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After an unusual event, Zoey Clarke, a whip-smart computer coder forging her way in San Francisco, suddenly starts to hear the innermost wants, thoughts and desires of the people around her through popular songs.

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2020-01-07

Last Air Date 2021-05-16

Seasons 2

Episodes 25


TMDB 7.8


Debra Wolf's profile image

debra_wolf shared a tip "I love this show!"

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onelonelyplanet shared a tip "Amazing show! Thanks @kory_honey for recommending it!"

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carolyn__8931 shared a tip "This is a hit!"

christie_biggers shared a tip "I really thought I’d hate this so much and at first, I did. My daughter made me watch it. Before you know it, I was weeping."

Sarah Zimmerman's profile image

sarah_zimmerman shared a tip "My favorite. 💔 I really hope they find somewhere to pick it back up! #savezoeysplaylist"

Sugarmoon 's profile image

mintfrxppe shared a tip "It's definitely a unique show, only watched 1 episode but I'm liking it so far"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Charming show, albeit a little clunky incorporating the dancing"

Debbie Seres's profile image

Debbie.Seres shared a tip "I watch this with my 13 year old daughter"

Lindsay Hall's profile image

lindsay_hall shared a tip "Loved the 1st season. I hope they renew it!"

Steve Barr's profile image

steve_barr shared a tip "Great fun and music and some drama. Don't miss it."

No_One 's profile image

Lava.Nest shared a tip "Lots of emotions."

Lauren Hilfinger's profile image

lauren_hilfinger shared a tip "Incredible! Loved the concept- so unique, and great character development. Can’t wait for the next season!"

Katie Odegaard's profile image

katie_odegaard shared a tip "The first episode made me smile! It already has me hooked I can’t wait to see how it continues"

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skippyandjade shared a tip "#SaveZoeysPlaylist"

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skippyandjade shared a tip "Please if you love this show - we can help save it - tweet out or share with your friends and include hashtag #savezoeysplaylist"

lisa_hoekstra shared a tip "LOVED this show!"

Sierra Haro's profile image

sierra_haro shared a tip "This is such a good show. You will enjoy it if you like musicals. There are also some tearjerking moments throughout the show."

Lindsi 's profile image

lin_she shared a tip "#bingeworthy"

Adelyn V King's profile image

adelyn_loves_tortoises shared a tip "It’s got talent, amazing acting, and it’s basically a modern day musical! Couldn’t love more!"

Jasmin Floyd's profile image

jasmin shared a tip "Didn’t care for it at first but was hooked after finishing the first ep!"

Shari Goddard's profile image

shari_goddard shared a tip "Truly one of the most unique and clever new shows on TV!"

Jorey Cohen's profile image

jorey_cohen shared a tip "This show is so good and so fun!!"

brooke_nichols_3888 shared a tip "Amazing show."

Irene Atencio's profile image

gyrovagi shared a tip "The most awesome tv musical ever."

Rebekah Antis's profile image

rebekah_antis shared a tip "One of my favorite shows! Perfect show to binge-watch, very reminiscent of Glee!"

skytra lol's profile image

skyesaige shared a tip "Really funny!"

Lesta T's profile image

lesta_t shared a tip "Has me singing, laughing and crying. You'll absolutely love this"

Robert Wasson's profile image

robert_wasson shared a tip "fun concept and surprisingly deep and heartbreaking"

jessica_lorenzi shared a tip "OhhMmmGee! If you're a Glee fan this is your new show! Music fans unite!"

tess_wooley shared a tip "Kind of bad kind of good"

Julianne Black's profile image

julianne_black shared a tip "Love this show!"

Kristie Strieby's profile image

kristie_strieby shared a tip "Love this series, very heartwarming and unbelievably fun. A look at what life might be like if interactions were songs"

Kelsey Sargent's profile image

kelsey_sargent shared a tip "A refreshing show, definitely a new favorite."

Sarah Elizabeth's profile image

sarah_elizabeth_9656 shared a tip "I really like the show but I can’t find s1 my friends want to watch but can only find s2"

Danielle Hutchinson's profile image

danielle_hutchinson shared a tip "VERY entertaining to watch! This musical-comedy masterpiece is worth your time! #drama #comedy"

jared_heath shared a tip "I really wish they had more episodes of this. Probably one of the more imaginative shows I've seen in a while!"

Missus Robinson's profile image

missus_robinson shared a tip "Alex Newell-Mo"

Caitlin Harding's profile image

caitlin_harding_9976 shared a tip "Love the music incorporated in each episode. Great cast"

alyssa_nielsen_9199 shared a tip "The wholesomeness of this show is amazing. It has great character dynamics. The music is great and it is uplifting, but real."

Mike Strain's profile image

mike_strain_624 shared a tip "Such a great show"

Brandon Rodriguez's profile image

brandon_rodriguez_9749 shared a tip "Yeah"

Alyssa Haggerty's profile image

alyssa_haggerty shared a tip "Love love love love love! It's adorable and the perfect mix of whimsy and sweetness."

Camille 's profile image

camille__5897 shared a tip "Great show to watch if u like musical theatre and drama without an actual musical"

Rattanak Chea's profile image

rattanak_chea shared a tip "Great show. You will laugh and cry a lot."

Brian Wilson's profile image

brian_wilson_4300 shared a tip "Fun little show"

Angela McCrohan's profile image

angela_mccrohan shared a tip "Love this show. Many of the episodes had me laughing and crying."

whit_e shared a tip "Love this show!"

