrilling, and surprisingly thoughtful/complex! Well made and can’t wait for the next season to come out"

anna_hoang_2399 shared a tip "Amazing characters, great world building, compelling plot. Love everything about this show."

Samara Black's profile image

samilami shared a tip "Oh my god yes!"

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