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A group of East High students countdown to the opening night of their school’s first-ever production of “High School Musical.” Showmances blossom; friendships are tested while new ones are made; rivalries flare and lives are changed forever as these young people discover the transformative power tha

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2019-11-12

Last Air Date 2022-09-14

Seasons 3

Episodes 30


TMDB 8.1


madeline_rodgers shared a tip "Sweet!"

Felix 's profile image

ashie_houweling shared a tip "The newest episode of season three is out and is so far so good! Can't wait for more 🤩"

Maddie Grace's profile image

maddiegrace shared a tip "That’s how it used to be in the 80s-90s... so..."

julia_1570 shared a tip "First season was great. Second was iffy. Will see how the third season is."

Haus Gauss's profile image

tag_gauss shared a tip "Was expecting it to be the CHEESIEST thing ever, but it was actually well-planned and tastefully executed. Super cute show!"

Ellie 's profile image

ellieloveslittlemix shared a tip "i remember when this first was announced i was like “ew not a remake” but it’s actually enjoyable"

Yasmine Guroluk's profile image

yasmineguroluk shared a tip "Olivia Rodrigo is my queen!!!"

Gen H's profile image

genevieve_hawtree_6337 shared a tip "Oops read Disney+"

Abi Jo Breiner's profile image

abi_jo_breiner shared a tip "this is one of my fav shows ever. i can’t for season two in may 14th"

Lexi Christiansen 's profile image

lexi_christiansen shared a tip "I thought this wasn't going to be good. I watched the whole season in a day"

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kevin_brown_2328 shared a tip "Personally, I always like the music. The story. Is. Okay. But I love watching talent wherever it may be"

evelyn 's profile image

evbev shared a tip "kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat! love the actors and plot lines. 10/10"

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amelia_zhou shared a tip "Super funny romantic comedy where it’s pretty much like another high school life but would so recommend!!#hsm"

Claudia DiVincenzo's profile image

claudia_divincenzo shared a tip "Um I love Doogie Kameleoha MD (I’m not sure that’s how you spell her last name) it’s on Disney t"

M Cineus's profile image

m_cineus shared a tip "I love it the high school musical"

Zoe Johnson's profile image

zoe_johnson_7005 shared a tip "BEBest show ever"

elizabeth_michels shared a tip "Started watching the series at 10pm and stayed up till 5am. So good that I couldn’t stop❗️"

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naomi_4713 shared a tip "So cute!"

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nutmegan shared a tip "Gilmore girls!"

Brandy McKay's profile image

brandy_mckay shared a tip "Quick, easy, & fun to watch. Funny, and not just for preteens."

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byonca shared a tip "This is a good Siri‘s and I love this"

dhiren weera's profile image

dhiren_weera shared a tip "Honestly if you go in without thinking of it as a remake (which it's not) then you will love it the music the everything"

beatrice_potter_5515 shared a tip "It has a good story and some pretty good characters. Overall I think that it was a fun show to binge watch."

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cayla_3382 shared a tip "It really is the perfect show to binge!"

luke_jensen_5246 shared a tip "Amazing Show! Amazing Actors and Music! Great Storyline that makes me want to watch more"

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lauren_smith_70 shared a tip "I love this show and Olivia Rodrigo so much!"

violeta_4308 shared a tip "I really liked it! The music is great"

Hayden Hathcock's profile image

hayden_hathcock shared a tip "It’s corny, but it has its moments and can keep my attention in most episodes"

Shanice Ciarrocca's profile image

shanice_ciarrocca shared a tip "Started watching this for a laugh but then actually liked it?? 😂"

nikolai_ shared a tip "This show is amazing and has me on the edge of my seat and with goosebumps every time they sing."

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ava_4681 shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge!"

Isabella 's profile image

isabella_. shared a tip "Best show l have ever watched great acting and lots of drama 10/10"

Michelle Ratcliff's profile image

michelle_ratcliff shared a tip "May sound like a rip off of high school musical, but it isn’t. And much less cheesy and childish than Disney channel shows"

brianna_jack shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve ever watched! Highly recommend for teens."

Sunnyjorjayt789. Love's profile image

sunnyjorjayt789._lo shared a tip "Its amazing"

rosebookz 's profile image

rose17 shared a tip "SUCH AN AMAZING SHOW!! I LOVE JOSHHH 🐣"

Aliah Jones's profile image

aliah_jones shared a tip "It’s such a good show! I can’t wait for season 2"

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anna_banana_1828 shared a tip "It was filled with musuc and minor drama it was just great"

ahuva_1578 shared a tip "A MUST WATCH!"

emily_dashtaki shared a tip "THE MOST AMAZING SHOW EVER."

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alyssa_m_3519 shared a tip "As a theatre kid the humor’s EVERYTHING! Also the entire cast does such a good job with their roles"

Kenz Roberts's profile image

kenz_roberts shared a tip "This is like the best show that I have watched!"

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alexis_rose_4782 shared a tip "It was so funny and very moving to me ❤️"

quinton_johnson_6995 shared a tip "Loved it"

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