Anna A.'s profile image

anna_a. shared a tip "This show is amazing"

Heather Bratulich's profile image

heather_bratulich shared a tip "Fun show!"

Rae-Lynn Guseman's profile image

rae-lynn_guseman shared a tip "🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰"

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jholder47 shared a tip "Great music"

TheSweetShoppeByBeth 's profile image

thesweetshoppebybeth shared a tip "Fun & creative and the music is great!"

Mat Myers's profile image

mat_myers shared a tip "Picture a cross between the film What Women Want, and the TV show Glee, and you've got Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist."

daniel_kidwell shared a tip "Hope there is a season 2"

Susan Strohl's profile image

susan_strohl shared a tip "Cute show but the dad's illness ruined it for me"

TheSuperPup 's profile image

thesuperpup shared a tip "The show is amazing!"

Megs 's profile image

merry-megs shared a tip "An absolute must for those who love musicals and a great story line."

anya_shah shared a tip "Such an amazing show, cannot WAIT for the next season!!"

Ryan Weber's profile image

ryan_weber_9643 shared a tip "Great comedy with some music thrown in, amazing how they make it sync with the moods"

laura_robinson_6188 shared a tip "Mary Steenburgen is great as Zoe’s mom and her building manager is excellent in their supporting role"

Sandy Ly's profile image

sandy_ly shared a tip "This show has a really great story line and the singing is really good."

Cassie Herlihy's profile image

cassie_herlihy shared a tip "Favorite show right now! Good plot, music and lots of twists and turns."

Cayla 's profile image

cayla_3382 shared a tip "Absolutely love it! I constantly wish I could have a front row seat to all my friends singing randomly!"

Alicia Hansen's profile image

alicia_hansen shared a tip "The world needs more musicals. 😊"

skylar_haley_9926 shared a tip "Plot twist was amazing but the side characters were better than the main character"

cathy_crawford shared a tip "Love singing along to the songs. Disappointed that it only lasted 2 seasons. 😩"

Richard Padilla's profile image

richard_padilla shared a tip "Watch this show. It is worth it. The performances are real good and the story is touching. You won't be disappointed."

justin mettler's profile image

justin_mettler shared a tip "One of our guilty pleasure that you dont want to tell anyone at 47 lol"

Avalon Fox's profile image

avalon_fox shared a tip "Laugh, cry, sing, dance"

Amanda Holmes's profile image

amanda_holmes shared a tip "So much fun! Great actors and fun story! Have some tissues handy though, some of these episodes are heart wrenching."

callie_tucker shared a tip "The glitch episode!"

marina_6032 shared a tip "Really funny and includes singing and dancing#comedy"

robert_rambo shared a tip "Not always my cup of tea, but it was funny, human, and lots of great music."

Malin Freeman's profile image

malin_freeman shared a tip "I love this unique & funny show!"

leah_taylor_1708 shared a tip "Loved how the songs fit in and the characters!"

Crystal Johnston's profile image

crystal_johnston_4147 shared a tip "Flimed in BC and love the cast"

kiera_smithson shared a tip "LOVE the show! A great escapism. Great music, musical numbers, acting/cast, the whole shabang."

khia_haynes shared a tip "cute show"

Terry Crewse's profile image

terry_crewse shared a tip "Very entertaining and fresh"

Hannah Urbani's profile image

hannah_urbani shared a tip "I love it"

Bailey Marasti's profile image

bailey_marasti shared a tip "#music"

Janice Seiberling's profile image

janice_seiberling shared a tip "Absolutely love it, music is great & cast is fun"

Danielle Weaver's profile image

danielle_weaver_4801 shared a tip "Musical, drama, romance!"

ksaust shared a tip "Great writing-I want to know what happens to these characters. The dancing and singing are ::chef’s kiss:: !"

kimberly_albring shared a tip "This show makes me so happy"

Mark Pontius's profile image

mark_pontius shared a tip "Great musical numbers, great songs (love Mad World), engaging story and characters."

Monica Thornburg's profile image

monica_thornburg shared a tip "Such a good show! Couldn't stop watching it. Watched two seasons in a day and a half."

Lady Tamara's profile image

lady_tamara shared a tip "It’s the perfect show to binge!"

kim_baumann shared a tip "My favorite show right now"

Angela Adams's profile image

angela_adams_6245 shared a tip "This is the most amazing original show! So creative! You must watch it ! Just found out it is canceled 😔#funny# musical"

Hadeel Alharthi's profile image

hadeel_alharthi shared a tip "Fun and lively, but still makes you cry."

Nina Hayes 's profile image

nina_hayes shared a tip "Musical fans"

amanda_4233 shared a tip "I'd say so! The songs are great and short. The storyline is also descent."

Anastasia Gill's profile image

anastasia_gill_5373 shared a tip "Music and drama funny"

patricia_trentham shared a tip "I love everything about this show #SaveZoeysPlaylist"

jerica_griffin shared a tip "My gosh, going into this expecting just a silly comedy, I was not prepared for how many deep emotions I’ve felt watching this."

Crazy Dude's profile image

crazy_dude shared a tip "Very good. Amazing choices for voice and general talent. Hopefully you don't show your mother who's grieving a parent though."

emily_kendrick shared a tip "Brand new idea, binge-worthy and fun, heartwarming"

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