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A pie-maker, with the power to bring dead people back to life, solves murder mysteries with his alive-again childhood sweetheart, a cynical private investigator, and a lovesick waitress.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2007-10-03

Last Air Date 2009-06-13

Seasons 2

Episodes 22


TMDB 7.9


hannah mae:)'s profile image

hannah shared a tip "Heartfelt and unique"

Brian DeWeese's profile image

briandeweese shared a tip "Narrated by Jim Dale. Extremely colorful and the story is creative. Has fairytale qualities."

Harvey F Smith's profile image

harvey_f_smith shared a tip "A comedy about life, death and undead. Worth watching the seasons even though it ends abruptly!"

James Lovell's profile image

james_lovell_7167 shared a tip "Another wonderful show, canceled by weak minds with no vision. Pathetic... #firefly"

Leslie Russell's profile image

leslie_russell_7252 shared a tip "One of those weird little comedies that was never meant for normies. It’s more a cult classic."

Jason Wright's profile image

jasonwright shared a tip "Underrated."

scott_squires shared a tip "Strange but interesting quirky great visuals"

Adam 's profile image

adam_schmadam shared a tip "Pie man wakes dead to solve murders for money"

Lola B.'s profile image

lola_b. shared a tip "Amazing show, still dont know why it was cancelled but definitely worth watching."

Chris Sackney's profile image

christoph shared a tip "Too good for only two seasons"

Tony Morris's profile image

tony_morris shared a tip "I LOVE this show."

Ali L's profile image

upmyali shared a tip "One of my all time favorites"

Shauncey Fury's profile image

shauncey_fury shared a tip "It’s very quirky. I enjoyed the writing and the creativity of the premise."

Ronald Wilcox's profile image

ronald_wilcox shared a tip "It is a very fun show. Sad it only lasted two seasons"

Rachel Klein's profile image

rachel_klein_1586 shared a tip "An incredible and whimsical show that was canceled far before any of us were ready for it to be gone"

S.E. Fisher's profile image

s.e._fisher shared a tip "An all time favorite. So sad there weren’t more seasons"

Anna Howard's profile image

anna_howard_5947 shared a tip "Adorable."

Alyssa Godfrey's profile image

alyssa_godfrey shared a tip "The cancellation of this show makes me wanna cry 😭"

Jacob Lauderdale's profile image

jacob_lauderdale shared a tip "Hated that they canceled this show"

emily_vinson_5244 shared a tip "Creative and so dang fun to watch. Mystery, romance, quirky…it’s so good"

Sharon Daehler's profile image

sharon_daehler shared a tip "Original and quirky"

Jonathan 's profile image

jonathan_4800 shared a tip "First season before the writers strike"

matt_rizzo_7734 shared a tip "Up there in my top shows ever. Wholly original. Chemistry with the cast is great. (10/10)"

Shirley Seiler's profile image

shirley_seiler shared a tip "Great word play. Cleaver. Quietly funny."

Jess G's profile image

SmocksandJin shared a tip "Strangely sweet."

amber_keesee shared a tip "I love the voice over and over-the-top way this was filmed. It's silly and sweet."

Nicole S's profile image

nicole_s_2463 shared a tip "#quirky #romance #feelgood"

Julia Smith's profile image

julia_smith_5630 shared a tip "Wish there had been more episodes!"

Taylor Hoyum's profile image

taylor_hoyum shared a tip "Such a great show!"

Allie Barden's profile image

allie_barden shared a tip "Visually pleasing, Jim Dale is a narrator dream, and quirky story line. Should've gotten another two seasons easily."

Bethamy Boucher's profile image

bethamy shared a tip "Lee Pace."

jamie_gerber shared a tip "I miss this show so much!"

Mark Ballou's profile image

mark_ballou shared a tip "Such a stylized wonder. An art director’s wet dream. Equally satisfying performances. Sadly cut down in its prime."

raymondmarshall@rocketmail.com 's profile image

Sum1youhate shared a tip "What happened to this show!?"

cam_stringham shared a tip "I rewatch this two season show often"

Aidil Oscariz's profile image

aidil_oscariz shared a tip "I actually don't remember many of the episodes just the general premise. Would love to watch again."

Erin Berge's profile image

erin_berge shared a tip "I really adored this show. Wish it would have lasted longer."

Cirrus Macleod's profile image

cirrus_macleod shared a tip "HBO Max 1/30"

Leslie Ann Richards's profile image

leslie_ann_richards shared a tip "Gewat show, sad it ended."

Rose McCaskey's profile image

rose_mccaskey shared a tip "This show was canceled way too soon."

kalie_164 shared a tip "Visually stunning and quirky!"

Celina Sarmiento's profile image

celina_sarmiento shared a tip "One of my all time favorites."

michele_rigby shared a tip "#clean and funny"

Callaway Holm's profile image

callaway_holm shared a tip "One of the best shows. Way ahead of it’s time and ended too early"

katrina_945 shared a tip "Soooo worth it! One of the all time greatest shows and gone too soon."

Rachael Kirby's profile image

keiliana shared a tip "I loved this show. I wish it kept going!"

denisse_g shared a tip "I’ve been wanting to watch this for years! Glad to finally define it on hbomax"

Susan S.'s profile image

susan_s._2961 shared a tip "Was so sad, when this show got canceled..."

Chailee Stiller's profile image

chailee_stiller shared a tip "Yes! It's the one show that I have come back to over and over! It keeps you interested"

Laura Schmidt's profile image

laura_schmidt_3216 shared a tip "FYI - the series was canceled mid-season. There is no finale to wrap up loose ends."

Rosa 's profile image

rosa26 shared a tip "Wish they’d make something else like it."

Way Foxy's profile image

way_foxy shared a tip "Very cloying and cutesy but also pretty great."

Stacie Schroeder's profile image

stacie_schroeder shared a tip "Absolutely!!"

Dani Hollingsworth's profile image

dani_hollingsworth shared a tip "Love this show!"

amy_torrence_9266 shared a tip "So unique and original. Watching is like looking at art! One of my favorite shows ever!!"

Vonda Morgan's profile image

vonda_morgan shared a tip "Psych is really good if you are into case solving and silliness 😊"

Danielle Neville's profile image

danielle_neville shared a tip "Soooo friggin adorable. But also, this would be soo dark if it wasn't so Dr. Suessy."

Ophelia Keith's profile image

ophelia_keith shared a tip "Charming, funny, engaging."

courtney_emick shared a tip "I love that this has dark themes in a whimsical package."

kt22bd shared a tip "Whimsical, unique, funny, uplifting. Simply brilliant and one of the loveliest feel-good shows I have ever watched."

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